Introducing Tim Engelhardt

This month sees Germany’s Tim Engelhardt, one of the best kept secrets in the game, drop his debut album on the mighty Poker Flat Recordings.

‘Moments of Truth’ takes us on a sublime musical journey through ten perfectly crafted cuts of Electronica. Ranging from the eponymous downtempo opener, ‘Moments of Truth’ through to the more club suited numbers ‘Azimute’ and ‘When the Distance Disappears’.

We caught up with Tim to learn more about the album and his career so far..

Hey Tim, thanks for taking the time to chat to us, we know you’re busy! Where are you right now and what are you up to?

I just came home from Beirut and I’m looking forward this week to putting the finishing touches on a new EP that will be out later this year.

You have a background as a pianist and your debut EP “Everything Is All You Have“ was released on Poker Flat when you were just 17 years old! Crazy! When did you first get into music production? And when did you move into electronic music production specifically?

I took piano lessons for a few years, and that led me to music production. I wrote a few real songs before moving into electronic music, but it was techno and house that really got me hooked on music. I’m hoping to take my first steps into different genres at some point, but for now I’m happy with my music and I think for just being in the production game about 4-5 years, it’s a pretty nice achievement and I feel like I found something where I can express myself in a very authentic way.

Tell us about your relationships with Robert Babicz and Andreas Lindemann, what effect have they had on your career and your music?

Well, these two guys taught me quite a lot about mixing but it would be too much to go into in detail. Aside from the technical aspects, they encouraged me to trust in myself and just go with the music that I feel on the inside. I also learned a lot from Robert about how music works in a club and how different frequencies affect your body.

Talk to us about your exciting debut album landing soon on Poker Flat – ‘Moments of Truth’, were all of the tracks made specifically for the album? What was the inspiration behind it?

Well, as the album name suggests, it’s 10 captured moments! I always had the idea to do an album, but as I didn’t have a real concept, it was kind of hard to realize when it was actually finished. I made over 40 tracks the last two years and the 10 tracks that are on the album are those that eventually stood out. I found that they are very personal, honest and have a positive effect when listening. For that reason, I called the album Moments Of Truth, as it’s a pretty detailed reflection of what I like and the kind of music I really love on the inside.

Why have you chosen now to release an album, is it something you’ve been working on for a while?

As I said, I worked on this for quite some time. The first sketch of the album title must be at least 3 years old! Over time it got clearer to me which tracks have to be on there and which ones don’t. When I was sure, I sent the album to Poker Flat. I really liked about their process that they never put pressure on me and just let me experiment with my music. I never doubted that my first album was going to be on this label :)

As this is an introducing piece, tell us something about yourself everyone knows and something no-one knows..

Everybody knows I’m very young compared to other producers. No one knows that I never intended to be a musician; I wanted to be a football player when I was younger.

And finally – If you had to describe your production / musical style in just 3 words, what would they be?

Melodic, atmospheric, forward-thinking.

Tim Engelhardt’s latest release “Moments Of Truth” via Poker Flat Recordings is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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