Traxsource Top 100 Deep House Artists of 2018

Well it’s been quite the year for some of the world’s most talented deep house producers in what can sometimes be an oversaturated market. We think it’s pretty safe to say that 2018 saw the level of competition in the Deep House scene like never before. With so many outstanding producers bringing their A game to the table, the last 12 months have been a truly outstanding year for Deep House music. Great news for all you fans out there, including ourselves!

Let’s see who made our Top 100 Deep House Artists of 2018.

100: WillowMan
99: Igor Gonya
98: Guri
97: Henrik Villard
96: Sam Irl
95: Sebas Ramis
94: Frits Wentink
93: Felipe Gordon
92: Leigh D Oliver
91: Fabian Dikof
90: Iron Curtis
89: Brett Johnson
88: Giom
87: Pete Moss
86: Chris Stussy
85: Deepkeen
84: Alex Agore
83: Sek
82: Lucas Keizer
81: Mykel Waters
80: Timmy P
79: Matt Prehn
78: Meggy
77: DJ Steaw
76: Javonntte
75: Finest Wear
74: Mangabey
73: Adryiano
72: Fouk
71: thatmanmonkz
70: Session Victim
69: Kapote
68: Dwson
67: Aroop Roy
66: Anthony Mea
65: Souldynamic
64: Matt Mclarrie
63: Roland Nights
62: Dirtytwo
61: Jazzuelle
60: Harry Wolfman
59: Sue Avenue
58: Local Options
57: Eli Escobar
56: The Revenge
55: Shur-I-Kan
54: Nachtbraker
53: Intr0beatz
52: The Journey Men
51: DJ Aakmael
50: Jerome Sydenham
49: Phaze Dee
48: Ron Trent
47: Rampa
46: Coeo
45: Satoshi Tomiie
44: Ian Pooley
43: Spiritchaser
42: Lay-Far
41: Nick Holder
40: Never Dull
39: Brame & Hamo
38: Austin Ato
37: Andre Lodemann
36: Mr. Fingers
35: Fish Go Deep
34: Vince Watson
33: Lovebirds
32: Chopstick & Johnjon
31: Folamour
30: Soledrifter
29: Soulphiction
28: Demuja
27: Karizma
26: Carlo
25: Adam Port
24: Jullian Gomes
23: Mark Farina
22: Crackazat
21: Kerri Chandler

20: Lorenz Rhode

One of Germany’s finest house music exports, Lorenz Rhode continued to build on an already impressive career with a stellar 2018. In between playing keys for Detroit Swindle’s live shows, Lorenz fired out some impressive tracks this year, including the ‘Bel Air’ EP on Dirt Crew and his work with Purple Disco Machine on ‘Music in You’; something Lorenz has in bucketloads.

19: Demarkus Lewis

With one the most relentless release schedules in the whole of dance music, the impeccable Demarkus Lewis didn’t take his foot of the peddle this year. Big tracks included ‘Never Leave My Side’ on i! Records, ‘I Got This’ on Dustpan Recordings and his Aretha-sampling ‘A Fifth of That’ on Moiss Music. Legend in the Deep House game.

18: Till Von Sein

With his new label coming to the fore this year, our boy Tilly Von showed no Seins of slowing down in 2018. Lots of heat released through Tilly Jam throughout the year, including ‘Searching for Barong’, ‘Feva’ and ‘Impala’, while ‘Curtis’ and ‘Pepe’ on Suol, really hit the spot on the world’s more discerning dance floors.

17: Homero Espinosa

San Fran stalwart Homero Espinosa and his brilliant label Moulton Music crushed it in 2018. Teaming up with Mark Farina proved to be a very astute move, as the dynamic duo fired out hits like ‘What You Saying’ on Large, ‘Work.Groove’ on Good For You and the sublime ‘Your Fantasy’ on Robsoul.

