Traxsource Top 100 Jackin House Artists of 2017

‘In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove, and from this groove came the groove of all grooves.’

Funky, fresh and firing, Jackin’ House has been at the very epicenter of the underground dance music scene since its very conception. From its original Chicago-based roots, the sound has exploded across the globe with prolific producers now found in the four corners of the globe preaching from the gospel of Jack. Here’s our selection of the Top 100 Jackin House Artists who came with the groove of all grooves in 2017.

100: Mat-Eeez
99: Scrubfish
98: Jesusdapnk
97: DJ ThreeJay
96: Javi Bora
95: DJ Lulu & DJ Gas
94: B.JINX
93: Fresh Funk Espresso Band
92: Jack District
91: Inland Knights
90: Felipe Avelar
89: Dafunkeetomato
88: Alexz
87: George Cynnamon
86: Simun
85: DJ Simi
84: Ryan Truman
83: DJ Fopp
82: Maxdal
81: Derrick Carter
80: Alex Raider
78: Jason Hodges
77: Joss Moog
76: JoBu
74: DJ Romain
73: Alfred Azzetto
72: Phil Weeks
71: J-fader
70: Juwan Rates
69: Natural Rhythm
68: Luca Debonaire
67: Nate Laurence
66: Alex Herrera
65: Loop Jacker
64: Wattie Green
63: Kevin McKay
62: Doc Link
61: The Stoned
60: Sisto
59: Rhythm Staircase
58: Jay Vegas
57: Brian Boncher
56: Kenny Bizzarro
55: Filth & Smell
54: Stefano Mango
53: Anfunk
52: DJ Sneak
51: Jarred Gallo
50: Enrico BSJ Ferrari
49: Silverfox
48: White Label Will
47: Joey Chicago
46: Carlostella
45: Alek Soltirov
44: Scott Diaz
43: Stacy Kidd
42: Arturo Garces
41: Simon Adams
40: Johnny Fiasco
39: DJ Dan
38: Disco Ball’z
37: Ed The Spread
36: Rescue
35: El Funkador
34: Anhanguera
33: Gettoblaster
32: Danny Cruz
31: Delgado
30: J Paul Getto
29: Mario Djust
28: Ian Carrera
27: 4Peace
26: Block & Crown
25: Ritmo Du Vela
24: Ruben Naess
23: JedX
21: Chemars

20: Vincent Caira

Toronto has became a real hotbed for musical talent, with the city unearthing a slew of talented producers across multiple underground genres. One such T-Dot luminary is Vincent Caira, whose disco-infused sound lit up the world’s dancefloors this year. Standout tracks included ‘Take Me’, ‘City Light’ and ’Was Like’ all on Hatira’s Spacedisco Records, and we expect more big things from this up and coming producer in 2018.

19: Pinto (NYC)

Pinto ensured NYC’s Jackin’ House credentials were kept at the forefront of the scene in 2017 with heavy hitting releases on Nervous, Cruise Music and Good For You, to name just a few. We loved the deep throb of the Faith Evans sampling ‘My Love’, ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ and the uplifting groove of ‘I Choose You’. Top quality producer and DJ.

18: Housego

One Track Mind label boss Housego proudly planted the Jackin’ House flag in Scottish soil this year with a tremendous output of quality releases throughout 2017. The jazzy vibes of ‘Batuque’ filled the floors from Forfar to Frankfurt, whilst ‘Gotta Run Away’ on motion and ‘In The Shade’ also turned the heads of the world’s most discerning dancefloors.

17: Milty Evans

Chi-town stalwart Milty Evans kept the hometown vibes fresh and funky in 2017. With big releases from Angelo Ferreri and Johnny Fiasco on his own label Whitebeard, Milty also produced some of his finest work to date with disco-infused tracks like ‘Keep Your Hustle Tight’, ‘Everybody’s Looking’ and ‘Make It Through’.

16: Makito

Giving us that Belgrade bounce this year was Makito, with the Serbian enjoying a prolific 2017 with heavy hitting releases on Blacksoul Music, Monoside and Cruise Music. Standout tracks included the funk-fuelled ‘Bustin Loose’, the breakbeat infused ‘The Message’ and the sublime ‘Yes It Was’, which tore up the world’s dancefloors in Fall.

15: Bonetti

Spanish producer Bonetti was firing on all cylinders this year with smokin’ releases on Sub_Urban, Good For You and King Street Sounds to name but a few. Standout tracks for the Traxsource team included the rough and ready jazzy vibes of ‘Love Crawlers’, the twisted disco vibes of ‘2001 Odyssey’ and ‘Boogie Medicine’ on City Soul Recordings.

14: Demarkus Lewis

Grin Traxx label supremo and Jackin’ House stalwart Demarkus Lewis’ effervescent sound was, as ever, a constant source of dancefloor destruction in 2017. With big tracks likes ‘Coming After U’, ‘Never Alone’ and his super-tight remix of ‘Take Me’ by Dawn Tallman on King Street Sounds, it’s been another classy year from one of the most hardworking producers on the scene.

13: Samo

A seriously slammin’ year for Samo, whose trademark funk and disco-infused Jackin’ House sound infiltrated some of the world’s most discerning dancefloors this year. Big tracks included ‘Everybody In The Street’ on Fogbank, ‘Feel Like I Want’ on Spacedisco Records and the sublime release on Cruise Music, ‘Straight On’. We’re looking forward to more big things in 2018.

