Label Spotlight #024 - Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery records describe their output as ‘House Music on a strictly need to know basis…’ – And these guys and their tunes are definitely something you need to know. The DRR crew have rallied up quite a roster, from Jey Kurmis to Matt Fear, A Lister, Apollo 84, Vanilla Ace and Tommy Vercetti to ItaloBros, Di Chiara Brothers, Rich Pinder, Jamie Antonelli, Greco and Black Girl/White Girl, garnering support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Rinse FM and Mixmag amongst others. They even landed themselves a spot in Data Transmission’s top 40 labels of 2016 and we’re pinning them as a label to keep an eye on going into 2017. We caught up with DRR to award them the next in our label spotlight series and to find out more about where the label came and is going..

Please Give us a little bit of background on you, the label, and what your influences were and still are.

The label was created after I was burgled one day whilst at work. I came home to find the front door kicked in and all my sound equipment was gone and more importantly my macbook with all my music stuff on it had also been nicked. So I had lost everything that I had spent years building up and had to ultimately start over again. So I needed a silver lining to the shitty experience, hence the drive to start the label and the name Daylight Robbery. Last year I brought my production partner Jojo Angel on board and with both of us working hard on the label I feel that we can give the artists the support and service that their releases deserves, more than ever before.

What have been your favourite releases from the label over the years?

This is a very naughty question as every releases means something to us. There are definitely a few big moments like Tommy Vercetti’s remix of Wheats getting played on BBC Radio 1, A Lister – Gizmo getting huge support from Simon Dunmore and Kiss FM play, Alex Ranerro – Tell You making no.8 on your house chart and various radio and magazine support. But honestly we only put out tracks that we love.

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up for the label.

We’re loving taking Daylight Robbery parties outside of London with a few already in Manchester and more arranged so we will be looking to take the party on the road more. We will keep up regular events in London too and more collaborative nights. We’ve also signed up with Data Transmission to do a monthly two hour radio show which will feature a guest mix from an artist from the label each time and a mix from myself Matteo Rosolare and Jojo Angel showcasing forthcoming music from the label and music that we’re feeling. And we’re also looking to further push the brand; our artwork guru Stefan Falconer is designing a t-shirt range that will be available in the summer. And of course we’ll continue to push upfront tech and house music and keep the good times rolling.

What have been your best moment (so far) working at Daylight Robbery or best project to work on to date?

Best moments at the label is a hard one as any excuse to celebrate and we’re on it, but I guess doing our first party at Egg London was something I had always dreamed about. Also huge highlights are when you see the likes of Jamie Jones, Sante, Josh Butler etc playing out a track from the label to a huge crowd – I’ll never get tired of seeing that!

Ian Jay & Matt Williams “Be With You EP” via Daylight Robbery is available now exclusively for Pre Order at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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