16: Brian Tappert

Our very own Brian Tappert made a welcome return to the DJ booth and mixing desk in 2018, with his two huge remixes of ‘Someday’ by Rocco Rodamaal and ’Messing With My Soul’ by Kevin Yost, both making their way into our Top 10 Deep House Tracks of the 2018. Great to see one of the scene’s pioneers back in the mix, allowing a younger audiences to maybe hear for the first time what many of us have been dancing to for decades.

15: &ME

Part of the infamous Keinemusik collective, &ME’s solo productions in 2018 saw him shine bright in the spotlight. Clocking up three huge Deep House anthems this year in ‘The Rapture Part II’, ‘In Your Eyes’ on Pampa Records and his stunning remix of Guy Gerber’s ‘What To Do’ on Rumors, the Berlin-based producer really came into his own over the past 12 months.

14: Fred Everything

The Deep House scene stalwart Fred Everything dropped one of the best albums of the year in 2018 on his Lazy Days imprint, with ‘Long Way Home’ featuring 12 eclectic cuts of outstanding quality. Alongside the success of this long player were the hypnotic ‘by Day’ ft. Sio and the brilliant ‘Wherever You Go’, to ensure the Canadian DJ and producer had another year to remember.

13: Peggy Gou

Hailing originally from South Korea, but now firmly established in Berlin, Peggy Gou’s ‘It Makes You Forget’ on Ninja Tune was a huge cross-genre hit in 2018. Peggy’s remix work throughout the year was exemplary, including the acid-tinged re-rub of Shakedown’s ‘At Night’ on Defected, her remix of Kerri Chandler’s classic ‘I Need You’ and a superb take on the Martinez Brothers ‘H2DAIZZO’ were real standouts from a fantastic 2018.

12: Scott Diaz

A producer whose tracks cross so many different genres within the house music spectrum, Scott Diaz is a name that crops up on everyone’s hit list when it comes to remixes and bumping beats. 2018 saw Scott drop original fire like ‘We Reminisce’ on Blockhead Recordings’, ‘Play On’ via Sub_Urban, plus his re-rubs of classics like Mousse T’s ‘Horny’ on Peppermint Jam and Rapson’s ‘Heat’ on Defected. Plus don’t sleep on his remix of Husky’s ‘Want You Back’. Nothing short of spectacular.

11: Studioheist

The dynamic Manchester duo of Scott Lee and Andy Cain aka Studioheist, enjoyed yet another fantastic year in the Deep House scene. Their remix of Angelo Ferreri’s ‘I’m Surprised’ reached Number 3 in our Deep House Tracks of 2018. Add to this their amazing re-rubs of Sebb Junior’s ‘Ghetto Boy’, DJ Hal’s ‘Don’t Give It Up’ and Q Narongate’s ‘Everybody (Freakin)’, it’s safe to say the Studioheist boys rocked over the last 12 months.

10: Kevin Yost

A name that needs no introduction to deep house aficionados across the globe, Kevin Yost released a great selection of original productions and remixes throughout 2018. ’High Standards’ was not only a huge smash hit, but also a great analogy of Kevin’s work this year. Other stand out productions including ‘Gotta Love’ and ‘Shout’ on i! Records, and don’t sleep on Brian Tappert’s reworking of Kevin’s ‘Messing With My Soul’ which was a huge underground smash.

9: Miguel Migs

Salted Music label impresario Miguel Migs has been at the top of the Deep House scene for 20+ years and it’s great to see his standards are just as high today as they were in the Naked Music era. Big tunes this year included ‘Rhythm Touch’, ‘This Melody’ with Lisa Shaw and his dope remix of DJ Mes’ ‘Da Change’, all on his own Salted imprint. Always impeccable.

8: Jimpster

The unofficial Don of the Deep House scene, Jimpster continues to push out quality music year in, year out.. Big tunes over the last 12 months included ‘Lightshine’ on Suol, ‘Curve’, ‘Becoming Cyclonic’ and ‘Burning Up’ on his own Freerange imprint, plus his super-dope remix of Bawrut’s ‘More Cowbell’ on Ransom Note Records. Sublime.

