Traxsource Top 100 Afro House Artists of 2018

House music trends come and go, but good quality, underground music always stands the test of time. 2018 was certainly a standout year for the Afro scene, as the rhythmical sound seemed to be the backbone for DJs across a wide range of dance music genres. It’s great to see the hypnotic vibes now be embraced by a multitude of scenes, but remember, we at Traxsource have been championing the Afro scene since its very beginning. We don’t follow the latest trends, we follow good music. And on that note, here’s our selection of the best Afro House Artists for 2018.

100: Rhythm Staircase
99: Nikos Diamantopoulos
98: Native Tribe
97: B’utiza
96: Coflo
95: Tswex Malabola
94: Deckert
93: De Cave Man & TonicVolts
92: Realm of House
91: Aaaron
90: Dany Cohiba
89: Zepherin Saint
88: Massimo Lippoli
87: Paso Doble
86: XtetiQsoul
85: Zogri
84: Master Fale
83: Afro Warriors
82: Mowgan
81: Dazzle Drums
80: Luyo
79: Carlos Francisco
77: Santiago Garcia
76: Peppe Citarella
75: Chanell Collen
74: Norty Cotto
73: Re.You
72: Kalyma
71: Jackson Brainwave
70: Stan Zeff
69: Lemon & Herb
68: Wilson Kentura
67: DJ Merlon
66: Mikki Afflick
65: Cuebur
64: Afrokillerz
63: Ron Trent
62: Fabio Genito
61: Ezel
60: &lez
58: Sabb
57: Abicah Soul
56: Hallex M
55: SoulLab
54: HyperSOUL-X
53: David Montoya
52: DJ Satelite
51: Saliva Commandos
50: Shimza
49: Mr Raoul K
48: Adam Rios
47: Cristian Vinci
46: Whitesquare
45: DJ Spen
44: Toto Chiavetta
43: Christos Fourkis
42: Moon Rocket
41: Saint Evo
40: David Mayer
39: AbysSoul
38: Vanco
37: Rocco
36: Benny T
35: Boddhi Satva
34: andhim
33: Hyenah
32: Wolf Story
31: Stones & Bones
30: Karyendasoul
29: M. Caporale
28: Kiko Navarro
27: Diephuis
26: Pablo Fierro
25: David Morales
24: Djeff
23: AMFlow
22: Silvano Del Gado
21: Da Capo

20: DJ Angelo

Top Greek producer and promoter DJ Angelo came correct this year with some serious substance to his slew of releases. Smash hit ‘Black Sheep’ on Connected Frontline was absolutely caned by the likes of Hyenah, David Mayer and Terry Hunter, while ‘Cuba Libre’ on Nite Grooves and ’Sira Kuruni’ on Tribe Records got the pulses racing across the globe in 2018.

19: Atjazz

A man who needs no introduction, the always impeccable Atjazz continued to do the business as he always does, year in, year out. Recognised as one of the UK’s most discerning deep house technicians, 2018 also saw Martin thrown down a plethora of Afro-inspired cuts, including his dope rework of Jazzanova’s ‘In The Morning’ and his low-slung chugger ‘Everyone.’

18: Mark Francis

New Jersey’s Mark Francis brought the more soothing, soulful side to the Afro scene in 2018, in what became a great year for the talented DJ and producer. His Organ Mix of Christos Fourkis ‘Beats & Djembe’ saw heavy rotation with the likes of Doug Gomez, Danny Krivit and Melvo Baptiste, plus his re-edit of O’Man Blues’ ‘Rise’ was as smooth as silk.

17: Themba (SA)

When not playing back to back sets with Black Coffee, the South African DJ and producer Themba was exploding onto various underground scenes with huge tracks across a wide range of genres. Big cuts for us included the hypnotic Afro-workout ‘Who is Themba?’ on Herd and ‘Lost’ on Yoshitoshi. No one is going to be asking Who is Themba in 2019, we can assure you of that!

