Jamie Lewis Grammy Award nomination

Jamie Lewis, our good friend and head honcho of Purple Music has been nominated for one of the greatest accolades on the planet, a Grammy Award for his work with one of the finest musicians the world has ever seen, Prince. We caught up with Jamie to talk about his nomination.

Hi Jamie, thanks for chatting to us today and congratulations on the Grammy nomination, what an honour! Tell us a little bit about the very special project you’ve been nominated for in the ‘best engineered Album of the Year’ category..

Thank you for the congratulations for this Grammy nomination that comes unexpected but I am so happy and I can say a dream came true as this is a confirmation from the most important music award that all the hard wonderful work of all the last years has turned back. ‘Hit N Run Phase Two’ is nominated as best engineered album and this was exactly what PRINCE was expecting and wanted to have mixing engineering & mastering.
The features 12 songs that were recorded & produced during different times my studio partner Ben Muehlethaler and I worked on 3 songs: “Big City”, an unreleased version with a special horn session of ‘Rock N Roll Love Affair’ that we released as a single with the original and house remixes and ‘Screwdriver’ released as a single also on Purple Music.

Have you got a favourite track from the album?

This is very difficult to choose as all the tracks have a 100% Prince sign and honestly I love them all. But, of course the 3 songs that we were working on, are very special as we know every second and every little mixing skills and secrets that we have invested to have the greatest result of the best sound and master of each track. That was always a priority and wish from Prince and this was the reason why we got the chance to put our hands on the songs.

How did you meet Prince?

When Prince was on tour in Europe in July 2011, after the concert in Zurich, we were contacted by his management for a possible collaboration. A couple of weeks later, we had a meeting with his management at our office and it was really nice discovering that we have almost the same feeling for music and many ideas in common. Before I met Prince personally we released 4 different singles on Purple Music worldwide with a great success and he was happy of the results. Only then I got a phone call with an invitation to Paisley Park to work on a new album project called ‘Prince & 3rd Eye Girl’. During 2013 / 2014 I was flying frequently to Paisley Park in Chanhassen And the first time I walked into Paisley Park and met Prince personally I can say you really forget what’s going on outside the building and once I was there and met all the great crew and people surrounding him, it was like a big family with only one focus, THE MUSIC.

What exactly have you and Prince worked on together ?

As everybody knows, Prince never stopped to surprise his Fans so there were many musical ideas and recordings also for other big singers and artists that he was supporting and producing that I really hope and pray that one day will be released. He also asked me to go on tour with him and take care of the sound at the concerts and mix. But unfortunately this didn’t happen and it will never happen now.

Have you got a favourite Prince record of all time?

Every song of Prince has a story but especially one song I heard in many different scenarios and I can truly say it’s ‘Purple Rain’ for me as it has something in it that I can’t describe but when I heard Madonna and Stevie Wonder’s Tribute live on stage that was the moment and emotions that I will never forget.

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