Seb Skalski takes us inside the "Set Me Free" album

Jamie Lewis‘s Purple Music turns it’s attention once again to Polish talent Seb Skalski as he drops his album ‘Set Me Free’.

A former student of Red Bull Music Academy in Dublin 2000 and over 14 years experience on the club scene, spinning tunes at some of Poland’s biggest and best parties, Seb is a force to be reckoned with, having landed his tracks on Hed Kandi, Diamondhouse, Taste the Music, Random Soul Recordings, Solid Ground Recordings, Rule5, Raisani Dubai, Adaptation Music, Clubstar and many more.. We’re stoked to be going ‘Inside the album’ to find out more..

His debut LP album Seb Skalski “Set Me Free” on Purple Music is a summary of his last few years worth of creations. The Album was produced and recorded half in the United States and half in Poland and a few tracks were produced in co-operation with Piotr Zabrodzki aka Masta P, an old friend and studio partner of Seb Skalski from over 20 years. Masta P (piano and keys) and Seb (guitars) started by playing in a funky jazz band – Easy Band All Stars – in early 1995. In 1999 they recorded their first debut album of E.B.A.S in studio using ProTools, and from then on, the studio and production adventure is still going on today.

We would like to share with you some secrets and tips that we did when producing two of the album songs. All tracks were arranged and composed in Warsaw, Poland. Then, they were sent to singers in USA for vocal recording and once that was finished we mixed all songs again here with Pro Tools sessions, re arranged and mastered. We were working at 2 different Studios- SpekuLLa Studio and Kontrabanda Studio. The first one (SpekuLLa) was were we got the ideas, made programming and arrangement and it was also our mixing place. Armed with Pro Tools Le, Ableton Live, RME audio converters and Genelec 8040A monitors Speakers + 7060A Subwoofer and a great setup of Bass and guitars. Kontrabanda Studio is mostly used for recordings live instruments and vocals or audio editing of material. Armed with – Pro Tools HD + Lynx Aurora 16 Converter, Lipinski Monitors L – 707 + Sub, long chain of preamps and compressors like Millennia HV 3D, Universal Audio LA – 610, difriend vintage gear. We also try to support Polish producers of Software and Outboard gear like – PSP Audio ware or amaizing “Looptrotter Audio Engineering” (Mini Monster Compresor , Emperor ect) as much as we can. Masta P also uses big set up of analog synthesizers and also original Hammond M + Leslie 147 speaker – which we used in mostly half of songs in the “Set ME Free” Album.

Dancing for my Life feat. Michelle Weeks

After we created the idea and arrangements of the song on Ableton LIVE, we organize Studio Session for BRASS Recording for which Marcin Ganko was responsible (Arranger and musician multi brass player and composer). We recorded different takes of Saxophones (Alt,Tenor and Baritone) and Flutes in main hook of the song. Sending detailed prepared Instrumental to the Singers in USA – Diva – Michelle Weeks from Detroit for Vocals Recording Session. After that, we received back a huge PRO TOOLS Session with her vocals which we mixed and processed through different pre amps and processors to finally export all mixed Vocal parts back to Ableton Live for the arrangement and final mix.

Take Me Over ft. John James

Basically the original idea of this song was completely different and more of a deep house style. After we received the vocal session from John James – great artist, singer and composer , currently based in Poznan Poland, we were inspired to re-arrange the main Instrumental parts and idea of track to a different way. As the chorus hook and vocals was very funky and disco style we decided to make some inspiration from Kool & the Gang songs. We Re-Played live all parts from the beginning using Rhodes, Prophets and Fender Stratocaster guitars in a similar way like “Get Down On it” but keeping our vibe and feelings too. Again, Martin Ganko had arranged for us some original Brass sections hook so finally we produced a complete new song played live and with original Vocals of John James over the instrumental and the end all the sessions and recordings were exported back to Ableton Live for the final MIX and arrangement.

When we tested the song we got fantastic Feedback from the dance floor & many djs and club people were asking about it and were curious to know more about the song and all the material in album. We have carefully arranged with many details on the mixing and finally the album was ready to be sent to Purple Music Head Quarter in Switzerland where Jamie Lewis did a final master engineering of all the songs. We need to also mention that few singles of album were remixed by great worldwide artist and producers such as – Sandy Rivera (Kings Of Tomorrow), & Spiritchaser (Richard Earnshaw)

‘Set Me Free’ EP via Purple Music is available now exclusively on Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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