12: Filta Freqz

A great 12 months for UK duo Simon Cortez and Marco Manrique aka Filta Freqz. Their Seventy Four label has been pushing out serious heat all year long, including their very own hip-house influenced bullets ‘Gettin Funki’ and ‘We Like 2 Party’ plus the scorching ‘Burnin’ Up’ on One Track Mind. Fresh, funky and firing in 2017.

11: Mark Funk

Another Serbian producer who’s been hitting all the right notes in 2017 is Mark Funk. With a slew of releases on the likes of Guesthouse, Cruise Music and Disco Motion Records, standout moments included the sumptuous re-working of ‘Givin’ My Love’, ‘Sunlight’ alongside Makito and the amazingly funky ‘Like I Feel’.

10: Rubb Sound System

The Chicago duo of Rees Urban & Brian Boncher make up Rubb Sound System, whose Whitney Houston-influenced ‘Cast A Spell’ slayed the world’s dancefloors in 2017. Other big tunes included ‘Let The Freak In’ on Guesthouse, the super-funky ‘No End Baby’ on Mood Funk Records and the jazzy ‘Keep On’. Sublime work all year round.

9: Hazzaro

The dynamic duo of Patrick and Steve Hoody aka Hazzaro had a great 2017 with big tracks on Guesthouse, InStereo Recordings and Fogbank to name just a few. Their unique re-rub releases like ‘Saturday’ and ‘Love Like This’ made all the right moves on the floor, alongside the hypnotic rhythms of ‘Love 2 Love’. Ones to watch in 2018.

8: Tommy Largo

A name that needs no introduction to Jackin’ House heads across the globe, Dutch phenomenon Tommy Largo and his label Deepjacking Recordings enjoyed a great 2017. Starting the year with the delicious ‘First Serve’ and finishing with the dark undertones of ‘Bossa Jazz’, the man of many aliases (Petrus, Chicago Hustlers, Third Deck) ensured his worldwide reputation grows ever stronger.

7: Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax

The Spanish duo saw their stock rise high in the last 12 months, with their label MoodyHouse Recordings and remix services in high demand. Their track ‘Larry Levan’ on House Please was caned by all the big names in the scene and with further epic tracks ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Mr Trammps’ on their own label, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax destroyed 2017.

6: DJ Mes

Oakland-aficionado DJ Mes is a name that is truly synonymous with the Jackin House sound and 2017 was another standout year for the Guesthouse Music label boss. Big tracks included ‘Lonely Nights’ on Salted Music and ‘Feel Like Getting Down’ on Mood Funk Records, plus with a slew of heavy hitting releases on his own label, it’s safe to say the Bay Area bad boy crushed it this year.

5: Alessio Cala’

Soul Brain and Mr Jacks label supremo Alessio Cala’ enjoyed a truly prolific 2017 with a steady stream of big releases all year long. Standouts for us were the sublime ‘Myself’ and ‘Soul Brain’ on Mood Funk Records, ‘Move Your Feet Now’ alongside the irrepressible Angelo Ferreri, plus ‘Like That’ on his own label Soul Brain. Impeccable.

4: DJ James Ingram

Veteran Australian producer and DJ James Ingram returned to the Jackin’ House scene in a big way this year. ‘That DJ Made Made My Day’ on MONOSIDE hit the Number 1 spot in the Traxsource Jackin’ charts, with other big releases in 2017 the Warriors-sampling ‘Can You Dig It’, the retro-house influenced ‘Din Daa Daa’ and the funk-fuelled ‘Sugar Cream’ on Blacksoul Music. A welcome return to one of the true masters of Jack.

3: Hatiras

Toronto came correct in the house music scene in 2017, with Hatiras reppin’ the city to the fullest with his labels Spacedisco and Hatrax Records. Big releases this year included ‘Know You Got Soul’, ‘This Is Disco’ and ‘Charlie Corona’ on his Spacedisco Records imprint, plus the recent ‘Music Is Movin’ alongside Hazzaro on Guesthouse and his dope remix of Felipe Avelar’s ‘Favorite Girl’ on Ammo Recordings.

2: Demuir

A DJ and producer who needs no introduction to underground house music aficionados, Demuir had another sublime year in the industry. With a constant stream of new and innovative releases throughout 2017, Demuir hit all the right notes this year with ‘Trim’ on 294 Records, ‘Unicorn’ on Great Lakes Audio, ‘Untouchable Funk’ alongside DJ Sneak, plus the sumptuous ‘Lovin For Nothin’’ which saw support from across the entire house spectrum from the likes of Re-Tide, Husky and Mark Farina to name but a few. Legend in the game.

1: Angelo Ferreri

It’s pretty safe to say that nearly every house music DJ worth their salt had an Angelo Ferreri joint on repeat in 2017. The Italian producer first started making beats on his Playstation at the age of 12, and year after year his polished productions have caught the ear of tastemakers across the globe.

His labels MONOSIDE and Moodfunk have been a consistent source of some of the best house music in the scene during 2017, with releases from the likes of Re-Tide, David Penn, Moon Rocket, Jay Vegas, Doc Link, Danny Cruz and Bonetti to name but a few.

It’s his own personal output that remains so impressive over the year, with a steady stream of hits being fired out not only though his own label, but some of the biggest imprints in the industry. Whether it’s tracks like ‘The Rule’ on Henry Street, ‘Jackin Anthem’ on Nervous or ‘I’m Surprise’ on King Street, Angelo has shared the love across the whole house scene in 2017.

He has that innate ability to create tracks where you instantly know who’s at the controls from the first beat. You’d be hard pushed to find a more prolific and hardworking producer in the house music scene at the moment, and that’s why it wasn’t a hard decision to name Angelo Ferreri the Number One Jackin House Artist of 2017.

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