Introducing… M.A.X.

Breaking onto the club scene as a House / Garage DJ via the infamous East London pirate radio circuit, M.A.X. may not be a name you know yet but it’s one we’re certain you need to familiarize yourself with.

The Londoner has been speedily rising through the ranks, joining UK live act Rudimental’s tours initially as support DJ and most recently graduating to main support act whilst throwing down remixes for Anne-Marie, M.K. LongPlay and Get Twisted Records – this guy is definitely one to keep an eye on in 2017.

We caught up with M.A.X. to chat about his career to date, the London scene and his exciting debut EP release on D-Vine sounds.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your music, who or what are your main influences?

Hi, i’m M.A.X. I’m a London based DJ/producer/Remixer making house music. I’m influenced from music ranging from House/Garage to Motown, to Jazz. Basically anything that sounds good really, genre’s become irrelevant. In terms of artists, people James Blake, Kerri Chandler, Floating Points and Todd Edwards. My sound is quite varied, anything ranging from soulful house to deep melodic cuts through to techno.

How did you first get into DJing / production? and when did you know you wanted to be a DJ / artist?

First started Djing House and Garage in 1998 at the age of 13 then came through the East London pirate radio circuit. This was a very important part of musical journey and i learnt lots of things that relate to where i’m at today. But it was watching DJ Hype in room 1 at Fabric soon after it opened at a Tru Playaz night that made me realise that this was what i wanted to do as a career. I started producing properly quite late, just 4 years ago starting on Garageband then Logic and now Ableton.

Tell us about your local scene and what makes it special?

I’m very lucky to have such a lively local scene. I live within walking distance of clubs like Village Underground, XOYO, Oval Space etc.. The clubbing history around here really is quite special. A couple miles away in Kings cross, you had The Cross and Bagleys, then a mile or two from there you had Turnmills. And of course we had Fabric which is the club i frequented the most and was my all time favourite. All very important venues in terms of putting London on the map in the raving scene. I just now really hope we can save whats left of London’s clubs. What happened to Fabric was a travesty.. but that’s a whole other story!

Talk to us about your upcoming release on D-Vine Sounds

My ‘Run’ e.p which is forthcoming on D-Vine Sounds is my debut e.p. The A-side features the stupidly talented Beth Aggett on the vocals who i’ve worked with before on ‘Gold Mine’ and ‘Dig It’. Really proud of this track. I spent a lot of time on it and it’s a real emotional journey. Beth sounds amazing on it as well!!

The B-side is ‘Get Up’ which is a collaboration with my good friend Lloyd Nwagboso featuring the brilliant Yasmin. It’s very different from the A-side. We’ve gone with quite a funk/disco inspired theme and Yasmin’s vocal is a perfect match for it i think.

I went with D-Vine because i felt it was the perfect label to showcase two very different songs. It shows that they are prepared to take a risk and not scared to try something a little different. They’ve got a very strong back catalogue with some great artists so very happy to be involved. The girls run it so professionally and have been really welcoming and helpful. Got loads of love for this camp!

What’s your greatest career high to date?

Tricky one, but playing to a sold out o2 Arena before Rudimental hit the stage earlier this year was pretty special. Playing in front of 18,000 people blew my mind, needed a good few tequilla’s before stepping up ha!

This is an introducing piece, tell us something everyone knows and something no-one knows..

I suppose i am known as being Rudimentals support DJ whilst on tour in UK and Europe. Something no one knows about me is i am just finishing my first collaborative Techno e.p which i will be releasing under a completely different alias. But that’s hush hush for now… Also, that i am one show into a monthly Data Transmission radio residency which airs on the 4rd friday of every month at 1pm uk time.

If you could have made any dance record in history, what would it be and why?

Would have to be Gabriel by Roy Davies Jnr. It’s touching it’s 20th anniversary soon i think and i have been heavily rinsing it for much of that time yet it never gets boring. Beautiful track!

M.A.X.’s ‘Run’ EP is forthcoming on D-Vine Sounds, you can grab it 14th October, exclusive to Traxsource.


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