We Go Inside The "Circles" Album With Jazzuelle

Over the years, Get Physical have consistently remained a source of forward-thinking underground House music. Headed up by M.A.N.D.Y. Booka Shade and DJ T, there was no way this couldn’t work. Their label has been nothing short of influential, responsible for unearthing some of the finest electronic talent in the game today, the likes of Dixon, Catz N Dogz, Azari & III, SIS, Flashmob, Tim Green, Fabio Gianelli, Blond:ish, Hot Since 82 – the list goes on, being able to put the GP name to modern classics such as LNTG & Emanuel Satie’s rework of ‘I Get Deep’, Fabio Gianelli’s ‘Maintain’, Sante’s ‘What the F**k’ and many more..

Their latest offering falls in the form of Jazzuelle’s album, following on from the success of the album’s singles ‘Adaptions’ (a collaboration with Fred Everything), ‘Circles’, ‘Blood Moon” and ‘Towers’. We caught up with Jazzuelle to dive into the album in depth.

Jazzuelle feat. Thandi Ntuli – If You Leave

“If you leave” for me, sets the narrative for the Circles LP, I did the number with the amazing Jazz Musician Thandi Ntuli, who is, in her own right, one of the most consistent and talented Jazz musicians in the country right now, and she is an amazing singer. We were introduced by a mutual friend who is back in the UK now, QB Smith. If you leave, is a story about love and longing and one individual’s desperate last lap to salvage love? the song for me sits on different tones but also evokes a large amount of nostalgia.

Jazzuelle, Lars Behrentroth feat. Tamara Dey – Fall Into You

The road to “Fall Into You” started very differently, myself and Lars have been sending each other files, trying ideas out and trying to find middle ground, and you know, sometimes it’s not so easy, it can take time, and this number took us a while. We initially did a house track you know, as that’s what you’d expect from us as House is known to be our forte’, but after listening to the album tracks, I sort of changed my mind and wanted to do something different and new. I wanted to challenge us both, and so we spoke over Skype and he sent me some samples and I started working on ‘em. I then met Tamara Dey who is in her own right a legend in the South African pop music scene, she laid some a dope vocal for us and the tune was done, and we had this amazing record, and honestly one of my favourite records in the LP.

Jazzuelle feat. Thandi Ntuli – Parallels

We wrote “Parallels” the same day as we did “If You Leave” and it was crazy because there was a strike happening outside in the area. Students rioting and boycotting while they were clashing with cops, we were so busy making music and working that we never knew anything. I remember, we were jamming, and I said, Thandi, play, be free, do what you feel, I created an intricate bell preset sound on Omnisphere and I told her to play and she killed it. I then went home and improvised on logic x and worked on it a little bit more and we had Parallels. the record is about the two of us, coming from two totally different musical backgrounds but finding a way to come together and making music, because that’s what its all about for me, making the music, doing the work and keeping consistent whilst challenging the status quo.

Jazzuelle, Card On Spokes feat. LUMA – Circles

“Circles”, the title track of the album, is about music and much more than that as well. I spoke to a friend here, Alex, who is formally known as Leeu about a collaboration on the LP and we sat down and listened to some of his work, we tried many concepts but I don’t think I felt some of them and so we kept looking for the best idea, until we found it. He then invited a group that he is part of right now called LUMA, lead by amazing vocalist called Jenny Dison, she absolutely killed the record, her songwriting was on point. I digged the record so much but I felt it needed much more than what it had, I then invited long time friend, and a mate I met at red bull music academy, Card On Spokes to play double bass on the record but he ended up laying down double bass, moog and guitar on the record and turned it into something else. To finish it off, I invited one of my mates, Sakhile, who used to be part of the Goldfish band to improvise and see if he could add something for me to finish off the track, and he laid down some rhodes at the end of the record, quite honestly one of the best records for me on the album. The title also spoke to me you know, before writing this, I’d been stuck on writers block for a long time and for a long time my life felt like it was in circles, so this symbolized so much, moving forward and keeping it going and consistent.

Jazzuelle – The Darkside Paradox

There is an intricate back story to this record, from this point in the LP I had just found out that I will be a father and I suppose like most parents, this changes everything. The news of being a dad added so much fuel to my fire and gave me so much focus to do this with all my ability and to give more than my best, but to challenge my own expectations and deliver. the paradox I found myself in is that for the most part, I’ve embraced the darkness in my records and wanted to write more melancholic and dark music, but now for the first time, my heart had been filled with so much joy, and light. I felt like my soul was split into two, one dark, and the other light. and so I named this “The Darkside Paradox”, the number dances on a lot of emotions, excitement, love, sadness, overcoming myself and moving forward, there are many phases in the song and think if you listen carefully it ends with love…

Jazzuelle – Music Of The Spheres

“Music Of The Spheres” was mostly if not entirely about my obsession with geometry and the role it it plays in my life, creatively and musically as a whole. I have a wild obsession about circles, triangles, squares or weird and exotic looking geometric shapes, they move me, and so while I was actually doing this record I was staring at a GIF of a circle shape that looked like it was actually moving and changing, weird but it was such an amazing thing to see and I went and opened logic x and started writing a song as to put music to the situation as musician doors to a score in a movie.

