Get to know Lithuanian talent Darius Vaikas

Lithuania-born Darius Vaikas is a definite one-to-watch right now, with his tracks already being played and supported by the likes of Nacho Marco and Saulty & Bradka. His latest EP ‘Oasis’ is dropping on Catz n Dogz’s Pets Recordings, home to a whole host of talent including Eats Everything, Till Von Sein, Martin Dawson, Kink, Axel Boman, Maceo PLex, Martin Augustin, Rachel Row, Tom Demac and many more.. We caught up with Darius to celebrate joining the Pets hall of fame..

Hey Darius, thanks for chatting to us! Where are you in the world right now and what are you up to?

Hello! it’s my pleasure. I’m very glad to be a part of this interview. I’m in Denmark at the moment. In a town called Ollerup, learning how to be a better teacher. I’ve been teaching electronic music for the past two and a half years, but never had any pedagogical education. Now I’ve got a chance to get a taste of that.

So, you’re originally from Lithuania but based now in Odense, Denmark, what’s the electronic music scene like in Odense right now?

Yes, I am originally from Lithuania and I have lived in Odense for some time. But now I’m living in a small town not that far away from Aarhus. Which is the second biggest city in Denmark. I can tell a little bit about Aarhus.. The scene in Aarhus is not that big, but there are quite a few good producers and labels that are coming from here. To name a couple: Regelbau, Help, Nord, and a recently established No Hands record label. Unfortunately, they are not that active regarding club events in the local area lately. Basically, there are two clubs where most of the electronic music events are hosted. But it’s possible to find some “one time” underground events here and there, if you keep
your ears open :)

We’re here to chat about your new EP on Pets! Tell us about it – What was the inspiration behind it and why did you choose Pets for this release? It must feel pretty great to know your music is out there in the same catalogue as Catz’n Dogz, Eats Everything, Till Von Sein & Aera, Kink, Axel Boman etc!

Yes! I am very stoked and humbled at the same time. Pets is a distinct label with an exceptional selection of artists and I’m greatly honored to be among them. My communication with the label started after the release of my “Guilt” EP on “Best Kept Secret”. I’ve been collecting tracks for the new EP for a while and when I felt that I have it, then I’ve contacted one of the guys from the label. After the “Guilt” EP which was more dark and energetic, I’ve decided to come back to a more chilled vibe and make more dreamy music. That is the sound that I’m associating with my name the most. Since I’ve been selecting the tracks for quite some time, some of them are 2-3 years old. Regarding the inspiration, I’m getting it from all sorts of places. For example the track “The Bells” was mainly inspired by DJ Koze sound. On top of that I was experimenting with polyrhythms and sampling of my own music.

How would you describe your sound, who or what are your main influences?

Well, to put it shortly I would describe my music as soul with elements of funk and spiced with a little bit of dub. If you put this in to a house music context, then you would be getting on the direction of my sound. I have to apologize, because there are way too many influences to name. I get inspired by any genre or artist.. as long as it is authentic. I’ve listened to a lot of Radiohead when I was younger, then I’ve got into early hip-hop, primarily sample based in the meantime hearing all sorts of club music coming from Germany. Later on I’ve got in to the Detroit house with guys like Theo Parrish and Moodyman.. I think the current lo-fi trend is interesting and I appreciate the aesthetics of it, but don’t like to look at it as “one trick show”. As long as the artistic goal is not to be the same as “others” and the technique helps you to create something unique, then it’s fine.

Have you got any advice for up-and-coming producers trying to make it in the scene today?

I know quite little about how to have success in the scene or business of electronic music. Mainly because, I don’t consider myself successful in the terms of being popular. That is not my main interest. Even though I am aware that it can be very useful. But from the creative side I think making and breaking routines have been very useful for me. Separating the creative brainstorming process and analytical judgement process can have some benefits. Well and.. just doing it.

What was the last record you bought on Traxsource?

Isolée – Mangrove

And finally – What’s coming up next for you?

Getting up the next day and making more music :)

Darius’ Vaikas latest “Oasis” EP is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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