David Morales & MoBlack Team Up For New "MoDEF" Project

2017 has been a standout year for MoBlack Records, seeing the label soar from strength to strength and dominating the Afro house scene with massive releases from Enoo Napa, MoBlack, Manoo, & Armonica + more. This month, the imprint launches a brand new concept “MoDEF” – a collaboration with the legendary David Morales, a man who needs no introduction and has remained at the forefront of the house music scene for decades. The album comprises new material and hand-selected cuts from the legendary Def Mix catalog and we’re excited to be bringing it exclusively to Traxsource! We caught up with David Morales and Mimmo Falcone a.k.a MoBlack head of MoBlack Records to discuss the project in more depth…

Hi guys, thanks so much for chatting to us today! Where are you right now and what are you up to?

David: I’m in Ibiza right now enjoying life at an amazing villa with some great friends.

MoBlack: I’m in Croatia right now enjoying the sea and sun with my family and friends.

So we’re here to talk about the new MoDEF project, a collaboration between you and MoBlack Records. Tell us a bit about the project, why did you want to get involved?

David: Well, the label approached me about releasing some of my music and for me, MoBlack Records is a new strong label that is representing the underground. And I like a lot of their music that they’re releasing.

The label is forging a pretty impressive path in the Afro House scene right now, which itself is booming. Why do you think people love that Afro House vibe in a record?

David: I personally like a lot of the Afro house tracks that are coming out. It’s something fresh and new.

MoBlack: Afro House gives a magic touch to a record, together with a fresh and innovative sound. It’s really something new and exciting out there.

The MoDEF release incorporates some of your back catalog, which is still sounding fresh. Do you think the classics are making a serious comeback on the dance floors in 2017?

David: Classics are timeless. They never go away.

MoBlack: One day I was listening to the Def Mix back catalog and I found some serious “Afro House” records that fit perfectly with my label sound of today. I found them so fresh that I immediately got the idea to re-launch them on my imprint. So, yes in this case classics may make a serious comeback.

Have you got a favorite record of yours on the package?

David: For me, my favorite is “The Xperience”.

MoBlack: My favorite is “Bass Zone” but also “Orisha” but also “Everybody Get up” but also :) ….. in reality they are all my favorites, I have personally selected those records so for me they’re all great!

There’s a brand new, unreleased version on the package – ‘Everybody Get Up’ by Red Zone Project. Tell us a bit about that record, have you had a chance to play it out?

David: Of course, I’ve played it out. It was a mix that for me represented my dark side. People have been asking me for my Red Zone sound. It’s why I started doing Red Zone Mixes again.

What’s next for you?

David: The next level in my life… whatever that is. Right now I’m living a dream.

MoBlack records’ latest release “MoDef” is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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