Catching up with Meggy - Life and Suol of the party

Berlin-based Vocalist / DJ Meggy has been creating quite a lot of noise recently, landing projects on Suol and Defected with the likes of Tender Games, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Ruede Hagelstein, Till Von Sein, Chopstick & Johnjon and Rampa.

We’re lucky enough to be able to treat you to the sonic delights of her new EP ‘Two Thirteen’, featuring the naughty ‘Liebe’ and her new collaborations with Hollis P Monroe and Till Von Sein.

Hey Meggy, thanks for hanging out with us and congrats on your new EP! Tell us where you are and how youʼre feeling right now

Hey hey! Iʼm feeling good at the moment, really excited about the release of “Two Thirteen“ and super happy with the results.

We read that youʼre vocally trained in RʼnʼB and Soul, when did you know you wanted to pursue a singing career? And then why the change to dance music?

Singing was always my first love and Iʼve always been into all kinds of music, also electronic. The reason why I started djing is that I was too shy to sing in front of people but still wanted to express myself musically in some way. I felt that as a DJ youʼre not in the spotlight as much as you are as a real performer. By and by I got used to playing in front of an audience and also with the vocal lessons, I got more and more rid of my anxiousness.

How do you approach writing your songs?

First itʼs ideas I have in my mind, usually I record them with my iPhone or write something down. Later I sit down to work on them step by step to develop a song structure. Of course it depends on whether itʼs only some hook lines on a dance track or a song with a classic structure.

We were a big fan of the track ‘Everything’ you did with Rampa originally released on Keinemusik in 2012, would you consider that single as your “breakout” track?

It kinda was. That project really helped me a lot and through working with Rampa for a while I learned a lot about the industry. I am now able to work with people I really want to work with. Being part of a label like Suol opened a lot of doors for me as well. Iʼm happy with all the music Iʼve been part of which has been released in the past and confident what the future holds. I will never stop making music at least in this life :)

Letʼs jump into the current project. Your first cut on the EP entitled “Liebe”, means love in German, it feels like the title versus the actual lyrics have a bit of contrast here?

It is, Contrast means friction and thatʼs always good.

The second cut called ‘One Time’ sounds a bit more geared for the dance floor and is a collaboration with the talented Till Von Sein whom youʼve worked with in the past, what was it like working with him on this one?

Itʼs always easy working with Tilly. I think we have kind of the same approach when it comes to music.

The third and final track on the EP entitled ‘Calling You’ definitely has a more soulful vibe, how did you link up with Hollis P Monroe?

Iʼve known Hollis for quite a while now, think we met in some club in Berlin. He did some joints with Rampa at that time so thatʼs when I had him on my radar for the first time. Heʼs a cool person and fun to hang out with so I asked him if he would be up for a collab. He knows how to combine electronic music with soulful vocals and melodies really well. The result you can hear on “Calling You”.

[Meggy has a listening session for her new ‘Two Thirteen’ EP]

Whatʼs next for Meggy?

There are a few gigs with Tilly and a few Europe shows I play by myself, left this year. If you want to know where and when exactly you just look it up on my fb page or When Iʼm not behind the decks Iʼll be in the studio making new music.

Meggy’s ‘Two Thirteen’ EP is available now on Traxsource via Suol Records: ‘HERE’.

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