15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Records

With 15 years in the bag for Moonbootique Records, we caught up with the label founders Tobi and Kowe to get some insight and history of their successful imprint.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, 15 years of Moonbootique Records is a long time, you must be very proud of this milestone?

No doubt, we’re very proud of our label!  It’s quite strange to see how time is running. Remembering how it started, 15 years ago, we did all mistakes you could do, seeing the label enhancing and helping artists to grow… that’s amazing. 
Our Moonbootique-family is growing and we’re ready for the next 15 years!

Please give us brief history about the label.

Tobi and Kowe aka Moonbootica – we founded the label in 2001 and we’re based in hamburg. We had the idea of creating a whole independent system of producing and releasing music as well as playing music on our own parties. After some more quiet years things became more interresting again in 2014. The last two years have been full of great new music from very talented and fresh artists such as Julian Wassermann, Nico Pusch, FromDropTillDawn, Less Hate, Township Rebellion and very cool future releases coming from Ante Perry, Claus Casper, Le Jeune Flück, Kindred Spirits, Boss Axis and many more…our release-schedule is planned until beginning next year!

What’s musical direction, mission, and overall goal of Moonbootique?

Basically it’s about finding great music, you know, depending on what we like personally, to describe what that actually is, is kind a complicated. Let’s put it this way: It has to feel right ;)

Tell us about the current ’15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Records’ compilation out now on Traxsource.

First of all we wanted to celebrate 15 years of Moonbootique and secondly rerelease all the old stuff which we almost forgot, and that’s how the compilation was born. The release includes two CD’s: The first one takes us back into the past, the other deals with the newest and recent releases. We asked our longterm buddy Ante Perry to mix those CD’s and on top, you can find an exclusive track which is part of his newest EP on our label ‘As The World’.

How do you A&R a record for possible release on Moonbootique? and what are you listening for?

Since we have a nice crew behind us which is managing the label, they help us to select before we have do A&R. But in the end, it’s not that hard to explain or describe the process. You have to have the feeling that the track will work in your set. Style, sound and feeling. It’s always a trial and error. Most of the time it’s a question of a dram if the track is really working perfectly in every occasion or just in that one special moment. And then things just roll..

Give us some insight into running Moonbootique today – what keeps you motivated?

Keeping us motivated is of course getting constantly feedback. Even if it’s negative, it helps you to question yourself, to change things and to develop!

How has the industry changed over 15 years?

The Music and the party hedonism are becoming more and more mainstream and it’s getting harder to devide the quality from the quantity, the internet changed everything in the end. It’s like a flood of million of artists and DJs out there and it’s really tough to stay unique. A good thing is we can use USB sticks and don’t have to carry all that vinyl anymore;) Bad thing is social media. In many ways. Really getting annoyed by the necessity to promote yourself all the time. What’s even worse is when people don’t let go of there stupid smartphones and miss the chance to get lost in the music! But everything has its good and bad sides, in the end it’s just a normal process.

What’s next for? (Plug Away)

Well, go on with the things we like i suppose. It’s better not to plan things. I guess the best way is to progesse, improve ourselves, improve the label. Mainly having fun and working for the next golden 15 years .. ;)

15 Golden Years of Moonbootique is available now on Traxsource: HERE


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