Label Spotlight #003 - Razor-N-Tape

Brooklyn-based edits label Razor N Tape have been responsible for some top quality Deep House and Disco over the years since it’s inception in 2012. Late Nite Tuff Guy, Kraak & Smaak, Ron Basejam and Lovebirds have all stepped up to deliver brilliant releases and the label shows no signs of slowing down. We’re delighted to be able to award RNT with a much-deserved Label Spotlight..

Hi guys, thanks for chatting with us. Please give us a little bit of background on Razor-N-Tape?

JK: Aaron and I have somewhat different backgrounds. I began my career in music pretty young as an instrumentalist, then a producer/ DJ and more recently record label co-owner, and Aaron got started in the NYC 90s rave scene as a promoter and eventually a DJ. We kinda both ended up on the deep house scene in the mid- Aughts but didn’t really connect until about 6 years ago. In terms of influences, we both have a strong affinity for groovy soulful stuff, be it classic disco, edits or house, and you can hear that in our catalog.

What have been your favourite R-N-T releases over the years?

JK: Some of my favs are the Ron Basejam edits, the Kan Sano title and the Fatnotronic release. The RBJ edits were actually the early inspiration for us starting RNT, Kan is an incredible musician with a beautiful production approach, and the Fatnotronic was easily the biggest project we took on in terms of artwork and scope and we’re really proud of how it came out.

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up…

AD: Well, we just released remixes of Mr. V’s “Somethin’ Wit Jazz” which features mixes by Jimpster, Session Victim, and The Planty Herbs. Next up though would be the JKriv Edits release! This one includes a massive edit he did of Oscar Sulley’s “Bukom Mashie!” It should be dropping sometime next month.

What have been your best moments so far at the label and best projects to date?

AD: As for best project(s) to work on thus far, I’d have to go with ones where we stretch the boundaries a bit style wise. Titles like POOLS’ “Innertubes” or Magic In Threes’ “Beatin’ Tha Breaks” come to mind. J and I both have diverse tastes in music and it’s a treat when we get to feature certain things that may not generally fit into the Razor-N-Tape “mold.”


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