Label Spotlight #002 - Roush Label

Hector Couto has become a truly respected artist and pillar of the scene. His weighty blend of House perfectly exemplifies elements of both raw Techno and old school Chicago, bagging him releases on highly-regarded labels such as Hot Creations, 20:20 Vision, Get Physical and Defected.

His own label, Roush commands that same respect. Launched in 2013, Roush has already built up a flawless catalogue, rallying a plethora of Tech heavyweights including Jacky, Solardo, Truth Be Told, Julian Sandre, Hector Moralez, Darius Syrossian, Montel, Rich Wakley, Di Chiara Brothers and Raffa FL. This month sees the label’s 41st release – Chunky business from the Di Chiara Brothers on ‘Rawside’ and we’re stoked to award them with a Traxsource ‘Label Spotlight’..

Hey Hector, thanks for chatting with us. Please give us a little bit of background on your Roush imprint.

Hi I’m Hector Couto, the Roush Label boss, I grew up in the small island of Tenerife, I started my career as a producer and deejay about seven years ago focusing my style in house music. Three years ago I decided to create Roush with the idea of having a label, So I explained my idea to my good friend Antonio, because he had an extensive knowledge of electronic music, and he loved it. I asked him to help me from the beginning and I saw that he felt the same passion that I have for house music and the project. I offered him to be my label manager and to work with me closely to create a label that represent me and my music. So we’ve been working together on this label from the very first day.

What made you officially decide to start your own label?

I really wanted to create a brand that represented my style of house music, mixing big names with new young artists. We are focusing on good underground house music and we love what we’ve been doing with
artists like DJ T., Ralph Lawson, Flashmob, Chris Carrier, Neverdogs, Hector Moralez, DJ Sneak, Tuccillo, DJ W!LD, Darius Syrossian, Steve Rachmad, Truth Be Told, Julien Sandre, Josh Butler, Mennie, Latmun, David Glass, Di Chiara Brothers, Jacky or Los Pastores.

What have been your favourite releases from Roush over the years?

The ‘People Around’ release by Tuccillo. I love this EP from my good friend Tuccillo, Antonio and I had a great relationship with him and we always want to have him on the label, we know that he create this EP specially for us with love and passion, so this is a great collaboration between a label and an artist and this is the way we like to work through Roush!

If you could have signed any record in the world to Roush, what would it have been and why?

Leon Vynehall – It’s Just (House of Dupree). This is a magical track that we really loved, I played a lot on my sets and It’s a real masterpiece, we both will be mad about signed a record like this one in the label!!

What do you look for when signing a record? Any tips for budding producers looking to get signed to the label?

I really look for music that I will play on any event, we really like the oldskool vibes the label had, but we are not focused in any genre or style, we love our catalogue and we feel very proud of every artist we signed, so best advice is create something personal that people will want to play and dance to!

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up on Roush…

We are pretty much stacked right now planning for 2017, a lot of great music coming from artists like DJ W!LD, David Glass, Reelow, Atove, James Dexter, FredoomB, Jamie Trench, Chris Carrier, Mr Ks, Andre Diaz,Tuccillo, De Marzo, Antr and Traffic Beats.

We are working n a new VA called ‘On & On’ giving the opportunity to new artists to join the label, The Various Artist is not finished yet but we already signed music from Arado, FreedomB, Gerbert, Javi Bora & IAAM, Kenny Ground, Le Vinyl & Omez, Ben Webb, Lupe Fuentes, Matteo Floris, Milf & Deaf, Wax On Mare, Traffic Beats and Jacobo Padilla.

And finally we are working on a big release for 2017, with an artist that was a role model for me when I started in the music industry, stay tuned for Roush in 2017!


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