Illyus Brown & Rob Etherson launch lyceum social club

Glasgow Underground label mates Illyus Brown (Illyus & Barrientos) and Rob Etherson (Mia Dora) team up this month to launch their brand new label; Lyceum Social Club! The two Scotsmen join forces for the debut release under the moniker ‘Mr Night’ for a solid release comprising two sublime cuts, the Deep and groovy ‘Monoot’ and the percussive ‘Late Vibe’. We sat down with the lads to find out a bit more about the new imprint and it’s exciting debut..

Hey guys! Thanks for chatting to us and congratulations on your new label! How have you been celebrating?

Nothing wild at all. We just went up to a wee coffee shop & chatted plans. Hopefully the music does well before we get to the celebrating part.

How did you two meet and why have you chosen now to launch the label? Has it been a quick process or something you two have been thinking about for a while?

Rob: we met through a mutual mate. Illyus came over to mine & wanted another set of ears on a track he was working on. Straight away we just got on & it just seemed inevitable that we would work together at some point.
Illyus: Rob’s being modest. I needed help with a tune. He’s an absolute whizz Kidd haha. Setting up the label was more or less a natural progression because we always wanted to do something together. We also had a pile of tunes sitting there & rather than send them out and get them signed we thought we’d give it a go and d.i.y it.

Where did the name ‘Lyceum Social Club’ come from?

An amazing lady told us amazing things bout an old spot in Glasgow. It was an old bingo hall in Govan (building still stands, beautiful). We thought why not bring that back to life, it meant so much to a community.

How would you describe the musical direction of the label? [There’s definitely some funky flavour in ‘Monoot’ but ‘Late Vibe’ has got just that.. a ‘late vibe’!]

Illyus: rawness all the way in my opinion. We want to showcase a good mix of stuff & keep an open mind but main thing is we want it to bring a smile to people’s faces ….. not to forget make them move.
Rob: the idea is to be authentic. Make sure the releases represent stuff which will bring our message across. As illyus said smile on faces and get a feel good factor going.

Tell us about your new project Mr Night and the first release, the ‘Mr Night EP’. Did you make the moniker and release specifically for the label? What was the main inspiration behind it?

Illyus: We were in the studio one day & were actually just messing around. I brought this weird sample to Rob. A crazy/fun tune was born (no idea if we will ever release it). Tested it out a few times & we kept thinking the crazy sample lady is screaming ‘Mr Night’ so we went with it. That’s basically it!

Rob: The first ep has been sitting there for a while. Individually we have tested the tunes out. Everytime they work a treat, people just go for it. You have ‘monoot’ which is this sluggish funk thing yet it gets people going & late vibe is just a tribal driven track that doesn’t give you a rest.
We both write different styles of music individually but we have a common sound that we both love. The label will hopefully bring that across.

Who else have you got lined up for release? Can we expect some more Scottish talent to be joining you?

Scottish talent for sure. We have a few cheeky numbers lined up but the cat’s staying in the bag for now.

Will you being doing all of the A&R yourself or hiring some other trustworthy ears?

We will be doing all the A&R but as said before we will keep an open mind & if need be we can always use a few mates ears.

And finally, what was the last track you bought on Traxsource?

Dj Mode – this music part 2
Smooth as…..

Mr Night’s “Mr Night EP” via Lyceum Social Club is available now exclusively at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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