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Moullinex and Xinobi’s Discotexas label hits the big 10 this year! So they’ve rounded up a bunch of Disco-tastic pals to celebrate in style with a 23 track compilation of sure-fire boogie material from across the years. And it’s funking great. The colourful history of the label is painted with the help of some of our favourite DT tunes, feat. old friends including French poolside tune star Zimmer, Portugal’s Space-Age Funk queen Da Chick, Mirror People, Jesse Oliver, Justin Faust and of course contributions from Moullinex and Xinobi themselves.

1. The Discotexas Band – Family Affair

“Family Affair” is the very first original song by The Discotexas Band. We composed it in an artistic residence for Festival Aleste in the island of Madeira. It encapsulates the amazing days we had in this paradise, but also everything that connects us: naivety, groove, and friendship.

2. Rebeka – Stars (Discotexas Version)

Our attempt to take Iwona Skwarek’s beautiful vocal on our previously-released synth pop gem “Stars” and build a Motown-inspired arrangement around it.

3 Moullinex – Take My Pain Away

One of the stand out tracks from Moullinex’s debut album “Flora”, released in 2012 by Gomma Records and us. It features a children’s choir, and has become one of the Discotexas anthems.

4. Da Chick – Cocktail

The first joint venture in composition by Da Chick, Moullinex and Xinobi. From the sessions for the “Curly Mess” EP three very diverse tracks surfaced, and “Cocktail” is the freshest and catchiest.

5. Xinobi – Hawaii

Classic Xinobi cut that was released on Kris Menace’s Work It Baby back in 2010, but produced in 2008, deserved to be included on this compilation as it definitely captures one of most important Discotexas flavours: Fun.

6. Zimmer – Cruisin’

Zimmer was a long time Discotexas fan when he sent us “Crusin’”, and fell in love with this Parisian’s smoothness by the pool.

7. Throes + The Shine – Shake The Floor

“Wanga” is the latest album by Throes + The Shine, and encapsulates the energy that brought these two bands (Throes, two portuguese doing punk, The Shine, two angolans doing kuduro) together. Moullinex was a long time fan, and produced “Wanga” along with the boys. Their blend of energy is unheard of, but completely addictive.

8. Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix)

We found Kamp! through MySpace (seems so long ago!) and had to get them immediately on board Discotexas. Cairo was one of our most played remixes ever.

9. Justin Faust – Girl Talk

Moullinex and Justin Faust were chatting online for weeks only to find out they lived two streets from each other in Munich. The musical connection was instant, and “Girl Talk” was our first release with him, later included in his debut album “Spellbound”.

10. Lazydisco – More Tigers

This track is a musical synonym for summer and warm sunny moods. Lazydisco was one of the first Discotexas artists and one that we miss the most. Hopefully there will be even more tigers soon.

11. Astrolabe – Cave Disco (Discotexas Edit)

Moullinex and Xinobi studio used to be in a dark cave, so it made total sense to gather the Discotexas gang to re-work this amazing Cave Disco by Astrolabe and making it more club friendly.

12. Da Chick – Chick-A-Boom (Pete Herbert Remix)

One of the most important tracks of Da Chick’s debut album “Chick To Chick” got this brilliant remix by the iconic disco master Pete Herbert, who took the original from the projects to a sunny beach.

13. Moullinex – Take A Chance (Satin Jackets Remix)

Satin Jackets took the sunny side of “Take a Chance” and made it sunnier. Best consumed with a margarita, by the pool.

14. Mirror People – Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix)

One of our biggest underground club hits. Psychemagik are good friends and being great diggers their musical taste is impeccable. Their remix for Mirror People is probably one of their best productions.

15. Xinobi – Puma

Puma was made in 2 hours. Is one of those happy achievements. Tested on the club in the same night, it got a few tweaks after and it was ready. It’s one of our most dance-floor-fillers ever.

16. Bufi – Salvage

A proof that touring is a great chance to meet new artists and build a family. While DJing in Mexico, Moullinex shared the stage with Bufi, who showed him a couple of tracks that would end up being part of his debut ep on Discotexas: “Salvaje”. The title track became an instant classic.

17. Antenna Happy – Memory Track

It is trippy, deep and dark but it doesn’t lack any groove. If there was such a thing as Oneiric Dance Music, this would be its timeless anthem.

18. Jesse Oliver – Piece By Piece

Jesse Oliver, along with Jay Lamar, crafted some of the catchiest crossover hits on our catalog. Piece by Piece combines superb production skills with a simple yet effective idea.

19. Moullinex – Can’t Stop (Miami Horror Remix)

Moullinex and Xinobi had been fans and fans of Miami Horror ever since the MySpace days, so it was a pleasure for them to receive their remix for one of the clubbier tracks in Moullinex’s second album, “Elsewhere”.

20. Jon Jury – Art Bucket (Xinobi Remix)

Jonjo Jury approached Discotexas as a recommendation from his friend Erol Alkan. We fell in love with both his music and his person. This Xinobi remix turned it into a banger that made it to a lot of Solomun’s recent sets.

21. Justin Faust – Space Rhumba – Mercury Remix

Who had thought a remix of sunny tune would turn into a monster suited to the darkest clubs. Mercury kidnapped Justin Faust from the picnic and dropped him in the best underground club in town.

22. Double Damage – São Paulo

Another consequence of an artist residency, this track was composed and recorded in a countryside town in Portugal, and has been lost ever since, buried in an old hard drive. Our digital digging expedition produced this compilation exclusive.

23. Xinobi – (I Hate The Sound Of) Guitars

This was the turning point track for Xinobi. The fusion of Disco, Deep house and cinematic elements set up a style which he would develop in his subsequent albums. That glorious pitched down vocals turned out to be a huge catchy chorus.

Disco Texas’ latest release “10cotexas” is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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