We take you 'Inside The Track' with Sandy Turnbull

Sandy Turnbull brings some serious fire to the table for his 8th release on his own Galleria Records! Funky feel-good vibes, ready for the dance floor in this end of year package and exclusive to Traxsource. We chatted with Sandy to find out more about the record.

Congratulations on your new release. How is it being received in your sets? & How are other club DJs responding to the release?

Thanks a lot! The reactions I was getting while still in the road testing stage were so good that it made me decide to get the tracks out as soon as I could. I had other releases lined up for my label Galleria but once I had these tracks finished I didn’t want to wait. So far it’s only been a select few DJs who have been passed this EP and their feedback has been phenomenal. Both sides have had brilliant radio and club support.

Tell us more about the tracks. What was the main inspiration behind them and what prompted the musical direction on this?

The inspiration for these tracks came from a couple of places. Firstly, I’ve been digging deep spending days in the studio going through my disco collection, both on vinyl and digital. At the same time, I have been recording some of my vinyl collection, which included quite a few things on Roulé, Crydamoure, Armed and tracky filtered stuff. I’m not saying I’ve got that sound, but it’s me paying homage to it. Production wise, what is it about the track that makes them work? The tracks work because of the samples. I really tried to push the drums in the mix as a lot of the stuff I was listening to had really loud and straight drums. I also used the Waves Vitamin plugin on the drum for both tracks to give them a real nice punchy feel without going too far. For the filtered effect on the samples, ‘Make Me Cry’ and ‘Feelin’ Me’ I used both, the SoundToys and FilterFreaks quite a lot.

What is the one machine, program, sound, drum machine, technique that characterizes your sound?

I’ve been asked this before and I seriously can’t answer it. I just make what I feel at that time. As a DJ I’m used to playing long sets that span a lot of sounds and moods. I take that into the studio, so if you listen to a track like Dreaming or my mix of The Lewis Project’s , ‘The More I Get’ is more vocal lead with a live feel. Then go to the The Most Fantastic Thing it’s an old school vibe with a big Juno 106 leading bass. The three records on the After Comiskey Park EP was somewhere in the middle, with Make Me Cry and Feelin’ Me new are in another slightly different place. So with that, I don’t have a “go to” technique, drum machine, keyboard or plugin as it can be so varied.

What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

Right now it is SoundToys 5 plugins. Decapitator, Panman and EchoBoy are the ones I used most. I picked up the full bundle of 18 plugins about this time last year and have used them in every track since. As I said, for this EP the FilterFreaks got a good amount of working. They are all very easy to manipulate and worth really spending time getting to know them inside out.

Any advice for your fans on how to make it in today’s fast paced game?

Obviously, don’t chase trends and fads because you think you think it’s a way to be a superstar but make music you are passionate about and would be happy to have people remember you for it in a few years. Very rarely will your favourite bigger label sign an unknown artist without some major DJ playing your record so be prepared to play the long game. I could go into quite a bit more depth on the technical side or good habits I have but we will be here all day.

Sandy Turnbull’s ‘Make Me Cry’ EP is available now on Traxsource via Galleria Records: ‘HERE’.

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