Get to know C-Major & their new album "The Link"

For the last 3 years the South African duo C-Major have been pushing the borders of what is commonly known as Afro House and have been exploring new musical territories, something that can be loosely described as Electronic Afro dub meets Minimal House. They have been working on their first album “The Link” for more than a year and the 12 track album is finally here! We are more than thrilled to get a closer look at the new release and get to know the artists behind it!

Hey guys thanks for chatting to us! When did you first get into electronic music production?

Our first encounter with electronic music producing was about 7 years ago and counting.

Tell us a bit about your music, who or what are your main influences?

Our music is a fusion of all the different genres of house music compiled around the world. ‘Atmospheric yet soulful’ best describes our music. We draw inspiration from our brothers from all over the globe such as Culoe de Song, Rocco, Detroit Swindle, Stimming and Vinny da Vinci only but to name a few. We are also majorly influenced by the musical background which originates from our families which has inculcated a culture of producing quality and timeless music.

Hardware, software or both?

Both but leaning more towards using software. The reasoning behind it being it’s cost effective and we are very familiar with it.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without whilst traveling?

It definitely would have to be a laptop.It has all the necessary features one would need to keep in touch and obviously to make music.

Tell us a lesser-known fact about yourself?

Home is music. Literally! We live in a studio.

Any advice for someone new to the industry?

School yourself about the industry, work hard and respect your craft and avoid negative energy.

What was the last track you bought on Traxsource?

King Bruce- “Amen”

C-Major’s new album “The Link” by Atal is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.


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