Introducing Montreal talents "The Fitness" & "Pony"

We caught up with the exciting new Montreal Crew Love members “The Fitness” & “Pony” as they make their Soul Clap Records debut with this open minded sex jam. The Fitness & Pony have a very distinct sound described by Crew Love themselves as being “like a unicorn running through a winter wonderland and finding two teenagers making out on the beach. It’s high energy house music, that delivers lo-fi attitude, rugged techno basslines and pulsating electro”. Let’s submerge into this trip as we find out more about the duo…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your music, who or what are your main influences?

We’re both directly influenced by the DIY afterparty scene that thrived for a long time in Montreal. Those are the parties we first hung out at, where Pony started to MC for international DJs that wanted to keep partying after their gigs – and djing for the first time late into the morning touching CDJs figuring it out. We both come from the school of Hip Hop as teenagers and we both have an affinity for energetic House music. For some reason the cross section of our Venn diagram is an interesting hybrid of hip Hop, R&B, House & Techno.The Fitness made his mark as an underground House and Techno DJ in Montreal and eventually playing the big festivals and holding down residencies at local clubs.

How did you first get into DJing / production? When did you know you wanted to be a DJ

F: When I moved to Montreal for school. The first after party I went to just opened me to a whole new world. Producing started because it was the organic move after locking down what makes my dj sets special. I just wanted to play my own music. P: My love for music and creation dates back to before I can remember.

Tell us about your local scene and what makes it special?

Everyone who visits Montreal will tell you similar stories about how the people are cool, the energy is contagious and on any given day in the summer you can have a night to remember forever.

Talk to us about your upcoming / current release

“Sex I’m An Addict” was the first track we did together. I was djing at Stereobar and Pony came to the booth a couple times and asked me for IDs and each time they were mine so we decided to do something together in the studio. After making Sex we just kept chugging along and the chemistry couldn’t really be ignored. When Crew Love were in town for Piknic Electronik we went for dinner and drinks with the guys and ended up playing them “Sex I’m An Addict” through a pair of headphones at the afterparty. They emailed us to play it at the Pickle in Miami and the next day we signed it.

What’s your greatest career high to date?

So far just launching this project with the backing of Crew Love has been a massive highlight. But this is just the start of something we want take very far. We’re definitely excited to go out on tour in Europe with Crew Love this June. Can’t wait to play the Barcelona showcase during OFF Sonar Talk to us in 6 months for more details…

This is an introducing piece, tell us something everyone knows and
something no-one knows.

Everyone knows The Fitness & Pony loOoOove to party – the rest is a secret xo….

If you could have made any dance record in history, what would it be and why?

Frankie Knuckles – Your Love because it’s an anthem that works on the dancefloor that has tons of emotion

The Fitness & Pony’s latest release “Sex I’m An Addict” via Soul Clap Records is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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