Milk & Sugar Records - 200 Release Q&A

Founded in 1997 by Milk & Sugar (aka Mike K. and Steven Harding) 2016 sees the German House label of the same name – Milk & Sugar Recordings celebrate an impressive milestone – 200 releases (ahead of their 20th anniversary coming early next year). The 200th release package comes in the form of the ‘Anniversary EP’ out now exclusive to Traxsource and features the likes of Rene Amesz, Yves Murasca, and Ben Delay.

We caught up with the guys for a Q&A to celebrate the occasion…

Hi guys, thanks for chatting with us, Congratulations on the 200th release, that’s quite a milestone! How have you guys been celebrating?

Thank you so much! To be honest there was not much time to celebrate as we have so many projects going on at the moment.

Tell us about the 200th release, who’s on it and why you’ve chosen it for the big 200?

We were taking a closer look at the anniversary releases we had before and tried to carry on the spirit they had with our new imprint. We have always been featuring our core artists and it is interesting to see how things have changed from the very beginning of our career. Today our most important acts are Ben Delay, Yves Murasca, Oriano and Lissat & Voltaxx. All of them have an exclusive track on this release. Furthermore, we have had some cool projects together with Dry & Bolinger so we thought they should definitely also be included with one of their tunes. Moreover, the package also features a new Milk & Sugar record.

200 releases is quite a back catalogue, what have been your favourite releases from the label over the years and why?

We had some great records like Tim Deluxe “It Just Won´t Do” or “Bel Amour” on our label in the 2000 era, these two are bringing great memories back from our Space Gigs on the Terrace. But there is also some really cool new stuff from Full Intention, Malachi(Audiowhores), Ben Delay, Saccao, Oriano and Vanilla Ace. Our favourite out of the newer stuff is the Full Intention collab with Paul Harris “Like A Mirage”. They found a great approach to combine old school vibes with modern sounds. It is always a matter of taste and interesting to see how house music developed over the years.

The industry has changed massively over the course of your 200 releases.. what do you look for when you A&R a record and are you still looking for the same thing when you sign a record now as you did back in ’97?

Actually not a lot has changed from an A&R view. We want to sign records that we like to play out every weekend. The quality of the productions compared to 1997 has significantly improved and the quantity of demos we get is huge.

Are you planning any big parties to celebrate the milestone?

We are already working on our worldwide 20th anniversary tour for 2017. Besides that we are planning a nice and cosy Christmas dinner with the team and an afterparty at Pacha Munich on December 10, 2016. We like the idea of celebrating the anniversary in our hometown.

And finally, what’s next for the label?

We have some new releases up our sleeves that will become very strong, also the recent productions from Full Intention or Joeski performed great. But we also set our focus towards compilations like the “Sessions”- series or our “House Nation” brand. For our 20th anniversary there will be some remixes of our biggest records plus a lot of unreleased new tracks. We have also founded a sample replay service that you can check under

Milk & Sugar’s ‘Anniversary’ EP is available now on Traxsource via Milk & Sugar Recordings: ‘HERE’.

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