Catching up with Detroit Party-starters: Golf clap

Detroit party-starting duo Golf Clap enter 2017 with a bang as they launch their brand new compilation on their House heavy imprint Country Club Disco. Skapes, Djoko, J Worra, Mad Villains, Sebb Junior and more fresh talent all feature on the 20 track VA, made up entirely of exclusive new records. We caught up with the Golf Clap lads ahead of the release..

Hi guys! Thanks so much for chatting to us today, where are you and what are you up to?

We just got back from Holy Ship 9.0 a couple days ago. Was one of the most amazing things we’ve ever been a part of. Played 3 sets and tagged with GRiZ, Mija, Will Clarke, and more. So amped up right now, lots in the works. Destructo knows how to throw a party.

So we’re here to chat about your new 20-track strong comp, ‘Golf Clap Presents: Country Club Disco’ – Tell us about the compilation, why have you chosen now to drop one?

We wanted to put the spotlight on a bunch of artists whose music we’ve been playing and listening to. We figured involving more people would help make the project bigger and more memorable. It was just featured in the print edition of Mixmag as the compilation of the month and also has been reviewed by DJ Mag, Data Transmission, & Big Shot Mag already. This is our first release of the year and all the artists on the compilation are friends as well so we feel even more obligated to make sure their music gets exposed.

20 tracks is quite a lot to compile, how did you go about selecting the tracks for this?

We started talking to a lot of our friends whose music we were playing a lot. We tried to get our favorite song from each of the artists. A lot of them were made specifically for this compilation as well.

You’ve got one of your own new tracks on there, tell us a bit about that, did you make it specially for the compilation?

We didn’t want to put more than 1 song by any artists on the compilation and we chose our song “Late Nights” to feature. We just had to take a look at what music we had and chose what we thought was our strongest song to include.

What’s your favourite track on the comp?

Tough to say, but I suppose the Mad Villains song or the collaboration between Mick James & Mike Millrain. It’s really hard to choose.

Have you road tested any of the tunes in the club yet? What’s getting the best reaction?

The Lenny Kiser song is an absolute beast. Seriously the loudest, best sounding song we’ve been playing all year. We use it as a reference for other songs in the studio. It’s been getting tons of play from Justin Martin, Thomas Jack etc.

There’s a lot of fresh new talent on this one, anyone to watch out for in particular in 2017?

We really want to name almost everybody on this compilation. We are working on collaborations with a few of them as well. Jafunk is probably most likely to make waves in 2017 though. Every song he puts on Soundcloud gets over a hundred thousand plays and Oliver Heldens just played his song from the compilation on his radio show.

Golf Clap’s “Country Club Disco” Album is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.


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