Label Spotlight #033 - Odour Recordings

This week we’re helping you familiarize yourselves with Freaky Behaviour’s imprint Odour Recordings. Established in 2013, fresh outta the musical mecca of Leeds in the UK, Odour is home to the freaky flavours of Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax, Angelo Ferreri, Tony Warden & Romaz amongst others and is fast becoming a solid go-to for new Jackin’ grooves. We went to find out a bit more from FB about the label..

Thank you for chatting with us, could you please give us a little bit of background on you, the label, and what you influences were & still are?

The name “Odour” was chosen because of our mutual love for vintage perfume and old aftershave adverts and artwork. 70s and 80’s Italian and french retro designers and artists have become of great interest, and is a big influence in our Odour release cover art. In the past, the cover art was an integral part of an album/release, so we love to put a bit of effort in to that side of things, to compliment the music. In recent years, we feel a lot of labels neglect the cover art and we believe great music should have great art to go along with it.

Our music influences are too many to mention, but in regards to other labels that we have grown up with, collected and admired, would be the likes of: CRYDAMOURE, ROULE, JUSTRAX, DROP MUSIC, STRICTLY RYTHYM, ROBSOUL, MAGNETIC, 20/20 VISION, CAJUAL, DiY, NERVOUS, CLASSIC MUSIC COMPANY, MFF, JACKINTRAX, FETISH, PAPER RECORDINGS, NUPHONIC, PAGAN, PRESCRIPTION….. Plus many more.

What have been your favourite releases from the label over the years?

We have to say, we love every release on the label, otherwise they wouldn’t go out but if we had to pick some (in no particular order):

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up for the label

We have a few more releases coming this year and the start of next year including GGDEX, KITCHENS INC, NG9, IBAN MONTORO & JAZZMAN WAX, and a FREAKY BEHAVIOUR album is in progress. We have a few party’s lined up for the future, and some new Odour Recordings Merchandise coming soon too.

Your best moment (so far) working at the label / best project to work on to date?

We love working on all the projects for Odour Recordings but nothing beats hearing one of your House Music heroes supporting what you do. One example was hearing Mark Farina playing the first release from the label. What better way to get things rolling!

What do you look for when signing a record for Odour recordings? Any tips for budding producers looking to get signed to the label?

We listen to all the music that we are sent quite a lot! If we both don’t agree on a track, then it probably wont go out. Anything that has some originality, some thinking outside the box, and some drama to it! As for advice to upcoming producers…. Don’t try to fit in with the latest ‘fads’. There is too much generic sounding House music out there. Stand out from the crowd, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Odour Recordings’ latest release “Put Up Your Sword EP” by The Narcoleptic is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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