Get to know Belgian producer: Fabrice Lig

This month, our machine-loving friend KiNK teams up with Fabrice Lig for the exciting “Charleroi DC” EP. Those in the know will remember Lig’s discography currently boasts releases on pioneering Techno imprints KMS, Planet-e, Submerge, R&S, Third Ear, 7th City Records and Garnier’s F-Communications. In celebration of the new release, we went to find out a bit more about Fabrice Lig..

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your music, who or what are your main influences? 

My goal is always to make funky or soulful music, and if possible both elements together. But on top of that to develop my own sound, my own personality. I’m so happy when people tell me they can recognise my music after few notes ;-) It means I’ve reached my goal. My influences? From original blues, to jazz, funk, P-Funk, early hip hop  and of course Detroit techno and from Europe, its more around Kraftwerk, UK pop from the 80’s…Some guys like Vangelis, Vladimir Cosma, Michel Legrand…

How did you first get into DJing / production and when did you know you wanted to become an artist?

I started being a DJ inside my bedroom when I was 14…When I started to buy more and more 12’’ in the 80’s, my friends liked to come to my room to listen to all the music I bought after the week-end, all the stuff we enjoyed in the clubs here.

Tell us about your local scene and what makes it special.

I’m from Charleroi, a post industrial city, comparative to Detroit, Sheffield or Berlin. I’m resident and artistic director for some parties in a place called « Rockerill », it’s an old iron factory, an amazing place… Everybody has someone from the family who worked hard here, so their soul will be always floating! It gives a special atmosphere to the place and a feeling of respect for all these people who worked so hard to feed their family after the second war. The people from Charleroi are very special. We are friendly, respectful and so open minded, its a real experience. Just come here and you will always go back home with some new friends and plans to return

Talk to us about your upcoming / current release.

KiNK & Fabrice Lig : Charleroi DC : it’s the magic of techno…When KiNK came to Charleroi to play live at Rockerill, I invited him to my place, and then when we entered my studio we couldn’t do less than turn on the machines and make music, and thats how it happened! KiNK and I can’t stay in a room full of synth without playing keyboards and turning buttons ;-). I think the record is full of passion like KiNK and like me. We spent a magic moment in the studio, we wanted to do it funky and soulful and thats what we made!

Whatʼs your greatest career high to date?

Hmm, probably when I played on the main stage of the Detroit Music Festival in 2005…All the Underground resistance came to listen to me (hidden in a dark corner of the dance floor)…And then came to me after the show to tell me how they enjoyed my set as I didn’t try to play Detroit Techno, but my vision, with my own view… Was so nice to hear that.

This is an introducing piece, tell us something everyone knows and something no-one knows.

Everyone knows ? I love the Roland Sh 101, probably.
No one knows ? I’m a full time teacher (history-Geographic)

If you could have made any dance record in history, what would it be and why?

Hmm, not easy, depends of the definition of dance music…But « Don’t stop till get enough » from Michael Jackson or «Big Fun » from Inner City are good ones…

‘Charleroi DC’ via Melodymathics is available now on Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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