Label Spotlight #026 - Fina Records

Originally born in 2011 as a creative offshoot of Ralph Lawson’s famed 2020 Vision, in a golden era of deep house music for the UK, FINA is indisputably one of the most respected labels to emerge in recent years. With DJ / Producer Simon Morell & Corbi now at the helm, still based up in the vibrant, essential musical scene of Leeds in the North of England (think Back to Basics, Miguel Campbell, Josh Butler, Hot Since 82, Ralph Lawson, PBR Streetgang, Rich Wakley, Audiojack, Darius Syrossian, Laura Jones etc), FINA has grown to become a powerhouse of forward-thinking music, dipping into the deeper side of house and home to a plethora of talent including Move D, Rick Wade, Leif, Mam, Roberto Rodriguez, Homepark and more. We’re over the moon to delve into the FINA history with Simon for this week’s label spotlight..

Could you please Give us a little bit of background on you, the label, and what your influences were and still are?

Hello I’m Simon Morell, originally from the North of the UK I run FINA Records with Corbi who is from Oxfordshire but we both now live in Ibiza, the UK is to wet and cold for us! We’ve been involved in the industry since the late 90’s DJ’ing, running parties, label owners, and loads more. FINA has been running for 5 years now and we have recently launched a sub label called FINA WHITE. FINA releases house music which has a wide variety of music, there is a common thread that connects each release; a rich vein of funk and soul than lies at the heart of the label, where as FINA white releases straight up dance floor tackle! Raw house and techno is high on the agenda for this label.

What have been your favourite releases from the label over the years?

Ooohh that’s a tough one as they’re all killer to us! But if we have to pick, Astral Breeze by Francis Inferno Orchestra, this was an early release and still sounds super fresh today, Rick Wade Sweet Life EP, I still hear that everywhere, Guy Andrews Annum EP is killer & Takuya Matsumoto Places Of Colour EP is literally an outstanding piece of music which should be on film-score!

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up for the label.

We’ve got loads of amazing music to come in 2017. We’ve just had a 4 track ep by uk producers Homepark which includes two dance floor bangers as well as 2 deeper tracks for early morning sets, on the 28th April we have a new EP from Finnish producer SAINE which is aptly named MINT EP, which it is! We’ve been wanting to work with SAINE for some time now and last year we managed to persuade him to release an ep with us which he agreed to and has delivered a 3 track ep. The tracks ooze obscure sample wizardry, thumping straight-to-the-bone beats & wavering analogue synth textures which do not disappoint. And we also have EP’S forthcoming from Ponty Mython & Closed Paradise.

What has been your best moment so far working at Fina Records or best project to work on to date?

Rick Wade’s Sweet Life EP was a pleasure to work on. We had to go backwards and forwards with him on the A&R process, we requested quite a few changes from the original version he sent. Sometimes artist’s with heritage can be quite resistant to A&R pointers but not Rick, he was super cool to work with and we were all really happy with the final version!

What do you look for when signing a record for Fina? Any tips for budding producers looking to get signed to the label?

We are a bit of a nightmare to pin down in terms of style as we like to mix it up as much as possible but we do have a constant theme running through our music, which is more of an organic sound. The best advice we can give to a budding producer is: find our label on Traxsource, buy the back catalogue, listen and play it constantly, once you’ve done that you will have a good idea of what we like. :)


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