Catching up with House Music legend Steve Lawler

Electronic music legend and head honcho of VIVa MUSiC, Steve Lawler hits Hector Couto‘s Roush Label with a tasty new number ‘People Having Sex’. We caught up with Steve to chat about the new record..

Hey Steve, Happy New Year to you! How are you doing and where are you right now?

You Too! I’m in Ibiza for meetings for this years Ibiza Residency talks

Tell us about your Roush release ‘People Having Sex’. Why did you choose Roush for this release?

Well I wrote this track 3 years ago now, at the same time I wrote ‘House Record’ & ‘City Nights’ which came out on Hot Creations, if you listen to City Nights you will hear a lot of the elements. But I never released it, thats what its like in the studio you sit there and make loads of music that comes to mind at that point, but not all of it see’s the light of day. I was using this track just for my own sets and a lot of people kept asking me what it was and what label it was on, so I thought f*ck it, may as well release it. Didn’t want to put it on my own label as I just had a release out so I literally look at labels that I’m currently playing and that put out good music. I have always played music from Roush so it seemed like a good home. I wrote to Hector and he jumped at the chance to release a record of mine.

I hear a lot of 303 & 808 sounds here, what do you think it is about this ‘old school’ sound having such a resurgence in house music over the last few years?

Mainly because of me, haha! I know thats going to sound super arrogant and some might disagree but when I started writing music with this massive nod to the 80’s I did it because I wanted to play stuff like this but unless you were playing old tracks it just wasn’t out there, with the exception of a couple of very underground proper acid house labels. So I had to make this music to be able to play this. When I wrote house record with the 808 drums 303 bass and rave stabs after that record was so big, it started (as big records always do) it started a resurgence in that sound. Copy cat writers so to speak.
The reason why I decided to write this kind of music was mainly because I was un-inspired with what was out there at that time so I dug out my old machines dusted them down hooked them up and decided to make a whole bunch of tracks with just my hardware, with the exception of a plug in here or there.

Has this one been going down in your sets? How important for you is it to road test your productions to your crowds before you decide to release a record?

I always road test records for levels, the mix of the track. I know when I’m writing a track weather it’s on or not. I dont test for that, after all the years of producing and DJ’ing I’m pretty confident with that.

Congrats on VIVa MUSiC recently turning ten, you must have been very proud of this incredible milestone?

Thank you. Yes very much so, but also proud I made it, running a label is not as easy as people may think, not if you do it properly that is. I have had a love and even hate affair with running the label over the years. I am emotionally invested in my label, its my baby. I truly love what I do and this is an extension of that, but sometimes and usually by others its made more difficult than it should be.

How does running a label compare to ten years ago?

100% completely different. I would need 10,000 words to go into it to explain why but mainly because of the digital era it massively changed. The essence of it is still the same and that is getting music out you love. But the formula & therefore process is very different

What have you got lined up for the rest of 2017

There is some Big Big news about to drop but too early at this stage to let out the bag, watch this space ;)

Steve Lawler’s latest “People Having Sex” EP via Roush is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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