Inside Jullian Gomes 'Late Dreamer' Album

South African producer and DJ Jullian Gomes has had an exciting few years, working with the likes of Omar, Black Coffee and Atjazz. We caught up with Gomes to discuss his brilliant new album ‘Late Dreamer’ – out now on Atjazz Record Company – A work full of Soulful, Deep and Afro influences and featuring Lazarusman, Bucie, Martin Iveson and many more..

Jullian Gomes“This album is based on a true story, where i fell asleep in my own reality trying to build other peoples dreams. Late Dreamer is the spark of realisation which made my mind go into overdrive thinking way back to a time where it all started for me. Working my day job to make my daily bread and falling asleep in my home studio in the dark of night pushing to carve my musical career. Waking up one morning ‘late’ to go to my day job, I asked myself the question “What am I late for?” this lead to my priorities shifting and i made a decision that i could never turn back from. I wanted Late Dreamer to me a story rather than a House Album with 10 Songs. All i hope for is that my story can spark the overdriven mind of another Late Dreamer to follow their Dreams.”

“Late Dreamer” Album is available on Traxsource: ‘HERE’

1. Dream (feat. Oveous)

This is the intro of the album, The part where i fall into this dream. I had the great pleasure of working with the talented wordsmith OVEOUS. The idea of this piece is more about getting a message across to people on how we can all avoid becoming victims of social conditioning and how to break way from the stereotypes placed above us.

2. Somewhere (feat. Martin Iveson)

The Martin Iveson sound is groundbreaking in my eyes, it makes me look forward to music and I’m really happy we got to collaborate on a song. Somewhere was done back in 2014 after Suncebeat festival in Croatia. Martin and myself went back to his studio in Derby (UK) and as always we just decided to get in and make some music. As the session went on i couldn’t help but feel that Somewhere Sometime i would be able to see someone that i had a connection with. Hence the title. Another interesting fact about this song is that both Martin & Myself are on the Vocoder. I Love that Nord so much… I asked Martin to sell it to me. He said no…

3. Nothing Can Break Us (feat. Ziyon)

Ziyon still remains one of my favourite vocalists, it was an honour working with him. Every song on this album means everything to me but with this one, it just has that reserved place of emotional attachment. It’s quite close to me and came about in a way that i will never forget. I will always remember the night the song was made. The inspiration behind ‘’Nothing Can Break Us’’ is about how people are influenced to believe that their way is the right way and that anything different is wrong. We live in a conditioned society where certain things are seen as wrong but as people if we believe in what we believe and love what we love Nothing Can Break Us.

4. 1000 Memories (feat. Sio)

Sio is a young singer, songwriter from Johannesburg, She is incredibly talented and took this song to the next level in every sense of the word. With this album i’ve stayed away from traditional sounds when it comes to soulful house music, this song is the best example. The beats are quite tough and raw and with Martin Iveson’s signature keyboards running over them it all comes together. The idea behind the song is about a forbidden love that can never happen and all that is left from that is 1000 Memories.

5. Wait For You (feat. Sarai Jazz)

‘‘Wait For You’‘ is probably one of the first songs i started on for this album but was the last to get done. I guess it’s because i started it after ‘‘Love Song 28’‘ and i wanted to break away from that soft soulful sound and go towards more of a techy soulful sound. I was just trying to find the right balance. I met Sarai Jazz at Atjazz’s studio and she played us some of her stuff, We were both very impressed and i really wanted to work with her. She’s a great singer and made this song come together.

6. Out Of My Life (feat. Bucie)

‘‘Out Of My Life’’ Was originally a Atjazz & Jullian Gomes title that couldn’t be released on our album ‘‘The Gift The Curse’‘ because of ‘‘Recording Industry Vibes’’. The good thing is we finally got to release it as a single a year after our initial release. I just felt that the song has so much value to the story of my debut album. Everything that happened around this song tied in with the story that i wanted to tell with Late Dreamer. Atjazz & Bucie are both amazing artists and incredibly talented, i had to have them both on my debut album. So i approached Atjazz about having ‘’Out Of My Life’’ on my album and he agreed and just told me to do another version for my album and thats what i did. This is the album version that i had to do to blend in with the original theme of Late Dreamer.

7. Be Yourself (feat. Kabomo)

‘‘Be Yourself’’ I featured the talented soul singer from South Africa (Kabomo) I always wanted to work with him and finally had the opportunity to on my album. The song was aimed at redefining the ‘’Love Song 28 Sound’’ making it a bit more aggressive and solid but at the same time soft and soulful. The message behind the song is quite simple and is all in the title, ‘’You don’t have to be who you don’t want to be. You can be yourself, Just be yourself.’’

8. The System (feat. LazarusMan)

I wanted the system to sound like a Movie, The song has a very aggressive tone which matches the scene of a riot.
The inspiration for the song just came from seeing how all over the world and even in my own country, that people are tired, people want change and they want to break free from The System. Lazarusman was the only person that i could feature on this song. There is something in his voice that just makes you listen. It’s quite a unique quality for someone to have. Think about how many people you hear talking in a day but don’t pay attention. His voice captures your attention and the message of this song gets through to people to get out the system.

9. Broken Tamagotchi (feat. Daev Martian)

When i was a Kid i had a Tamagotchi that broke one day, I always remembered that day for some reason.
Thats where the initial idea comes from but in the context of the album, The emotion of this song just sounds like a Tamagotchi that is slowly getting broken. I know this is weird but sometimes i feel like we all Tamagotchi’s, We have people that control us, push our buttons and thats what the music reflects. I also featured Daev Martian on this song. He is one of my favourite beatmakers at the moment and we have very different sounds. I was interested in seeing what would happen if we collaborated, and that is how Broken Tamagotchi was made.

10. Love Song 28 (feat. Bobby)

A lot of people ask me about this song, ‘’What does it mean?’’ , ‘ Why 28?’’.
All i can say, it’s an incompressible energy that all started in 2010. As far as the music goes it shaped the sound that a lot of people know me for. I actually had to do an album version for Love Song 28. Sonically the original version didn’t work on the album so i had to redo a few things and give it another mix to work with the theme of the album.


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