We talk Ibiza and more w/ Shanghaied label debut: Jamie Roy

Scotsman turned VIVa Warriors resident Jamie Roy is fast-becoming a global name on the underground scene. His productions have being supported by the likes of Solomun, Sasha, Nic Fancuilli, Doorly & Amine Edge after landing on some of the biggest players in the game: Of Unsound Mind, Resonance Records, Under No Illusion and 8Bit and his meteoric rise hasn’t slowed down yet.. Data Transmission have now invite him into the fold to launch the brand new imprint Shanghaied, with two fiesty cuts, ready for the club.

With four seasons on the Whilte Isle under his belt (and approaching a 5th) we thought we’d sit Jamie down to chat about his new record, where you can catch him spinning and get the gossip for the 2017 Ibiza season from a true island connoisseur!

Hey Jamie! Thanks so much for chatting to us today! Where are you in the world right now and what are you up to?

Right now I’m back home in Scotland, Just back from a mad few weeks of Miami, Snowbombing and Ibiza. Back for a few weeks in the studio.

So, everyone knows you’re a bit of an Ibiza connoisseur by now so we thought we’d get the lowdown on the island from you first hand… This summer will be your.. 5th season?

Yeah my 5th season, crazy to think that to be honest. Cant explain enough how good of a decision it was to pack in being a plumber and move out in 2013.

Hearing of lots of interesting movements on the island for this Summer, including a big shift back towards San An. Give us some parties you’re excited to throw down some shapes at this year:

Yeah San an this year is def making a well deserved come back, defected will be ace along with all that’s going on at Ibiza Rocks.

Where and when can we catch you spinning on the white isle this summer? Have you got a favourite place to play?

I will be at Sankeys and Ibiza rocks this year every week, so excited to be back!

Are there any other Ibiza residents we should be watching out for?

The faction boys are smashing it and really nice guys too.

What’s your best Ibiza story? .. Does it involve Hierbas?

Some of these are def not fit to be online haha. Probably the closings last year, space closing especially as it was literally my best clubbing moment to date, spending almost 24 hours in there was something else.

So your new release the ‘Wonza’ EP is the debut release dropping on Data Transmission’s new label Shanghaied, quite a big deal.. What was the inspiration behind the tracks?

I love these tracks, myself and Makanan have both put our inputs which really go well together, they’re both fun house tracks which work great in most sets I play.

The release has two pretty hefty club monsters in there, have you road tested them yet, how have they been going down on the dancefloor so far?

Really well received I played both at pacha this week and got my best reactions so far.

And Finally: Have you heard anything yet this year that you predict will be smashing the opening parties next month?

Been listening to loads of new stuff coming on Yousefs circus, Cristophs new EP is a belter.

Last Record I Bought on Traxsource:

Hector Couto – Climax

Jamie Roy’s “Wonza / Movin’” via Shanghaied is available for Pre Order now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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