Jazzuelle – The Fibonacci Sequence

The “Fibonacci Sequence”, which is also called Gods Fingerprint or The Math Of God is an idea that caught my attention and intrigued me a long time ago, ever since I learned about sacred geometry and the flower of life I have been so fascinated by it. The Fibonacci Spiral is all around us, and this song was inspired by this, a bit long to explain but anyone who is intrigued by it can go and check it out. That’s what I do really, I read a lot and sometimes grasp concepts and so inspired by them that I want to write some music for them, the song has to give you the same feeling and inspiration as the idea or concept, and that’s how I name most of my records I think, a bit exotic but I dig it.

Jazzuelle – RX J1532

“RX J1532” is an enormous black hole located in the center of the galaxy, it is one of the most powerful black holes in the known universe. I’ve always admired the strange world of astronomy… I’ve always been obsessed with the unknown, I think this record was an ode to that, but also I challenged myself a lot here and wanted to write something different, unexpected and otherworldly, something as emotionally powerful as the description of “RX J1532”. I imagined a live band performing this record and so that’s how I arranged it and mixed it.

Jazzuelle feat. Jinadu – Relativity

Jinadu and I were introduced by Get Physical Music but I had just remixed a song he featured on by Fred Everything on Lazy Days and I loved he’s vibe and so he was one of the candidates on the album. We tried different ideas on this and it even had a different name and was harder I think, I did not feel the harder version as it kinda misrepresented me and my style, especially the mood of the LP, and so I chose to do something different and kinda show off the record on a more experimental excursion and thus we ended up with “Relativity”.

Jazzuelle feat. Bruce Loko – Dancing With Dragons

Bruce and I first met after we shortly released on Atjazz Record Company, a label in the UK owned by Martin Iveson, otherwise known as Atjazz. we have been speaking since then and we spoke about a collaboration for a bit and we finally agreed to put this out on the LP, the name “Dancing With Dragons” was actually suppose to be the name of the LP, and the dragons would symbolize the collaborators on the album but I changed the concept over time and we went with circles as it echoed more about me and my journey as Jazzuelle.

Jazzuelle feat. Charles Webster – Towers

Charles Webster needs no introduction in the house music industry, he is a legend. He has been an inspiration to me for over a decade, we met at a hotel in Joburg and he told me he loved my music, especially the remix I did for Luka called Love Is Freedom. I was so humbled when he said that, he’s like a hero to me you know, pretty weird but inspiring. After some time we started talking about a collaboration for his album and I sent him some parts and we did it, and then I also requested a different collaboration for my own album you know, he complied and we started sending stuff to each other and that’s how Towers began and shaped up to be honest, nothing really special about the name, besides from I imagined him as a tower and myself a smaller tower below. hahaha

Jazzuelle feat. Da Capo – Blood Moon

Da Capo and I were introduced by a mutual friend, Problem Child aka Mr Ten 83 some years ago and we have been good friends since then, we started blood moon in my apartment at the Maboneng Precinct and we never looked back. The song though, was named after an actual rare occurrence of a blood looking full moon, I said to him, “Nico, look at that man, just look at that thing, the moon looks like its bleeding, lets make some music, lets call it blood moon”, we started the track and have been playing it out since then, its had some massive responses in the country and so it felt right putting it on my debut.

Jazzuelle feat. Fred Everything – Adaptations

I’ve been speaking with Fred for a while before we decided to do a collaboration, I released some music on he’s label and he put me on the roster to be part of the family you know, he’s always been good to me and always gives me some good advice even when I don’t like it, but he has been an instrumental part of my career and I owe him a big thank you for his guidance. “Adaptations” actually sounded very different, it was a lot more techno than this version, but felt like it did not gel well with the LP and so I decided to change it a bit, I sent it back to Fred to sprinkle some fairy dust and he did justice to it, sent it back to me and we decided to put it on the LP.

Jazzuelle feat. Matthias Vogt – Narnia

I have always been a fan of Matthias Vogt and his many side projects, he is a man of many hats and he wears them well. I heard his track during the 2 track ep we released on Fred Everything’s Lazy Days Recordings label and I liked he’s vibe you know. We spoke online and we never looked back, “Narnia” for me, was more of an escape of some sort, I invested a lot of myself emotionally in the Circles album and in the end I felt so exhausted I wanted to write something calm, that can take you to another place, hence the name Narnia, taken from the movie, Narnia, a dreamy, beautiful mythical place. my escape and thus wrapping up my debut album circles and moving forward.

Jazzuelle’s latest release “Circles” via Get Physical is available now at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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