DJ Romain Takes Us Inside His New Album: "That's How We Do It"

We go inside the album with the legendary DJ Romain this week! He runs us through his long-awaited LP ‘That’s How We Do It’ track-by-track. The album is a culmination of Romain’s career so far and drops on Quantize recordings, with the help of DJ Spen.

Originally the project was started by Dave Clarke from Room Control Records. In July of 2015, during DJ Romain’s European Summer tour Dave booked recording studio time with engineer extraordinaire Toni Economedies. The work started off a few demo tracks DJ Romain worked on before and brought with him to develop further. While working on these songs decision was made to get other musicians involved. Mike Patto from (Reel People) was approached, to play the Keys and Synth. Carl Smith came in next for Percussion, Ernie McKone (Bass) and Chris Frank (Guitar) both joined the project on the same day.

Toni & DJ Romain expertly mixed down the tracks and Toni did the final mastering of the songs. When DJ Romain got back to Brooklyn he recorded more music, to add to the album. During fall 2015 while attending ADE in Amsterdam DJ Romain made a stop in London, to finish the album.

It took another year before we confirmed release on Quantize Recordings with DJ Spen, but with the due date of 26.05.2017 we are very excited for the album to come out on such a great label. DJ Romain will be promoting album this summer, starting 10th of July 2017 and culminating in ADE party, which will also feature new tracks from Nu Faze Records (DJ Romain’s record label).

Doing My Own Thing

This song was written by Miss Patty & Cory Minto. When Miss Patty came to the studio she played her song ”Doing My Own Thing”, to a different track. DJ Romain liked it so much that it was immediately decided the we were going to use the acapella vocals on the album. Mike (Patto) put his magic keys to it, Carl laid down the percussion and guitar strings, Ernie added his funky baselines, which completed the track really well.

This Hot

The song was recorded in 2013 with Emory Toler. When Emory came to Romain’s studio in Brooklyn and heard the music we recorded in London, he started chanting the lyrics of the top of his head, screaming “This track is hot!”. This is how the title came around, we shortened it to “This Hot”.

Deeper Into You

DJ Romain recorded the music with John Lewis aka JD, who wrote the song on the same day he heard Romain’s track. DJ Romain recorded the Deeper vocal hook first, then the rest of the song. It happened very quickly, we were not planning to use this song originally. Sometimes things just work out organically and if you enjoy the music you should always stick by it.

I Didn’t Know

Originally a strait up 90’s style House track with a Jazz sample on top, we decided with Toni the track should have more of a Latin Nossa Nova vibe, specifically to fit Nedelka’s voice. This is definitely a stand out song on the album.

High On Sunshine

It was Wayne Hunter aka Dj Smash (NY/San Francisco), who came up with the idea to sample something from the Commoders and make it a Jackin Track. We threw it in Abelton and stretched to 122 bpm. Finally we got Ernie to lay the bass and then recorded Chris Frank’s funky guitar licks.

DJ Romain’s new album “That’s How We Do It” via Quantize Recordings is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.


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