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Mad mats and Tooli’s much loved Local Talk label celebrates reaching 5 (and a half) years this month with a very special compilation. Helmed by two of Stockholm’s favourite DJ / promoters and home to the likes of HNNY, Adesse Versions and Kyodai, local talk has been at the forefront of cutting edge Deep House and their new compilation is no exception. DJ Spinna, Art of Tones, Marcel Lune (and many more) make the grade for the celebratory release and we went to find out more! We chatted to Mats and Tooli to discuss the label and the new album..

Hey Mats! Thanks so much for chatting to us, where are you in the world right now and what are you up to?

Right now I’m in our office trying to sort out some Local Talk label nights around Europe.

So, congratulations on your 5 1/2 year milestone! How have you and Tooli been celebrating?

We actually have not celebrated yet but we’ll definitely go out for cake as soon as the compilation is out. I think we deserve some sugar after all the hard work! :)

We’re obviously massive fans of the label, you’ve dropped some great stuff over the years, from the likes of HNNY and Adesse Versions to Dale Howard and Kyodai. Do you have a favourite release from the label so far?

Awww…thank you :). There are plenty of releases to choose from, hard to single out any specific tracks. But if I had to choose I really think the new ”Testify” track from Jamie 3:26 & Masalo is amazing. But I’ve always said that Willie Graff & Tuccillo’s ”Sunday Morning” is the tune that over the years still give me those small hours goose bumps… It’s a beauty!

We’re super excited for your forthcoming Local Talk compilation, tell us a bit about the comp and why you’ve chosen now to drop it.

Even though it feels like we’ve been around for ages, giving us both joy, pain and plenty of grey hairs we’ve only been around for circa 5 years. But during these years we released so much music and we thought it was time to big ourselves up with something extra special. But the initial spark for the comp actually came about when I was listening to Blaze classic ”25 Years Later” album this summer. I just thought it would be such cool idea to borrow the artwork / title and rename it to ”Local Talk 5 1/2 Years Later” and rework the artwork and paste the artist faces to the art. I think it worked out pretty well. :)

You’ve got a lot of big players coming together on this release.. Boddhi Satva, Spinna, Art of Tones, how did you go about selecting tracks for this one (and why)?

Well, I’ve known Spinna for a long time. He played at my old Raw Fusion parties at WMC, Miami and I also booked him to play Stockholm. We come from the same musical background (hip hop) so the connection have always been easy. But this particular Spinna track came about as we’re planning a single release with Spinna later this spring (this one’s a trip!). Boddhi is such an amazing character and we started to vibe as he always gave such nice feedback to our Local Talk releases. He is also an amazing DJ (really!) and when I asked if he could sort us out with an exclusive jam for us and he sent us this track he did together with Sly Johnson…it’s a lovely tune! Art Of Tones aka Llorca is probably one of the most humble and friendliest guys in the game but when he makes music for Local Talk he always deliver that deep underground biz we love. His contribution ”Violation” is a real dark basement jam that showed to be the perfect opening track to set the pace.

How have the tracks been going down in the club? Have you got a particular favourite track on the release?

To be honest I have not tried them all out (yet!) but I can tell you that we included something for every type of club…something we always tried to express with our releases. But the Art Of Tones destroyed (!) many clubs on my last tour in Japan last year, the Toto Chiavetta just makes perfect sense in the more electronic venues and Sean McCabe’s late night and kinda Blaze(ish) sounds f*ckin’ amazing if u drop it at the right time and spot.

What’s coming up next for Local Talk?

Well, the two main themes for 2017 is that we’ll release more albums and more music from American producers than before. We got singles releases from US producers like Terrence Parker, DJ Spinna, Scan 7, Jamie 326 (and Masalo) but also some EU action from Cuthead and Philou Louzolo. On the album front we have the highly anticipated second album from Crackazat as well as the debut album from Marcel Lune. We’re also releasing a jazz-funk influenced album by a new amazing duo from Milano called Jaxx Madecine. I think 2017 will musically be our most exciting year so far! :)

“Local Talk 5 1/2 Years Later” via Local Talk is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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