Weaving Genres w/ Hector Romero: The Music biz Veteran Takes us Inside His New Compilation

Originally this album was to be titled ‘Dancing’ but when I was programming the mix I realized how difficult it was going to be to try and make 13 titles work well with each other and flow like a DJ set. I consider myself an eclectic DJ so when I play out it’s not a problem for me to mix various styles but that’s because I have a wide amount of music to work with. Upon completion of the mix I said to myself I just weaved all these genres of House and I’m happy how it came out. I pitched ‘Weaving Genres’ as the title to Mike Weiss and he was into it!!

In the 70’s and 80’s some of my DJ peers had Prelude, Salsoul, West End & Philly International as labels they would not miss a release on. I however came up during the days of Trax Records, Strictly Rhythm, King Street and Nervous Records to name a few. This makes me a child of the post Disco era, or otherwise known as the House Music era. It was in the early 90’s that cemented the foundation for House.

“I consider myself an eclectic DJ so when I play out it’s not a problem for me to mix various styles but that’s because I have a wide amount of music to work with.”

In the early 90’s I worked at one of the hottest record shops in The Bronx named DJ Specialty Shop. I was the head buyer of dance music and with that position I gained access to the mailing lists of some of the best labels that released dance music. I also recall being able to walk an area of Manhattan to visit 5-10 record labels to get the latest Test Pressing. One of my favorite stops was Nervous Records on Broadway. To this day I cherish my collection of Nervous Records and 25 years later I’m asked by Michael Weiss to mix the next Nervous Records compilation. To some this might not seem like a big deal but when you’ve grown up living House Music the way I have this indeed was an honor for me.

1. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Bourgie Bourgie (Louie Vega Mix Edit)

Louie Vega took on the duty to recreate this classic for the modern dancefloor without taking away the integrity of the original. He simply beefed it up and gave it the Vega bump! He rocked it!! And it was an honor to use it in the mix.

2. Joi Cardwell & DJ Gomi – We Can Do Better (Fred Everything Lazy Vocal Mix)

The Original to ‘We Can Do Better’ was already signed to Nervous and Mike Weiss, Andrew Salsano and I had a few meetings to go over track listing and brainstorm about remixers. Fred’s name came up and we immediately felt good about pitching it to him. Fred was into it and we all loved the job he did on the remix.

3. Robert Clivilles Feat. Kimberly Davis – Set Me Free (David Morales Remix)

This was sitting in my exclusive secret weapons iTunes folder because it’s a remix Morales did that never released. At the end I was happy Robert Clivilles was up for letting us acquire it for the album and I’m really happy it’s going to get out the masses.

4. Peppe Citarella Feat. Cristians Afrotronic – Moyubba

Peppe is one of my favorite producers from Italy and I asked him if he had anything special for me to include in the comp. He wrote me back saying I’ll make you an exclusive production for the album. A couple of weeks later he sent it to me and I was blown away!! One of my favs on the album.

5. Benji Candelario, Hector Romero & Michelle Rivera – Dancing (Benji Candelario B-Boy Mix)

Benji is one of my oldest friends in the biz and it was a pleasure to finally get in the studio with him because we knew we would vibe. The Original mix came out great but it was Benji that had the idea to add Michelle Rivera on top and it just took it to the next level.

6. Teddy Douglas – To The Beat Of The Drum (Teddy’s Mix)

This is another track that was already signed to Nervous that was just about to come out late 2016. I loved it so much that Mike held it back from releasing it just so I could add it to the comp! I’m glad he did because Teddy is one of my House Music heroes and the track is FIRE!! Works every time I play it.

7. Harry Romero – My King

Number 2 of my exclusive secret weapons that Harry gave me to play out. Originally Harry wanted to release this on his own and didn’t want to license it for the comp and we respected his wishes but I was bummed about it – LOL! Fast forward a few months and it came time to mix the compilation I was missing that 1 special track. I called Mike and asked him to pitch Harry once again and long story short Harry said ok!

8. Klement Bonelli Feat. Martin Wilson – Why Can’t We Live Together

I received this promo Summer 2016 from Klement but at the end he decided to not release it. September 2016 I was a guest DJ on the Carried Away NYC boat cruise and I played it and it was then that I knew I had to have this gem for my comp. There was a little negotiating and nudging to get this one but at the end Klement was gracious enough to let us use it.

9. Angel Moraes – Stand Up (David Morales Old School Mix)

Number 3 of my exclusive secret weapons!! Here’s another Morales remix that never got released and we were able to clear it for the comp. The tunes works and the vocal is fire party tune!!

10. Reboot – Wake Up

Reboot was one of the producers on my long list of guys to reach out to for music to use on the comp. This cut was probably # 8 of 10 titles he sent me for consideration. I love it cause it’s different to the rest of the cuts on the album and really represents a style that I love -it’s deep chuggy Tech House that just grooves and grabs you when played at the right time.

11. SAMURI Feat. Kevin Aviance – BANG, Da Beat (Douglas Greed Remix)

12. SAMURI Feat. Kevin Aviance – BANG, Da Beat (Crookers Remix)

I’ll group these 2 versions together because I love how the mix came out when I used both versions on the compilation. Kevin Aviance is a NY legend and I LOVE his vocal delivery!! It’s infectious and captivating. The Original was already signed to Nervous but it wasn’t the right version for me to personally use in the comp but I knew I loved the vocal. Remixes were commissioned and both of these rocked and were put to use in the mix.

13. Mansur Pres. Cabidinos – Dirty Sexy Freaky

DJ Meme is another old friend of mine that I asked for music and he sent me Dirty Sexy Freaky and I knew it would work as part of the single but also sell really well as a single for Nervous plus the vocal makes for great future remixes.

From the day Mike asked me to mix the compilation I must say it was a pleasure collaborating & brainstorming with the entire Nervous team. From the every day emails with Andre Salsano to having Kevin Williams be my stylist at the photo shoot the entire process was easy and painless.

Hector Romero’s latest album “Weaving Genres” via Nervous is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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