Label Spotlight #008 - Sense Traxx

Still in it’s formative years, Sense Traxx began as a club brand in 2012 and has quickly garnered support from all the right places. We’ve been watching these guys from the very beginning and despite only being on seven releases to date, the quality of the output has been spot-on and consistent, dropping fire from Kalyde, South Royston, Tommy Vercetti and the Traxsource no.1 from Julyan Dubson – ‘Make A Thing’.

2017 will only see this label get bigger and better, we had a chance to chat with label owner Simon Birkumshaw and we’re delighted to shine some light on them this week…

Hey Simon, give us a little bit of background on you and the label, what are your influences?

Firstly, thanks for having us! 

It’s been a crazy few years and an even crazier twelve months. It’s been great to see the original ‘Sense’ party grow over the last four years from just a small group of friends in my garage to a monthly night in a 1000 capacity nightclub, it’s mad. The atmosphere in the club is something we really pride ourselves on and with the party beginning in the way it has, it’s more like a family that grows with each event. The label ‘Sense Traxx’ was launched early this year. After hearing so many great unreleased tracks from friends of the brand, we felt it was the next natural step for us and the time was right. We just felt we needed to make our own imprint on the scene and spread what we’re about, musically. In terms of influences and inspiration for the label I’d say Strictly Rhythm are certainly one to look up to, releasing true house music at it’s finest since 1989 and still a consistently solid label today, 27 years later.

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up for your imprint.

After a great start with the label, managing to hit number one earlier in the year with Julyan Dubson’s ‘Make a Thing’, this has given us a huge amount of inspiration and has made us believe anything is possible. At the beginning of the year we never thought this would have been possible, so we’d like to say a personal thanks to every person who bought the track and is supporting our releases. We have some big plans in the pipeline for next year, some very exciting projects and special events, but there’s not too much I can give away right now. 

On to the label side of things we are currently working very closely with some of our existing artists to create some very special releases, as well as looking at the deeper side of electronic music in the form of a sub-label, but that’s all I can say for now!

Right now all of our efforts are going into our 4th Birthday on 10th December, It’s by far the biggest event we have put on and we happen to have two guys called Riva Starr and Josh Butler down to join us (Josh being a personal friend of the label, having booked him for our first ever club event all the way back in early 2013). Joining them will be myself, Tom Jay, and Finch Hare, as well as a handpicked selection of local DJ’s, something we are very keen to help develop and promote.

What do you look for when signing a record for Sense Traxx? Any tips for budding producers looking to get signed to the label?

More than anything originality is key. If a track sounds the same as 99% of the ‘Tech House Top 100’ it’s not going to get our attention. True house music will always stand out head and shoulders above the rest. As long as a track has something original, a great groove and it’s well produced, it will always be considered. We make a huge effort to listen to every demo that’s sent in and to give as much feedback as we can to each submission so keep them coming!

If you want to check out what we’re about then head down to our 4th Birthday with Riva Starr & Josh Butler on 10th December at Talk Nightclub in Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom. Final release tickets are available here!: ‘HERE’.

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