16: Timmy Regisford

Legendary NYC DJ and producer Timmy Regisford showed no signs of slowing down in 2018, with no fewer than SIX tracks in out Top 200 list. Big tunes included his lovingly-crafted ’7PM’ and ‘Mia’s Journey’ on unquantize, and the hypnotic jungle rhythms of ‘The World’ on Quantize Recordings. A true master and pioneer at the top of his game.

15: Argento Dust

Durban DJ and producer Argento Dust really came into his own this year, with a serious amount of hot releases on labels like Gondwana, Black Buddha, Aluku Records and many more. Big tracks for us included ‘S.O.A’ on Gondwana and ‘We Are Not Afraid’ on Madorasindahouse Records. Undoubtedly one to look out for next year.

14: Sobek

Sobek was on a big remix flex for 2018, with a slew of massive re-rubs like ‘Mama Jo’ for Max Doblhoff, ‘Turbulent Times’ for Dele Sosimi on Mo Black Records, Palamino’s ‘Oh My!’ on King Street Sounds and the mystical vibes of Mr. ID’s ‘Layalina’ on Offering Recordings. The go-to man for Afro-goodness this year.

13: Kususa

The Durban-based production duo have been turning the head of Afro tastemakers all year long. Their chugging, atmospheric remix of ‘Feel It Now’ by Cornelius SA on Bae Electronica was on heavy rotation with MoBlack and Hyenah, while their acid-tinged re-rub of ‘Love Will Wait’ by Jackie Queens alongside the ‘I See You’ EP on Gondwanam, rightfully cemented their place in this year’s Top 20.

12: Oscar P

Another big year for Open Bar Music impresario Oscar P, with 5 huge productions in our Top 200 Afro House tracks of the year. Big support from Enoo Napa, Demuir and Maurice Joshua for the slick chug-fest ‘FELA Chant’, while ‘Dirty Talk’ brought deep, hypnotic rhythms to the world’s most discerning dancefloors. Legend in the game.

11: Black Coffee

Though his output via Traxsource has been limited in 2018, Black Coffee still continues to be the figurehead for Afro House worldwide. With a sell out weekly Ibiza residency, Black Coffee is opening up the Afro sound to a whole new audience and pushing the music forward globally. His massive remix of the now classic Keinemusik cut ‘Muye’ was one of the standout tracks of 2018, while the low-slung chugger ‘Embrace’ alongside Agoria and Aquatone, creating real ‘hands in the air’ moments across the world’s dancefloors.

10: Floyd Lavine

One of the most popular Afro DJs on the circuit and a big part of the Berlin ‘RISE’ crew, Floyd Lavine really flew the flag for the scene in Europe and beyond. Big releases included ‘Sondela’ alongside David Mayer on Connected Frontline, ‘Slow’ on MoBlack Records and, of course, Pablo Fierro’s smash remix of Floyd’s ‘Masala’ that had the world whistling along in unison.

9: MoBlack

Producer, DJ and label owner, it’s been another sterling 12 months for MoBlack. With 21 label releases in our Top 200 Afro tracks of the year, it’s safe to say that MoBlack is leading the scene with aplomb. Key releases this year included ‘Brave’ and ‘You And I Are God’ alongside Moon Rocket, his remix of ‘The Sweetest Pain’ by S.e.L, plus the dark and delicious interpretation of Mogwan’s ‘O Pa Mi Titi Deabe’.

8: Louie Vega

Let’s face facts, Louie Vega is never going to stop, which is great news for all us house heads! Another stellar year from one of the true Masters of the game, with big Afro-centric releases from Louie this year including his dope remixes of AMFlow’s ‘Raw Uncut’ and DaCapos ‘Afrika’, all on his own imprint, Vega Records. Keep doing you, Louie!

