Introducing Lauter Unfug

With a catalogue that’s picking up some serious speed, having featured the likes of Saytek, Ruben Mandolini, Hermanez, The Willers Brothers, Beatamines and Alex Flatner we went to find out more about Luxembourg’s most exciting Tech House label – Lauter Unfug

Thanks for chatting with us. Give us some insight & background on the Lauter Unfug label.

Lauter Unfug was founded in 2012 as a small event collective. The events distinguished themselves from others by their special decoration that was set up and changed every time and the passion and motivation of its founders to change something about the static night life scene. Lauter Unfug quickly became a name in Luxembourg. House Music started to get a rise and a new underground culture started to emerge. The mixture of artists define the focus of the label sound, so it´s centred by House music in different variations and moods. Driven and techy tracks facing deep and spheric stuff, but always with the groove and tactfulness. Over the years, Lauter Unfug got into contact with a lot of internationally acclaimed artists. Their professionalism and hospitality lead to new bonds and when in 2015, the music label got founded, a lot of them got on board and offered their set remixing or producing skills tot he imprint. It wasn´t long till the Label had an impressive Artist portfolio, featuring artists like Daniel Stefanik, Ruben Mandolini, Channel X, Tyree Cooper, Nico Stojan, Gabriel Ananda and amongst many others offering their support. They had showcases at Kosmonaut, Studio 21, a yearly residency at the Amsterdam Dance Event and the Nature One in Germany. Their releases regularly hit the album charts in the Deep House and Tech House Charts reaching to Top 10 positions, reflecting their substantial effort.

Alex Heide and Riven, two of the founding members have become a well known name in the country and named 3rd (Alex) and best (Riven) DJ at the Luxembourg Nightlife Awards, whilst the collective has been named second best event organiser. The cause of the label and the motivation to the founders is to promote Luxembourgish music and artists on an international scale, leading is culture to a new horizon.

What’s musical direction, mission, and overall goal of Lauter Unfug?

As mentioned in the Bio, the mission of Lauter Unfug is to promote luxembourgish artists and music abroad. A task which certainly has not been very easy over the years because the foreign scene has not shown much interest in the small duchy of Luxembourg. This is something that has change since the emergence of the Label.

The imprint´s musical direction is broad, reaching from melodic house to tech house whilst every selection stays cohesive.

Tell us about your latest release ‘Acid Break’ out on Traxsource.

The current release is called ‘Acid Break’ and has recently hit the Top 10 in the Deep House Charts. It has been produced by the Label founder Riven and the reception as the feedbacks have been overwhelming so far. The package also features some great remixes from

Timid Boy, Andrew Martin and the legendary Tyree Cooper.

Riven – Co Founder of Lauter Unfug

Give us some insight into running the Lauter Unfug label today – what keeps you motivated?

Runing a label requires a lot of determination and perseverance but every achievement keeps you going. It´s important that you know how to handle setbacks and that you know how to take care of your artists and what your artists need. You should always keep in mind that without the artists, your label would not exists, in other words, treating your artists well is the key to success.

How do you A&R a record for possible release on Lauter Unfug? and what are you listening for?

We get quite a lot of demos and we try to listen to most of them. Of course, it always depends on the presentation. We sometimes get mails that do not even contain a single complete phrase, nor a hello, nor a goodbye. Those emails quickly join the trash bin. On the other side, we get a lot of pre-fabricated copy paste mails which are ignored as well. If we see that the artist took the time to do some research by the label and to write a text, we´ll most certainly give the demo a listen.

What’s next? (Plug Away)

We´ve got a lot coming up, for the label and the events. First of all, we´ll have a showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event with Beatamines, Anja Augner, Maximiljan and many others which we´re really looking forward to, and off course, a lot of releases, label features and unfug ahead. Our next release is one I´m really looking forward to, with some really nice artists on it, notably M.In, Juliet Fox and Rich Wakley.

Riven – Acid Break EP is available now on Traxsource: HERE.


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