Label Spotlight #022 - Nulu Music

Our label spotight series focuses this week on Anané Vega’s New York-based Nulu imprint! Nulu Music has been firing out consistent Afro flavoured beats for the last 8 years, nurturing pioneering Afro-House and Afro-Tech artists like Black Motion, Rancido, Fabrizio Ortella, Boddhi Satva, Azee Project, Gardy Girault and Pablo Fierro. We went to find out more about what makes the label tick..

Give us a little bit of background on you, the label and what your influences were and still are

Christian Mantini (Label Manager):

Anané Vega has an extensive background as an artist, singer and songwriter since 2003. She is an original member of the Elements of Life orchestra and performed at the Superbowl pre-game show in the Dolphin Stadium as well as touring the world with EOL. Since 2009, she has represented the Afro-House music community as a DJ, producer, and head of her Nulu label, giving an international platform to the genre and artists coming from South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, South America to Europe and the US. As a DJ, Anané plays all around the world, from clubs, festivals and high profile events which included djing for former US president Obama at his Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C., playing for over 15,000 youths for the African National Congress in Polokwane, South Africa just to name a few. Recently her song “Heaven Knows” was included in the Grammy-nominated album Louie Vega Starring… XXVIII. Outside of music, Anané was recently contracted as the first face of the WYCONIC campaign for Wycon Cosmetics, which included her own music-inspired collection.
Nulu means Nothing Ultimate Leaves Us, a motto that serves as the heart of the label. Any artist releasing on Nulu knows that he or she is bringing love, light, and peace to the people’s soul through music. Nulu Music is something you cannot forget. It is a spiritual thing, it is a family. The brand gave the first opportunity to many artists such as Black Motion, and has released legendary artists as Louie Vega, Jose Mangual, Terry Hunter and more. Some of Nulu’s contemporary talents are DJ Spax-vybz, Kafele, Pex Africah, Manoo, Arnaud D, Cristian Vinci and more coming next.
Nulu has also an electronic department, Nulu Electronic, that contains the first remix ever from the legendary Kings of House (a.k.a. Louie Vega, David Morales, Tony Humphries) featuring Anané, In 2014, Anané started a new project, Nulu Movement, where she brings together both her labels, genres and artists to create a unique and versatile party with live shows. Nulu Movement is also a weekly radio show: catch Anané on Saturdays on

What have been your favorite releases from the label over the years?

Anané Vega:
When it comes to Nulu, it’s so difficult to choose just one artist or release! I would suggest starting with the first Nulu Movement compilation that captures the essence of Nulu.

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up for the label

We are proud to be releasing DJ Spax-vybz’s A Decade Later EP featuring Kafele and Koku Gonza. It’s the quality we like, it’s the story of life told through the music. Also coming up is Arnaud D’s I Power Love, which is already being played and supported by many artists. There’s also Diephuis’s Balearic Heaven EP featuring the legendary Paco Fernandez. It’s such a wonderful project that shows his diverse versatility. We’ve also got two new surprises coming from legendary artists along with some remixes, plus Anané’s upcoming new releases and remixes. There’s so much more coming soon to give you the chills.

Your best moment (so far) working at the label / best project to work on to date?

I would say the creation of Nulu Movement and Christian joining the team. There was so much work behind the scenes where Christian looked deep into how my career, brands, and personality naturally connected with different cultures, and we found a way to put it all together. As he says, “Nulu Movement is the representation of my personality in the reality”.

What do you look for when signing a record for Nulu? Any tips for budding producers looking to be signed to the label?

First, we start with the feeling that the tracks give us. The track needs to represent and be part of all we do inside the music. We are always looking to create long-term relationships, following the artist step by step and helping to grow his or her professional career with us. We want to work with people who work for the music, not just in music. There needs to be a big passion and intelligence to cooperate in the right way. There needs to be maturity, culture, knowledge, honesty, respect, and a desire to grow as an artist with Nulu. Of course, if you have talent and personality we will find you. We love to see our artists grow, reach personal and professional success and of course, we want every artist as part of our family.

Dj Spax-vybz’s “A Decade Later” via Nulu Records is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.


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