7: Detroit Swindle

The dynamic Detroit Swindle duo of Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets enjoyed a huge 2018, with the release of their superbly eclectic album ‘High Life’ on their very own Heist Recordings. The LP featured the smash hit ‘High Life’ ft. Lorenz Rhode, with other notable releases this year including ‘Flavourism’ with Seven Davis Jr and their sumptuous remix of ‘Get Out’ by Matrix (US) on Madhouse Records.

6: Rocco

The French DJ and producer was on fire throughout 2018 with a slew of big releases across some of the biggest labels on the planet. He remix for Defected of Chez Moon’s ‘Midnight Love’ hit all the right spots on the dance floor, as did the re-rub of Nathan Haine’s ‘Earth Is The Place’ and his mysterious interpretation on Soul Clap’s ‘Misty’ featuring Robert Owens on Classic Music Company.

5: Atjazz

The UK producer creates such a smorgasbord of styles and sounds that his name alone simply stands for quality music, no matter the genre. The huge album ‘Big Bad Crazy’, created alongside Jullian Gomes, featured 8 sumptuous tracks, whilst ‘Tech This Out Pt. 1’ with Karizma and ‘Track 9 – Mix 1’ were mainstays in the sets of the scene’s most discerning tastemakers. Alway on point.

4: Black Loops

The Italian bad boy now based in Berlin, Riccardo Paffetti aka Black Loops continued his dominance of Deep House scene in 2018. No DJ in their right mind didn’t play the bouncing bassline of ‘Higher’ this year, with other standout releases including ‘French Affair’ on Del La Groove, ‘7 Hills’ on Freerange and his killer remix of James Pepper’s ‘Lover’ on Neovinyl Recordings. One of the best producers in the world right now.

3: Sebb Junior

Another truly outstanding year from the dope French DJ and producer, who not only launched his own label, Le Vie D’Artiste Music, but also consistently released straight fire throughout 2018. Big tracks for us included his superb remixes of Deftone’s ‘Mono Skillz’ and Gary Tuohy’s ‘Too Close To Cut It’, both on Blockhead Recordings, and also the original cuts ‘I Can Feel It’ and ‘We Used To Say’. Sebb is growing a portfolio of work that is really turning into quite something. A huge 2019 is expected!

2: Art Of Tones

French producer Ludovic Llorca aka Art of Tones, really brought some full bodied flavor to the world’s dance floors this year. His eclectic ‘Unbalanced’ album on Local Talk, featured a wide variety of tempos and disco-infused cuts, while ‘Gimme Some More’, ‘Where The One Is’ and his inspired remix of Sebb Junior’s ‘I Heard You Calling’ certainly made it safe to say that the French really hit the heights of the Deep House scene in 2018.

1: Saison

Based out of North London, the production duo of Matthew Bandy and Leigh Darlow have been working together for many years since their early days at Earthworks Studios. Now working under the moniker of ‘Saison’ for the past four years, the duo behind No Fuss Records have managed to attract a huge number of followers, thanks to their deep yet classic ‘hands in the air’ house sound. It really is a unique blend of old school sensibilities with modern production techniques.

Nobody in 2018 slept on their remix of Art of Tones ‘Gimme Some More’, with huge support from the likes of Detroit Swindle, Scott Diaz, Todd Terry and Angelo Ferreri. Other big moments from the boys included ‘Moments’ and ‘Everybody’ on Large, ‘Senor Blues’ on No Fuss Records and ‘I Need Ya’ on their own imprint No Fuss Records.

We think one of the main compliments we can pay the Saison boys is that, in a somewhat over-saturated market, it’s easy to spot one of their productions from a mile away. They have mastered their very own distinctive house sound, which is so important when you want to stand out from the crowd. The tight drums, the deep, dubby bass and those all-important old school pianos are simply the hallmark of producers at the top of their game, and it gives us great pleasure to announce Saison as our Number 1 Deep House Producers of 2018.

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