Label Spotlight #031 - DM.Recordings

Our Label Spotlight this week focuses on UK based independent label- DM.Recordings. The label established in 2011 & run by DJ and producer D-Malice has only one motive, “To provide an outlet for the world to experience the best electronic sounds with great influence from the Motherland.” Known for focusing on the upcoming Afro House talents, DM.Recordings have put out nothing but timeless music that has even caught the attention of one of the genre’s greatest- Black Coffee. We caught up with D-Malice & manager Kitty Amor to delve a little more into the history of the label in this week’s label spotlight..

Could you please give us a little bit of background on you and the label and what your influences were & still are?

DM.Recordings is an independent record label based in United Kingdom established in 2011. Headed by DJ and producer D-Malice and managed by DJ Kitty Amor, the label succeeds in providing an outlet for the world to experience the best electronic sounds with great influence from the motherland. As we continue to find comfort in engaging world music listeners with the Deep Afro House sound, DM.Recordings has identified the best upcoming talent that is yet to be put on the map by releasing timeless music. Our label mission is to give artists/producers a platform to express their talent that can touch the souls of this world through music.

What have been your favourite releases from the label over the years?

We take great pride in our catalogue, as we are fans of all our releases so this is a very hard pick. Our favourite 5 would be:

Beebar – Angel in Love

Corinda – Sleepless Nights

Infected Soul & Sinai – No Good For Me

D-Malice & Diamondancer – Motherland

Calvin Fallo – Looks

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up for the label

We are very excited about our 50th release from DJ Merlon ft. Black Coffee and Khaya Mthethwa ‘Reflections’, which is our biggest to date. We have strong upcoming releases from newly signed talent, which we wont say much on as their music speaks for itself. We also have some great releases coming on our sub-label Motherland that is headed by the very talented Jonny Miller. We are approaching our first year anniversary of our sub-label events that take place in the UK featuring Jonny Miller, D-Malice and Kitty Amor – which are rapidly growing each time.

What has been your best moment (so far) working at the label or best project to work on to date?

A great highlight for us has been the DJ Merlon ft. Black Coffee release as we are working with new upcoming talent but also these two iconic artists in Afro House. They have a different approach with their releases (the upcoming and the established) – it’s like the best of both worlds. It is also very enjoyable to put together the compilation as it has fresh music from our in-house producers as well as giving us an opportunity to release exclusive edits of already released tracks.

If you could have signed any record in the world for the label, what would it have been and why?

This has to be the hardest question ever asked but I would say Culoe De Song – The Bright Forest EP because every track was the original and the best definition of African electronic music. It was so well produced that you could play it today and still get goose bumps as if you are hearing it for the first time.

What do you look for when signing a record for DM.Recordings? Any tips for budding producers looking to get signed to the label?

We look at the whole package – professionalism, drive, commitment as well as a record that shows that the artist has paid a lot of attention to the quality of their sounds. In as much as many artists have their own inspirations, we look for those that want to bring something unique to the table.

DM.Recordings’ latest Release “Reflections” ft. DJ Merlon, Black Coffee & Khaya Mthethwa is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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