Label Spotlight #013 - Houstrike

Our label spotlight this week focuses on Dosem’s exciting label project – Houstrike. A passion project and predominantly an outlet for his own productions, Houstrike represents a source of unrestricted creativity, not confined by traditional label constraints and a new well of forward-thinking electronic music. In his own words, Marc Dosem describes Houstrike as being all about “creative freedom, breaking rules, and inner revolution”. Read on to find out what it’s all about..

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, could you please give us a little bit of background on you, the label, and what your influences are?

After all these years releasing music on other labels I felt it was the right moment to have my own platform not just to release music but also to have a full control over the full visual experience attached to it. All my productions are strongly influenced by visual memories and that’s something I want to explore more. One of the keys of the project is that everything is designed and produced by myself, not just the music, but I also do the final mastering, the covers, the videos… it’s a full multimedia production where I can also collaborate with other artists that share my vision too.

Could you tell us a bit about what’s coming up for the label?

In terms of music it will be a full fusion of everything I’ve been producing during last years, a mix of Electronica, House and Techno sounds. The H of Houstrike also represents the connection between mental and emotional states of mind. A duality, a contrast united by an ascending line that represents the union. There are many influences surrounding this project, but I guess the main ones come from things I love like Sci-Fi movies, Retro-videogames, Anime and Mange, cyberpunk genre, Japan, Hong Kong…

What has been your best moment working at the label / best project to work on to date?

This first year we have 3 releases, which introduce some of the main concepts of the project. My intention is to release 3-4 eps a year and do collabs and remixes. One of my favourite projects inside the label is the Houstrike Mix, where I will do not only my own sets, but also virtual B2B with other artists. I wanna use this project also to discover and support new and upcoming artists in the scene I like. The key of this Mixes will be to present and play not only the music I usually play in my sets, but specially many music I don’t usually play in clubs.

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