7: Cee ElAssaad

Moroccan musicmaker Cee ElAssaad didn’t disappoint this year, blasting into our Top Ten after being 24th in 2017. He released some seriously big tunes in the last 12 months, including his slamming ‘All Of You’ on Merecumbe Recordings which saw heavy rotation from Tedd Paterson, Manoo and Doug Gomez, plus ‘Sacred Chant’ on Ready Mix Records and his dope remix of Stones & Bones ‘Uthando’.

6: Armonica

The Italian duo from Riccione enjoyed a superb 2018. The andhim remix of their now classic ‘Ngeke’ was a huge worldwide cross-genre hit, with support from such luminaries as Karizma, Dixon, Danny Krivit, Black Coffee and DJeff. Their remix work was just as on-point, with Dele Sosimi’s ‘Turbulent Times, Mogwan’s ‘O Pa Mi Tit Deabe’ and their moody interpretation of Rey & Kjavik’s ‘Saraswati’ really hitting the spot.

5: Enoo Napa

With a residency at Hi Ibiza for Black Coffee’s weekly night, Enoo Napa is a name that’s gained a lot traction worldwide this year after becoming our #1 Afro House Artist of 2017. With 5 monster tracks in our Top 200 of 2018, standouts included ‘Who Said Who’ on Tribe Records, ‘We Earth People’ on Get Physical, plus his monster remix of Hyenah’s ‘You Make Me Who I Am’ which was one of the scenes biggest tracks in 2018.

4: Osunlade

One of the Godfathers of the scene since the very early days, Osunlade just keeps on getting better. 2018 say no exception to his brilliance, with 3 big remixes to compliment his original work, including his solid gold re-rubs of Sio’s ‘Words’, Jazzanova’s ‘Everything I Wanted’ and Sir LSG’s ‘Memories’. A master craftsman at the top of his game.


Morocco seems to be a seriously sweet spot for blissed-out Afro beats in 2018, with two of our Top Ten producers hailing from the North African country. FNX OMAR really pushed the sound forward this year, with his remix of Emmanuel Jar’s ‘Kuar’ one of the scenes biggest hits in 2018, featuring heavyweight support from Dixon, Louie Vega, Black Coffee and Enoo Napa to name just a few. We’re expecting big things next year from this hyper-talented producer.

2: Doug Gomez

Merecumbe Recordings label boss Doug Gomez went from strength to strength in 2018, with his imprint pushing no less than seven joints in our Top 200 Afro Tracks of the Year. Big tunes included his remixes of HyperSOUL-X’s ‘Happiness’ and his superb re-interpretation of Kerri Chandler’s sublime ‘Ye Yo Ma’. One of the best basslines of the year.

1: Manoo

The majestic Manoo takes our top spot for Afro House in 2018. With a total of SIXTEEN cuts in our Top 200 Afro Tracks of the Year, nobody was more prolific than the French-born DJ and producer.

Beginning his DJ career in Lyon during the mid-nineties, Manoo cut his teeth in the local clubs warming up for the likes of Dimitri from Paris, Louie Vega, Kerri Chandler, David Morales and Todd Terry, before making the big move into production in 2001. Things moved fast for Manoo, who was quickly signed by Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly imprint after his first release on Jazz-Up Records called ‘Love Island’ as Rodamaal, alongside friends Alex and Rocco.

Fast forward 15 years and Manoo is now one of the most recognisable faces and sounds in the Afro House spectrum. His productions ooze pure class; always purveying the most of rugged of drums, yet with a light of touch that many other producers can only dream of. 2018 has been an exceptional year for producer, with the vocal goodness of ‘Be Yourself’ on King Street Sounds gaining huge support from Atjazz, Boddhi Satva, Shimza and Louie Vega. Manoo’s remix work is always impeccable, and this year was no exception. His re-rub of ‘Freedom’ by Taola spread the soulful vibes far and wide, while his haunting reinterpretation of KingSfiso’s ‘Ilanga’ was nothing short of sublime.

One of the hardest working DJs and producers on the Afro scene, it’s with great pleasure we pronounce Manoo as our Number One Afro House Artist of 2018.

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