Traxsource Upgrades Site With Multiple Carts And Improved Dropbox Integration

You ask, we act!

Here at Traxsource, we are constantly striving to improve our site, aiming to provide the best possible shopping experience. We welcome the suggestions and feedback we regularly receive from our users, and wherever feasible and appropriate, we endeavor to add new functionality or upgrade our systems in order to enhance the site for all our customers.

Multiple carts are here

The most common request we’ve received from our users recently, is the ability to create a number of different shopping carts. We’re happy to say we have now added this functionality – it’s now possible to create & manage up to 32 different carts, to add and remove tracks to and from them, and to move tracks between each one. So whether you have tracks earmarked to buy for a certain gig, or you’d like to separate different genres into different carts, you can now add carts to your heart’s desire!

You can create a new cart from:

• The dropdown menu next to any track, where you can also select which cart to add a track to. Pressing the “add to cart” button without using the dropdown will add the track to the cart you have selected as your default.

• The cart button at the top right of your screen, where you can also change your default cart.

• The cart pages, from any cart select menu.

• The cart settings page, where you can also edit your cart names, delete carts, and change your default cart.

You can navigate between carts using the dropdown at the top left of your cart page, where you can move tracks between carts, change the format of tracks, or remove tracks. Tracks removed from any of your carts will be moved to your Trash cart. A maximum of 2000 of your most-recently deleted tracks will be saved in the Trash cart for 30 days after deletion, so you can move them back into any of your carts, should you have a change of heart.

Drop more tracks into Dropbox

In our last update, we added Dropbox integration, allowing users to download their tracks directly to the service, giving them access across numerous devices. This has proven exceptionally popular, but some users, who download large quantities of purchased tracks at the same time, have pointed out that Dropbox limit the number of files that can be added to the service at once. We are pleased to have now developed a workaround, which allows users to transfer tracks to Dropbox in batches of 90.