Resistance is futile: Josh Wink chats to us about his new release on Ovum, "Resist"

Ovum Recordings boss (Ovum being home to Loco Dice, Shlomi Aber, Marc Romboy, DJ Pierre, Aaron Carl, King Britt, Steve Bug, D’Julz amongst others) Josh Wink returns home to his own label with the mighty ‘Resist’ after dipping his toes in the waters over at Intec, Boysnoize Records and R&S with some heavyweight releases.

‘Resist’ reeks of debauchery, with its Acidic bassline and persistent vocal and could echo of times gone or could be straight up futuristic, who knows? What we do know is that it’s naughty, noisy, and absolutely awesome! Classic Wink.

We sat Josh down for a Q&A to celebrate the new release..

Hey Josh! Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now.

In Philly. Ready for my birthday tomorrow and wanting the mercury retrograde to be over! But spring feelings for sure and excited for my new single to drop.

Obviously, the topic for today is new release on your Ovum imprint “Resist” – tell us in your words a little bit about how it came to be and what you were trying to convey to your listeners.

Very inspired by the Refuse & Resist! movement that began in NYC in 1987 by activists concerned about Ronald Reagan & the American Governments right wing program. Keith Harring’s Resist Logo was designed for this movement and heavily opposed censorship and similar concerns to what is going on in the current political climate. Resistance movements have been in humans lives for centuries. Really any civil population of a country that would resist against the established government through nonviolent means. I dig this and try to participate, showing my power to legally express my views and concerns of what’s happening politically. My music isn’t so much political, but more up for musical interpretation. However, using the word “Resist” in this composition is a simple way of getting people more aware through techno.

We heard there’s a follow up to this release next with some pretty sweet remixes – anything you can share with us!?

I sent the original track to my friend Chris Liebing, who started playing it right away. He contacted me back immediately saying he could hear Truncate doing an amazing Remix of the track. So, I sent the track to Truncate who after listening was on board. He enjoyed it so much that he delivered not 1 but 2 amazing techno remixes in his signature styles!

We caught you at the Boiler Room in Miami right before MMW with Danny Tenaglia and what a show it was! In your opinion, in what way has MMW/WMC changed (the most) after all this time?

Thank you for the kind words about the Boiler Room show. We had some technical difficulties, but I made the most out of it! I am glad that you enjoyed it!
It has changed a lot. It used to really be about the ‘conference’, where the electronic music industry (dj, producers, labels, business types etc…) from around the world would gather at one hotel and have business and conversations by the pool and at small night club/bars. A great group of like minded people, creating the direction of house and techno and celebrating this diverse small industry. Some of that innocence has left the conference as it has become more about being a big money maker and event for the punters than actually a conference. In the early days of our Ovum parties, we were never concerned about making money off of our events, it was always an opportunity to gather your friends and colleagues from the industry and celebrate the music with them. The business has changed and the scene is now a mega industry, but I still enjoy being in Miami and playing for the crowds and seeing old friends and making new ones.

What is a piece of hardware used on “Resist” and name one piece of kit you simply cannot do without?

Used Roland TR-09 and TB 303. Can’t exist without my 303’s.

Any advice for those aspiring artists on how to make it in today’s fast paced game?

Make sure you do it from the heart! Knowing that you want to LIVE it and there may not be money in it. It’s about the passion of music!

What keeps you motivated after all this time?

My passion for the music still burns strong and keeps me going!

Where can your fans catch you playing over the next few months?

Fortunate that after 26 years I am still traveling all over the world. So, best is to check. or for upcoming dates!

Where does Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Always checking the diverse music content that you offer me, and others to purchase!

Josh Wink’s latest release “Resist” via Ovum Recordings is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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