Mella Dee Launches New Label: Warehouse Music

London based Mella Dee (aka Ryan Aitchison) is making serious moves. Already a favourite of the specialist BBC Radio 1 crew, his tracks have picked up solid support from the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Bicep, Skream, Tijana T, George Fitzgerald and Len Faki – and he isn’t stopping there.

The Yorkshire-born talent is cultivating an exciting blend of weighty techno with elements of House, hardcore, and jungle thrown in for good measure and this month drops the ‘Warehouse Music 001’ EP on his newly formed label Warehouse Music.

We caught up with Mella Dee to find out more about the release and the new label, if you’re looking for something a bit noisy, this one’s for you…

Hey there Mella Dee! Thanks so much for chatting to us and congratulations on the launch of your new label ‘Warehouse Music’ – you must be pretty excited!

Yeah it’s amazing to have everything out there and it feels like it all came together so well, plus the reception has been amazing which is a great feeling when it’s something so personal.

Why have you chosen now to launch the new label? Is it something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while?

The idea has been floating in my head but it all just made sense and everything came together naturally the name and the idea behind everything. It felt like the right time for it.

Why ‘Warehouse Music’? Is it because you’ll be dropping strictly deep, dark Warehouse-ready bangers?

Warehouses play a big part all over the world in developing underground sounds and scenes. For me personally, The Doncaster Warehouse and other South Yorkshire warehouse raves such as Niche have played a big part in my musical background, so it just felt like the right name. It’s quite a broad term and can mean different things to different people which is something I like.

You’re kicking things off with the ‘Movement’ EP, three wicked and pretty heavy tracks in there.. What was the main inspiration behind the EP? Did you make the tracks specifically for the label?

Just tough driving tracks basically, they were all made around the same time and it wasn’t specifically designed as an EP but it just worked that way and made sense. The tracks were done before the label but they planted the idea that I could put out my own EP with the 3 together.

Have you road-tested the tracks yet? Have they been going down well in the club? They sound like some proper speaker shakers..

Yeah always go off thankfully, I’d road tested them for a bit before the full release was announced and came out. Movement is my personal fave though, kills it every time with the hypnotic bleep lead.

So, talk to us about the musical direction of the label, have you already got more releases lined up? How will you be A&Ring the future releases?

Just wrapping up the next 2 releases as we speak, tested one last night in Aberdeen that went off which is nice. It’s just more driving stuff, not just the same as what I’ve already done but still well and truly aimed at the dance floor and perfect for a warehouse rave. For now it’s just my own stuff but I will bring others in as and when it feels right.

And finally, if you could have made any dance record in history, what would it be?

Too big of a question for me to really answer, it’s hard to even think about it as there’s so much music I genuinely love but I could never make as it was all about that time and moment it was made. I’d maybe go for a weird one like Jimmy J & Cru L-T – Six Days for the level of nostalgia it gives me and the pure euphoria in it.

Mella Dee’s latest release “Ware House Music 001” via Warehouse Music is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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