André Hommen launches 'These Eyes Recordings'

André Hommen has been a driving force behind Dennis Ferrer’s NYC-based Objektivity label for years, helping to develop numerous artists including Ane Brun, Telepopmusik, The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice and Henrik Schwarz amongst others, whilst embarking on his own musical career, regularly releasing on forward-thinking labels including Objektivity and Poker Flat.

This month, Hommen launched a brand new venture, ‘These Eyes’, based in his native Germany. The mission statement of the new venture is a simple one, ‘Underground electronic music accompanied by unique design and an uncompromising ethos’ and with the first release coming from Hommen himself, it promises exciting things. We chatted to André to find out more..

Hey André, thanks for chatting to us and congratulations on the launch of your new label! What kind of reception have you been getting so far on the first record?

Thank you very much! The reception is really nice so far. A lot feedback from all over the industry, especially the bigger DJs are supporting which is great to see when you are starting from zero. I think it is always easier to have a successful release as unknown artist on a well-known label than as well-known artist on an unknown label ; ).

The first release, your ‘These Eyes’ EP comprises your cuts ‘These Eyes’ and ‘Substitute’ – Did you make these two specifically for the label? How would you describe the overall musical direction of These Eyes Recordings?

I had the original These Eyes track for a long time now and didn’t actually plan to do my own label – but it also didn’t really fit on Objektivity since it is too deep for the regular Objektivity sound. People kept asking me about the record from time to time when I played it out, so I had to come up with a plan… I did send it to some labels and they all liked it. Some would have taken it but with a super late release date and I just felt its a record to come out like now. Therefore I decided to do it on my own ; ).

You’ve been producing for a good few years and working in the biz for even longer, why have you chosen now to launch a label? Is this something you’ve been thinking about for a while?

Of course it’s every artist’s dream to own a label but since I have been involved with Objektivity, I didn’t really plan to start something on my own. As already mentioned before, it was just the perfect timing since I had my ‘These Eyes‘ track ready to come out. And you never know these days, everything happens for a reason.

Where did the name These Eyes Recordings come from?

I always wanted to name a label after the first record. Pretty oldschool I know, but ‘These Eyes’ is a super special record to me and that’s why I decided to name the label like that as well. I immediately had a clear vision in regards to the artwork and everything around (which I am super happy about).

Who else have you got lined up for release? Will we be seeing some appearances from the Objektivity crew or is it mostly newer artists or strictly your own work?

It will be mostly newer artists but you never know. These Eyes will be more deeper and maybe more melodic than Objektivity. Hense the reason why I started the label. But of course I would be more than happy to see Dennis releasing on These Eyes ; ).

You’re obviosuly a busy man these days, will you being running the label solo or have you got a team to help you?

At the moment solo but I have a good friend of mine helping me in the background as I am mostly on the road Thursday – Monday.

And finally, if you had to decribe the label in three words, what would they be?

„Pretty interesting stuff“ ; )

André Hommen’s “These Eyes EP” via These Eyes Recordings is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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