Local Talk Records In Session

Interview & DJ Mix courtesy of EQTV

The Stockholm house label’s co-founder Tooli gets behind the decks for an exclusive mix and chats about the imprint’s early days and future plans…

Local Talk Tracklist
Intro: Lord KCB – I’m Housin’ It [Rush Hours]
Rootstrax – Harlequin (Kerri Chandler Edit) [Deeply Rooted House]
Outboxx – Sunshine Mills [Idle Hands]
Peven Everett – Black Boy (Souldynamic Rework) [UDM Show]
Grant Nelson – Back To Basics [Nice ‘n’ Ripe]
YSE – Happy Bubble [Winding Road]
Kyodai – Moving (Breaking Part 2) [Forthcoming on Local Talk]
Lee Webster – Wax Your Body [Forthcoming on Local Talk]
Jesse Rose – Love The Feeling High feat Ed Weathers (Acapella) [Play It Down]
Kris Wadsworth – Present State [Morris Audio]
Basic Soul Unit – Growing Pains [Other Heights]
Jesse Rose – Love The Feeling High feat Ed Weathers (Acapella) [Play It Down]
Jeremy Greenspan & Laurie Spiegel – Drums&Drums&Drums [Jiaolong]
Crazy P – Beatbox (Breach Remix) [20:20 Vision]
Applebottom – Turn The Faith [MadTech]
O B Ignit – Oh Jabba [FXHE]

There have been some nasty things come out of Sweden when it comes to electronic music, but there’s one label doing its damnedest to make amends for that. In just two short years, Local Talk has put out enough good music to single-handedly repair Sweden’s tarnished image – and it’s label founders Mad Mats and Tooli who are to thanks for that. The duo have an unparalleled vision of releasing top-drawer house, be it through Local Talk or sub labels 1nce Again and One Offs, and as a result they’ve created been grabbing the attention of all the right people, as well as us here at EQTV. So it’s with great pleasure that we present to you Session 09, mixed by Tooli, and peppered with a few label exclusives. Happy listening…

Local Talk has really been building some steam over the past few years – tell us where it all began.
We started the label in February 2011 and after a few months of hard work the first release, Moon Shadow/Moon Light by Bassfort, was out. Since then we’ve released 22 EPs covering most areas of house music.

Did you expect the label to be as big a success as it has been?
We had big goals from the beginning and we’ve worked hard to get where we are, so in a sense yes. Of course we’re very happy for all the success so far – it’s been amazing, and there’s some real talent out there that we’ve been blessed to work with.

What have been your label highlights so far?
Having the first release out and getting it played by DJ Harvey at World Wide Festival was big. Also hearing Kerri Chandler play one of our releases in a club was quite special. Going to Paris and playing with Kyodai and being blown away by their live set. Being able to release all this good music, of course. It’s 22 releases so far and it just keeps getting better and better…

Tell us a bit about your side project, 1nce Again.
It’s a sub label to Local Talk started back in 2011. The idea is really simple –we bring back classic and forgotten gems from back in the day. It’s tracks we’ve played, grown to love and that have been part of our DJ sets for many years, remastered with new mixes and reworks. We’ve done two so far – Circulation’s The Return with remixes from Prommer & Barck, and Mateo & Matos that Gerd remixed. The third one is coming soon – it’s a DJ Duke track, and that’s all we’ll say for now…

Coming from Stockholm, is there a big scene for what you guys do over there?
It’s getting back, slowly. Everything goes in cycles, and now there are new clubs starting again focusing on house music, there are labels putting out music and quite a few DJs who are doing their best to keep the scene alive.

Has Stockholm had an effect on your musical tastes?
To be honest, no.

Tell us what can we expect from this mix you have prepared for us?
At first I had this idea that I wanted to do a mix showcasing Local Talk tracks. I thought about it and started choosing tracks, but in the end I decided to just go with the flow. I tend to think a lot about what I want to include, but somehow it always ends with me just grabbing a bunch of records and playing them like I would have done in a club. But there are two exclusive Local Talk tracks from Lee Webster and Kyodai included. These will be released in a few weeks. And Harlequin by Rootstrax, the first track in the mix, is one of my all-time favorites. Every time I hear it I go crazy. I knew I had to include it, no matter what.

Who are your biggest influences DJ wise?
Mr Scruff, Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish – people with an open mind to music.

If we were to come to a Local Talk night what could we expect?
Lots of great music, simple as that.

And what does 2013 and beyond have in store for you guys?
We have lots of stuff in the works. Many releases of course, which includes new EPs from HNNY, Kyodai, new remixes from Dirtytwo. Then there’s the first artist album from Kyodai, our first compilation, Talking House Vol.1, and the launch of another sub-label, One Offs, in March. Our other label 1nce Again will be back soon with a new release. Lots of gigs – we’re going to play Panorama Bar on February 22, and that’s a milestone for us. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring this little label around the world and back a couple of times..