We go 'Inside the Album': Future Disco Vol. 10

The Future Disco series has touched hearts all over the globe, from humble beginnings in 2009 with the initial ‘A Guide to 21st Century Disco’ all the way to their famous residency at Space Ibiza and the hugely successful Poolside Sounds series [breaking the likes of laid-back ear candy including Jeremy Glenn – New life (Perseus Summer of 83 Remix) and The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)]. Looking back, it’s obvious to see that the man behind the hugely influential compilation series, Sean Brosnan, has always had his ear to the ground and his eye on the ball, unearthing Disco-House gems like Crazy P – Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix), Miguel Campbell – Something Special, Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix), Storm Queen – Look Right Through, Bad Rabbits – She’s Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix), Crazy P – Love On The Line (Unabombers Vocal Mix) – the list goes on! – and helping to break and shape the careers of The Mekanism, Mario Basanov, Bonar Bradberry, Few Nolder, Axel Boman, Gardens of God and the like. We caught up with Brosnan to break down the blood, sweat and tears that went into the final Future Disco comp, running through the selections one-by-one..

1) Snacks – Matinee

I’m always looking for that key track to start a Future Disco compilation. When I recieved this track from up and coming act Snacks it felt like the right track to kick things off. They have a real disco flavour to their music that’s very listenable.

2) Rhyze – Just How Sweet Is Your Love (Walker & Royce Remix)

I’ve been playing this track out a lot to great reactions. It has such an addictive bassline that hooks people in and then a clever breakdown that is full of surprises. Walker & Royce have done a good job of resisting going into a full vocal of the original and creating almost a dub that works for the dancefloor.

3) Kraak & Smaak – Way Back Home feat. Ivar (Tiger & Woods Remix)

Tiger & Woods are always at their best when they create rolling disco for me. It’s what they do best and here instead of cutting up the vocal like they often do, they keep the vocal in tact for the second half drop and the result is a stone cold groove.

4) Låpsley – Operator (DJ Koze’s Disco Edit)

This is probably the remix of the year from DJ Koze. Just as you think the man couldn’t get anymore surprising he pulls out an epic 10minute disco remix that has such production quality it could have been from the original era. It’s helped by the excellent vocal of Lapsley to make for an outstanding piece of music. So glad to have this on the album.

5) Leon Revol – Cantik

This is forthcoming on our new Future Disco singles label but I wanted to include it on the album, as i’ve been hammering it for months. It’s the perfect change of mood record. It doesn’t scream for attention but the subtle groove does the damage.

6) Ocho – Vines (Darshan Jesrani Instrumental Mix)

Another track that people have been asking me what it is each time i play it. It’s purely down to the quality of the production on the remix which is unsurprising as it’s from one half of Metro Area. There aren’t many people that could turn out as good a remix as this. I was caught between including the vocal or the instrumental versión but in the end I went with the instrumental as the sounds do the talking much like Meytro Area themselves.

7) Franc Moody – Yuri

I discovered Franc Moody a few months ago when he put his first track on soundcloud and i’m always keen to support new prodcuers who sound like they have the ability to deliver in years to come. This is a funk driven instrumental workout and i’m sure we will be hearing more from Franc Moody.

8) Marquis Hawkes – I’m So Glad (Paul Woolford Rework)

If you like Paul Woolford and I do, you will like this remix. The production is big and bold and features his trademark pianos that have featured on his big tracks of recent years. Marquis Hawkes has had a big year too so it felt like a partnership I wanted to include on the album.

9) Adesse Versions – Explain It

This reminds me a lot of the 90’s filtered house that I used to play. A hard hitting groove plus just a filtering wonky bassline that provides plenty of energy and explosive moments.

10) Adam Port & Here Is Why – Tonight (Adam Port 12” Autobahn Edit)

This is when electronic / house music is at it’s best for me. It’s a DJ track but it is full of sensibility and nods to both the past and future, backed by great production. It’ clear to hear this isn’t a track that’s been thrown together but the balance between vocal, guitar and beats is perfect. Big fan of Adam Port and for me his best work to date.

11) Skatebård – The Bells of Mist

This is a very slow record compared to others on the album, but I had to include it no matter how challenging it made the mix! It’s a record that doesn’t really sound like much else out there. I love the breakdown, how long it is and the inclusion of almost trance like bells. I recommend everyone go and listen to this in its entirety.

12) Tensnake – Freundchen

I feel like this is the Tensnake I used to love. He’s back to producing an effective disco groove that feels fun. With Freudchen it has that rising disco feel like I Feel Love or Paperckip People ‚Throw’. I wanted to include this in the last third of the album, after The Bells Of Mist, so it felt like the party wasn’t quite over yet and there is more to come.

13) Pale Blue – The Math

I don’t know much about Pale Blue but I came across this track and love how the soaring strings work with the basic house groove. Again reminds me of a lot of 90’s house that had that simplistic groove and sample approach. Sometimes simple is better in my book.

14) Sandboards – Nothing But A Freak (Original Mix)

As soon as I heard this I knew it was a record that felt right for Future Disco. Full of emotion and a shimmering house track that I could imagine being played at 6am in a hot club.

15) Cubenx – First Wave Front

Another curve ball of a track but one that I can’t stop listening too. It has the contrast of sounds from lazy low bassline to high pads. It has all the ingredients for one of those tracks you could really lose yourself in and whenever I get to the last ten minutes of an album that’s the kind of feeling I want to create.

16) VIMES – Mind (Reprise)

This is a great reprise from the band Vimes who have taken their own track and given it a dream like electronic re-rub. Felt like the right track to finish the album on and the numerical series on. Dreamy, positive and forward thinking.

Future Discos’ Vol. 10 Album is available now on Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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