Label Spotlight #023 - In The Loop

On the Tech tip this week we’re shining our label spotlight on Lupe Fuentes’s In the Loop recordings.

House music icon, Junior Sanchez once claimed.. “Lupe was born to make music and be a DJ. She’s fire!” And boy was he right, the Colombian-born Fuentes’s unique style of tech-house with subtle hints of Latin flavour is steadily garnering more support on the scene and her label going from strength to strength in 2017. We’re delighted to share In the Loop with you this week for our label spotlight.

Could you give us a little bit of background on you, the label, and what your influences were and still are?

My name is Lupe Fuentes I am a DJ, Producer, label owner and Radio host located in Los Angeles, California. I have been doing music professionally for the past 6 years. I started In The Loop as a way to have more control over my release schedule since I produce a lot and release a lot of music, but very quickly In The Loop has become a platform for established and up coming djs / producers from all over the world to release their music, and for music lovers to discover new music.

What have been your favorite releases from the label over the years?

Woah, So hard to say, since our sound develops with every single release and every release defines the future of our brand and sound. That is the reason we so carefully curate the music we put out and the artists we develop. Looking back into the last few months and 2016, some of the records that really stand out to me are “Underground” by Alaia & Gallo, “Walk” by Jojo Angel and Matteo Rosolare, “Just Don’t Stop” By Ghetto Blaster, “1000 Watts” Kerri Chandler Remix and my collaboration with Todd Terry “Jack The House” to name a few.

Tell us a bit about what is coming up for the label

At the moment we are very busy and In The Loop is growing, so It’s very exciting to see it evolve from only an idea, to a brand where we have a staff of passionate people that work on it every day and help to develop the different aspects of the label.

We have our very first Miami event for MMW-WMC at the Pool at Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami, Thursday, March 23rd. We have a really dope line up, with artists like Prok and Fitch, Sacha Robotti, Saeed Younan, Wally Lopez, and many others, and we are super stoked to spend time with friends and get to see people that we only see once a year and at the same time showcase the In the Loop “sound” in such a beautiful city like Miami. Simultaneously, we keep A&Ring and signing records that we believe in to release every week like we have been doing for the last year since we moved our schedule to weekly as the result of the high volume of demos we are lucky enough to get.

In The Loop Radio, is also one of the branches we enjoy the most about In The loop, we are currently on In The Loop Radio Vol 55, and we’ve had featured artists on the show like, Hector Couto, Montel, Juliet Sikora, Roger Sanchez and many more. In the Loop Radio is syndicated in over 30 countries around the world!
Our main goal is to keep developing In The Loop into a platform where like minded people can enjoy and discover music from music lovers for music lovers.

Your best moment so far working at the label/ best project to work on to date?

The best moment building In The Loop has got to be A&R-ing and believing in someone’s music, and keep releasing their records, and helping that artist build a name for themselves in the industry. I truly like to support people and that way become valuable as a brand in the electronic music scene. We are proud to take responsibility for developing new talent and being true to the music we love. We work very hard with our promotion and send out each and every release via iMusic in the UK, using both Inflyte and our own personal email system. We treat every record with equal importance and really try and give each record the respect it deserves. We share detailed reports of who supports our records with the artists and through our music, friendships, and social media, we have built the “IN THE LOOP CREW” across many countries, and we are growing!

What do you look for when signing a record for In The Loop? Any tips for budding producers looking to get signed to the label?

I always look to feel something. That is how I differentiate music, it either makes you feel something or makes you feel nothing at all.
In the loop is a label that releases music for the dance floor, So I usually look for tracks that I think would work on the dance floor, tracks that make you escape from the everyday reality of peoples lives, and makes you feel like that this is the only moment in your life! It’s hard to express it with words, it’s “un sentimiento” like we say in Spanish.

Lupe Fuentes’ “Lose My Mind EP” via In The Loop is available now exclusively at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

“In The Loop WMC Sampler 2017” is available now exclusively at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.


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