It's time for a 'Switch': Catching up with Flashmob

Alessandro Magani aka Flashmob has made quite a mark on the scene over the past few years, pushing out his productions on influential labels including Get Physical, Defected, Upon You, Gruuv and 8bit and garnering support on his Flashmob Records / Flashmob LTD’s productions from the likes of the BBC Radio 1 Dance crew, Skream and Eats Everything. We caught up with Alessandro to discuss his latest release on Gruuv and looking forward to 2017…

Hey Alessandro, thanks for chatting to us, where are you and how are you feeling right now?

I’m in Milan right now and I am doing great thanks :-)

Flashmob used to be a 2 man show, but now you’re a solo artist correct? Tell us about how Flashmob started and how the project has progressed to today.

We were two yes and we are still very good friends and like family I suppose. Things change and we all have different priorities in life and that is what changed, but we are are still collaborating and both much happier now :-)
Flashmob started in 2011 and rapidly emerged with “Brick House” and then “Ninety Five” on Get Physical and then “Need In Me” on Defected. The project took a big turn after “Need In Me” but made a name for itself with the first two tracks that initially dropped on Get Physical, then the Pet Shop Boys remix and so on. I feel like all projects that reach such a big audience like Flashmob has need a little time to rearrange and this is what I have been doing this past year after going solo, a natural year of experimentation for new sounds, learning new production techniques etc and now my focus is back on my signature House Music sound.

You’re currently behind both Flashmob Records and Flashmob LTD – tell us a little bit about the main differences in the two imprints?

Flashmob LTD is pure timeless underground music somewhere in between old school house and a light form of techno. Flashmob Records is more about current music and new talents, I love them both equally and they allow me to explore different musical avenues which is great.

Let’s talk about your new release, the “Switch” Release. Tell us about the new EP and why you choose Gruuv for this one.

I’ve not been releasing on a UK labels for a while now so I thought it would be a good idea to release on such a high profile label as Gruuv.

What Track from the EP does the most damage on the dance-floor?

I feel Switch is the one, both Original and the HOBO Remix.

We read you have a syndicated radio show getting ready for launch in 2017 – care to tell us about it?

In reality the syndication process has already started a few weeks ago, it will take a few months to roll out the planned syndication but in just 2 weeks we’ve already set up with some of the top FM and online shows in over 10+ countries so things are already progressing ahead of schedule :)
I am really happy because I have gone back to were I started and to be able to host my radio show gives me great pleasure. I have guests every month too .. Groove Armada this month and when I do not have guests I will be showcasing all the tracks upcoming on my labels, so lots of exclusive content for my listeners. I give them my own first premiere play :-)

What else have you got lined up for 2017?

I have some strong secret releases coming up, Label nights and touring and a new event concept we are working on, this is all very new so I can’t announce just yet, unfortunately the exclusive will have to wait! :)

Flashmob’s ‘Switch’ EP via Gruuv is available now on Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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