get to know exciting new talent: Marabou

We caught up with the elusive and exciting new talent Marabou to celebrate his latest release the ‘Nachtcafe’ EP on Beef Records..

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your music, who or what are your main influences?

I’m Fabian, I was living close to a village close to a city named Oldenburg. We have birds, fish and a lot of trees there. I was always quite into music – regular funk stuff, African roots music and stuff you listened to when you were 16 in 2008 wearing skinny jeans (babyshambles, the strokes, phoenix, ed banger, boys noize). at this age I tried to go to techno parties in Berlin, but I was too young and the bouncer didn’t let me in. so I decided to make my own stuff.

How did you first get into DJing / production? When did you know you wanted to be a DJ?

Max, a friend of mine and I started as an electro-clash duo and self made parties at a bar with a dance floor in our hometown. Although I started with producing, djing was always important to me. I like to present music to people and of course I wanted to show the music I had produced.

Tell us about your local scene and what makes it special

We have no techno clubs – but we have some crews doing techno events. There’s one big far left social center where they have great events. My crew “permanent aktiv” is hosting events, too. Our approach to making holistic events is music, lights, fun for everybody on the dance floor. I think the best thing you can have in our region are open air parties during the summer – if the cops are staying in their office. We got a lot of space on the flat countryside.

Could you talk to us about your upcoming / current release?

The first track ‘Dada Depri’ is the most progressive one of the Nachtcafé EP. I wanted to hit the border between euphoria and melancholia. according to the title, the song is about the senselessness of depression. ‘Rote Kobra’ is like a snake charmer for your feet and mind – but snakes can be toxic lol. The remix is made by two friends of mine. Louis and Luis aka “Einer und Anders”. they took parts of the original and made the track even more hypnotic! and it’s a great remix for dance floors, I promise. I must confess the original mix is not easy to mix in a smooth way. the remix is perfect for every set in my eyes. ‘Alpa Sinaun’ is a deep and minimal track inspired by South American music. I tried to make a reduced groove with a thin kick drum.

This is an introducing piece, tell us something about yourself everyone knows and something no-one knows…

everybody knows about nuclear bombs but no one knows about love bombs

And finally – what was the last record you bought on Traxsource?

Mr. fingers – can you feel it

Marabou’s “Nachtcafe” via Beef Records is available now exclusively at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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