Get to know Italian Producer: Rico Casazza

London-based Rico Casazza is well-known for dropping productions on the likes of Soma, Archipel, Plastic City, Wiggle & Wavetec and for his compelling live and hardware performances.

This month, Casazza joins the vibrant Beef records family with a fresh new four tracker, the “They Move Fast” EP. We sat Casazza down to find out a bit more about the new release, the Beef crew and changing musical direction…

Hey Rico, thanks for chatting with us today! This is the first time we’ve chatted with you so for anyone who’s not familiar with your work yet, please give us a quick lowdown of who you are and what you’re about.

I’m a dude that has been making and releasing music for the past 10 years. My sound is constantly evolving, merging my loves for ambiance, electronica, house, techno & electro. I’m Italian but based in London and love the rush. I’ve released on labels such as Archipel, Soma, Wiggle & Wavetec – and now Beeeeef!

How did you first get into music, DJing, and production?

I’ve been always into music, first tuning my ears with 80s electronica, rock, hip hop & classical music.
I started DJing in London in 2002 and got myself 2 technics & a Vestax mixer. I continued to get more obsessed until my social life was 10% & my imaginary life 90%!

Funnily enough, my music production started on PlayStation – there was a game called ‘music2000’, an amazing video game and also a music program where you could make tracks – very basic but so enthralling.

Are there any artists or DJs you particularly look up to as an influence?  

Too many to name, so I’m going to try and be short here.

Burial – When I discovered his music, I connected to the melancholy like never before.

Aphex Twin – Who does not love him? Epic music.

Piero Umiliani – An Italian composer of film scores, amazing cinematic music – he embraced electronic music a lot as well and he did some amazing stuff back in the 70s/80s.

Andy Stott – Really love his latest production and more Electronica oriented music. Also, his techno stuff is great but I prefer the style present on his ‘Faith in Strangers’ album.

You’re based in London, how do you find the scene there?

London has undeniably one of the best music scenes in the world. It’s so multicultural and this rickles through to the city’s creative spark. Fabric has especially given me an amazing education in electronic music – in the early 2000s I was a regular.

Your sound has taken a turn from a more minimal feel into electro and acid now, was it a natural transition or did you make a deliberate decision to switch things up and join the Acid resurgence?

I’m one of those guys that likes to change directions from time to time – to keep me on my toes. I can do industrial techno one evening and the day after a filmic piece of ambiance.    

I still produce minimal influenced stuff and I will release more in the future. I’m just embracing a different vibe at the moment…I’ll transform back, I PROMISE!

We’re here to celebrate your forthcoming release on Beef records “They Move Fast”. How did you get in with the Beef guys and why did you choose here to drop your new release?

Through some special friends and connections. London’s music scene is so big but there are always mutual connections.

I recently made a good friend in Frederick from Loose Lips – I’ve connected to him via my friends Kozber & Olin from Littlebeatdifferent. He’s now the label manager at Beef Records as well…and so it was through Frederick that I got to know Schwa, the label-owner – music talks better than words!

What’s coming up next for you?

It’s a really exciting period for my release schedule. I’ve got the following on its way:

1 remix for Clock Poets label which is coming out this month,
1 track on a compilation for PlayitLoud! which is also coming out this month, 
Beef Records vinyl release this winter,
1 remix for Masaki Uchida’s debut album (a wicked Japanese producer to watch out for) on Loose Lips,
An EP for 22digit Records, with remixes from Inxec and Varg,
An EP for Murge Recordings with remixes from Aubrey & Kirk de Giorgio,
1 track for Wet Yourself’s 10 year V/A,
1 track for a compilation on Cultivated Electronics,
1 remix for Sinapsis Records,
1 track for Breakfast Musik V/A.

Rico Casazza’s latest release “They Move Fast” is available now EXCLUSIVELY at Traxsource: ‘HERE’.

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