Get to know: Si Firmin aka Genetic Funk

Genetic Funk aka Si Firmin teams up with the legendary MR V for the stunning Deep House number ‘The Believe’, out on Firmin’s own Grounded records. For those not in the know, Firmin’s been producing House music for over 20 years across a number of names, outfits and aliases, producing and remixing for the likes of Colonel Abrams, Michael Watford, Brian Chambers, Michelle Weeks to name a few. His Genetic Funk venture sees Firmin evolve into much-needed, exciting new name for our scene, so we caught up with the man himself to find out more..

Thanks for chatting to us, where are you in the world right now and what are you up to?

Hi, thanks for having me, it’s always good to talk :) Right now I’m in the studio at home in Essex, UK, remixing an old song I recently found on my HD. It’s a cover of the Freestyle Orchestra classic, ‘Keep On Pumpin’ It Up’, which I’ve got pencilled in for release early part of 2017.

Tell us about you, who are your musical inspirations and how would you describe your sound to someone who’d never heard your music before?

Musically I’m inspired buy lots of different styles and genre’s from Latin, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip Hop, electro, through to all things House and just listening to someone playing an instrument. I get inspired by artists like Mark de Clive-Lowe, SunlightSquare, Atjazz, Henrik Schwartz, Kink, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Josh Milan, Jimpster, if I’m honest I could go on and on. There are lots of producers, djs and engineers I respect and take inspiration from, but not just because of their musical output, it’s also about their persona and their belief in themselves in what they’re doing.
It’s difficult to describe my sound as I never really make the same record twice, I like to say it’s House music made with soul. Sometimes that manifests itself in a Deep groove, Jackin flavour or a House vibe, but it always centered around a solid groove and made with soul.

Let’s talk about your new release ‘The Believe’. It’s a beautiful track! Who or what did you make it for? and what was it like to work with the legendary Mr V?

Thank you, I’m glad you like it and think it’s beautiful too. The track is one of those productions that just came together very quickly in about 2 hrs from me initially toying with some drum samples. Then I spent some time looking for a vocal sample and trying different bits and bobs, but in my head I kept hearing Mr V over the top, so I sent it to him to see if he was feeling it. Not only was he feeling it, he nailed it, there was no brief for the vocal, I let Mr V to do whatever he was feeling and it turned out he was feeling it as much as myself, so it all turned out great!

Are there any other artists on the scene right now you’d love to collaborate with?

There are lots of artists I would love to collaborate with, but If I could choose one right now it would be Josh Milan, his vocals and harmonies are just sublime.


What’s next for Genetic Funk?

Next up for me is the Genetic Funk remix of Latin Jazz Company ‘Keep On Pumpin’ It Up’, which as mentioned earlier. I’ve also got a remix package forthcoming on my summer single with Michelle Weeks, ‘Love Life’, which includes a fantastic interpretation from Michele Chiavarini, an unreleased dub from myself and some cool dubs from the Grounded Records family producers, DJ Stereotip and Wayback.

And lastly, what was the last track you bought on Traxsource?

Phil Weeks ft Ladybird ‘She Can’t Love You’ – I love what Phil does and this track is just so catchy.

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