In The 'FLOW' with Franky Rizardo

Defected’s golden boy of the moment Franky Rizardo has had a busy year of releases, covering staple House labels including Saved, Simma Black, Stealth and the like whilst touring the globe with the Defected crew and holding down a residency in Ibiza. Late September sees Franky return to his own LTF records for his ‘Every Night’ release, comprising the bass-heavy eponymous cut and a dance floor stomper for the B side – ‘Took My Love’. We were lucky enough to catch up with Franky to discuss the new release and what he’s up to next..

Thanks so much for chatting with us, where are you and how are you feeling right now?

Thanks for having me! I’m currently in Ibiza enjoying 2 weeks with my friends in this magical place.

Now that the Ibiza season is winding down, how was your Sankey’s residency?

It has been an incredible season. This was my first Sankey’s residency and we had an amazing response and crowd support at The Redlight. It went by so quickly! I really enjoyed playing there.

Speaking about venues, what’s your take on the recent closing of Fabric?

It’s very sad. Fabric is one of the most influential platforms for UK music. It’s very tragic that two 18 year olds had an overdose on drugs and we definitely need to continue the debate on drug use and find ways to make sure this doesn’t happen, but closing the club won’t solve anything.

You’re returning to your very own LTF Records for the first time in 2016, what prompted/inspired the release?

I feel i’m in a really good place in my studio, and had build up a nice library of tracks that I liked very much. With the upcoming Amsterdam Dance Event it’s the perfect time to share these tracks.

Any video of you dropping the release recently? (If not, tell us about the reaction it’s been getting)

Mostly i’m enjoying the moment too much when i’m playing to think about grabbing my phone, but i can tell you the reaction to both tracks are amazing and have found a permanent spot in my playlist. Try it for yourself! ;)

What’s is LTF Record’s musical direction, mission, and overall goal?

LTF stands for Listen To Flow. We like our music to flow, and that happens when there is a strong stable groove. This is the sound we go for. Our goal is to release music we are proud of, and to introduce new Dutch talents to the world, which you can see perform at our own FLOW events.

What’s next for you? (Plug Away)

After Ibiza i’m playing in Bali and Jakarta, which i’m really looking forward to. This will also be the year of my first USA tour. Music wise i have a few surprises coming up, for example i’m releasing a 3 track EP on Yousef’s label Circus Recordings. I’m also very excited that we keep expanding the FLOW parties to more countries, but first up is our FLOW event at Amsterdam Dance Event on October 22nd. See you there!

Franky Rizardo – Every Night via LTF Records is available on Traxsource: HERE.


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