Doorly launches Reptile Dysfunction

Dubbed a ‘future star’ by Pete Tong way back when, Martin Doorly kicked things off running parties in Huddersfield in the North of England, booking the likes of Annie Mac, Armand Van Helden and Erol Alkan. Fast forward to 2016 and he’s now an alumnus of Cajual, Dirtybird, Moon harbour and Hot Creations, boasting collabs with Cajmere, Grandmaster Flash, Shadowchild (who could forget the mighty ‘Piano Weapon’?) and Hausworks for that blistering Hot Creations number ‘Swamp Donkey’. This year also marks the start of something exciting for Doorly, as he launches his new label and party series – ‘Reptile Dysfunction’. We caught up with the man himself to chat about the label and it’s inspiration..

Thanks for chatting with us and congratulations on the new label! Why have you chosen now to launch the label?

Thank you! Basically I launched it because I decided it was time to build my own little crew with all the amazing unsung talent I meet around the world on my travels. Also, for my own output I often make a track that I LOVE that’s a bit left of centre and doesn’t quite fit the labels I usually release with (Cajual, Hot Creations & Dirtybird) so I felt that these kind of tracks needed their own home and I needed to start to build a following of people that understand and love them as much as I do.

Has it been a quick process or something that you’ve been thinking about doing for a long time?

It’s been on my mind for a couple of years but it’s taken finding the right team around me to kick it into gear. I’ve had a stack of weird and wonderful records waiting for me to do something with so now we’re all set up I have a load of fun music from myself and some really exciting new signings that I’m stoked to introduce to the world.

Why did you choose the name Reptile Dysfunction?

I was working on an album in the desert with a band project I’m producing, things got a bit messy one night after a session and we found a lizard that seemed to have had one too many tequilas or something which was great to watch when we were also on the same level. Reptile Dysfunction was one of several ways we were describing the situation and I just thought it would be a great name for the label.

How would you describe the musical direction of the label?

Wonky after hours house music with a sense of humour. We’re not going to take ourselves too seriously and all the music will be designed directly for the dancefloor and to make people smile. We will also be releasing a bi-annual vinyl disco edit series called Think Sideways.

Tell us about your first release – ‘Tonga Peak Times (Confuse Dem)’. Did you make it specifically for the label?

Yep! The whole idea of the track is designed to confuse people a bit so it’s a great start to show what to expect from us. And having the legendary Mike Skinner on vocals is a dream!

And tell us about the ‘Think Sideways’ aspect, the vinyl-only Disco edits. Definitely one for the heads?

Yep for sure, again I feel like I’ve been making a hell of a lot of disco edits this year, it’s where I always start when I’m stuck for inspiration on making an original track and something amazing always seems to come from it. I guess the work is all in the sample itself and I spend a lot of time digging around in charity shop record bins so when I find a gem I just want to make it more ‘dancefloor’. Obviously releasing them is always going to be a nightmare because of the samples so a sneaky vinyl only thing with a limited press felt like a plan.

Who else have you got lined up for release?

So my first signing is a guy called Tan Dem, a fellow Brit based in L.A, the brother of Dave ‘Switch” Taylor and I’m more excited about the stuff he’s making right now than anyone so really looking forward to giving him a nice platform to shine. Second EP will be a collab with a guy I’ve been a huge fan of for some time called El Prevost. He’s a true musician and his stuff is super different, we have worked on a few tracks together and I have a remix from Lee Foss as well on that EP. And the disco edits will have some very very special guest contributors as well!

You’re obviously very busy with your touring schedule and your productions etc, will you be doing most of the A&R for the label yourself or hiring some other trustworthy ears?

All myself, you’ll understand when you start hearing the output, its completely different but also fairly specific what I’m looking for it that makes sense? Being an A&R takes no time at all. I DJ like 5 times a week and get sent hundreds of promos a day so its not hard to find talent out there, there’s a lot of great people who deserve a break.

Lastly, you all make it look so easy.. Do you have any advice for your fans and budding DJs / producers on how to climb the ladder in the fast-paced world of dance music these days?

Its easy because I love it, its not a job to me, I’d be doing this whether I was being paid and people were into it or not, if that ever changed then I’d stop, life’s too short. My advice to anyone starting out would be, don’t rely on being a DJ, put some time into learning to produce music as that’s the only way to break through with very rare exceptions like Jackmaster and that certainly didn’t happen over night, he’s been the ultimate selector for like 10 years and its just now that he’s bursting through on a big level. Also and most importantly, always be nice to everyone you meet, it only takes a second and it will make you and them feel good and that goes a long way in this industry.

‘Tonga Peak Times’ via Reptile Dysfunction is available now on Traxsource: ‘HERE’.


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