Traxsource Top 100 Artists of 2018

What a fantastic year for House Music! 2018 saw established names and brand new artists producing some of the most inspiring music that we’ve heard in years. This was an epic job presenting our end of year lists, but an absolute pleasure to re-listen to the very best releases from across 2018, with our reports representing an extremely valuable insight into how the scene will further develop in the following 12 months ahead.

Our year-end artist charts are a true reflection of our hearts. Beginning with data and sales figures, blended with our own tastes and sprinkled with a touch of our entire staffs ‘gut feeling’. We take great pride in our charts as an up to date and accurate snapshot of what exactly is working in clubs globally, for the legions of DJs playing on regular rotation across varied genres.

This year’s final Top 100 Artists is a resounding celebration of all things House and what brings us together in this universal sound. Here’s our final punctuation on what is our Traxsource Overall Top 100 Artists of 2018. Listen up as these are the definitive House heroes of the future, past and present! Not Everyone Understands House Music!

100: Sartorial
99: Joey Chicago
98: Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax
97: Kevin Yost
96: Floyd Lavine
95: Homero Espinosa
94: Gene Farris
93: DJ Spinna
92: Coeo
91: MoBlack
90: Reel People
89: Fred Everything
88: CamelPhat
87: Roog
86: Groove Assassin
85: Dennis Quin
84: JKriv
83: Oscar P
82: Supernova
81: Peter Brown
80: Studioheist
79: Qubiko
78: Mattei & Omich
77: DJ Koze
76: DJ Mes
75: Richard Earnshaw
74: Kevin McKay
73: Natasha Kitty Katt
72: Todd Terry
71: Themba (SA)
70: Kings Of Tomorrow
69: Brame & Hamo
68: Cee ElAssaad
67: Honey Dijon
66: Danny Cruz
64: J Paul Getto
63: Eli Escobar
62: Robert Hood / Floorplan
61: Brian Tappert
60: Piem
59: Alessio Cala’
58: Armonica
57: Miguel Migs
56: Sean McCabe
54: Dimitri From Paris
53: Peggy Gou
52: Enoo Napa
51: Hatiras
50: Joeski
49: Re-Tide
48: Kerri Chandler
47: The Shapeshifters
46: Harry Romero
45: Rocco
44: Terry Hunter
43: Black Coffee
42: Jimpster
41: Hot Toddy
40: Adam Port
39: Micky More & Andy Tee
38: Dario D’Attis
37: Osunlade
36: John Morales
35: Josh Butler
34: Reelsoul
33: Kink
32: Full Intention
31: Opolopo

30: Demuja

Austrian based DJ and producer Demuja produces a strand of dreamy deep house with crisp, garage percussion. His productions have been released on well-respected labels like Madhouse, ToyTonics, Let’s Play House, Lost Palms etc. and he had particular success this year with his simple-but-effective ‘Come To Me’ and the skippy beats and jazzy keys of ‘Brissy’ from his 4 track ‘Turnaround’ EP on ToyTonics.

29: Enzo Siffredi

Hard-working label owner, DJ and producer Enzo Siffredi is another artist that we’re pleased to see with a chart placing. Enzo’s Wired label achieved multiple Tech House #1s throughout 2018, and the label has two cuts in the Top 5 Tech House tracks of the year. He also put out plenty of his own Tech productions too, his highly effective ‘Pushing Me’ picking up serious DJ attention and his collaboration with Qubiko ‘Fragma’ tearing up dance floor worldwide and making it into the Top Tech House Tracks of the Year list.

28: Black Loops

For the #4 Deep House Artist of 2018 Riccardo Paffetti aka Black Loops, it was the smooth bounce of his ‘Higher’ single on Neo Vinyl Recordings ‘Higher’ that defined 2018. Neo Vinyl also put out his killer deep remix of James Pepper’s ‘Lover’ and he released a memorable original EP on Freerange (The 7 Hills EP) and the sublime ‘French Affair’ on De La Groove.

27: Scott Diaz

UK Producer and DJ Scott Diaz had another successful year with hits in a number of genres. His precision drum programming, big rubbery B-lines and a DJs natural instinct all add up to a producer whose tunes can be depended on to work most dance floors. His remix work on Husky’s ‘Want You Back’ was pure fire, he applied his magic touch to Mousse T’s classic ‘Horny’, and his take on Rapson’s ‘Heat’ on Defected hit hard too. Scott’s productions were also put out this year by Blockhead, Sub_Urban, Simma Black, Foliage and others.

26: The Deepshakerz

Number 2 Tech House Artists 2018, Domy Beradino and Micro Sonatoreur aka The Deepshakerz had what you could only describe as an impressive year in terms of releases, with 9 productions on the Tech House Top 200 list. The pair dropped tracks on Cajual, Glasgow Underground and King Street in the last twelve months and released plenty of Tech goodness on their own Safe Music and Safe LTD labels, with music from Volkoder, Piem, Emery Warman, Roog and Mike Vale. Their ‘Bonita’ on Safe, and ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Rock It’ on Cajual performed really well for them, & their vocal-led stormer ‘Too Busy’ showcased their stripped down, in-your-face big room sound.

25: Yam Who?

A #7 placing for producer, DJ and label owner Yam Who? (Andy Williams) in this year’s new Soul / Funk / Disco chart in a year that saw the UK based artist drop some serious dance floor heat. Strong tracks in 2018 from Yam Who? included his #1 re-edit ‘Pick Up’, his tight rework of Moussa Clark’s ‘Still Feel The Rain’ and the floor-filling remix of 90s indie-dance classic ‘I’m Free’ by the Soup Dragons. Andy also fitted in some appearances on Z Records, KID Recordings, Black Riot, Glitterbox and Papa.

24: Low Steppa

Low Steppa’s Simma Black label also had a year to remember, with appearances across a few different charts. Low Steppa himself put out plenty of his own productions and remixes, and his bass-heavy extended mix of the R’n’B classic ‘Heard It All Before’ was an absolute crowd-wrecker that unsurprisingly spent some time at the site #1. Collabs with Dennis Quinn, Mr V, CASSIMM, Under_Score and Skapes, together with a heavy-duty touring schedule made this an extremely busy but extremely productive year for Low Steppa.

23: Detroit Swindle

The Dutch duo had a great year in which they released the superb-sounding full length ‘High Life’, a rich audio feast of live instrumentation and precision-tooled programming. From the album, ‘High Life’ feat. Lorenz Rhode and ‘Flavourism’ with Seven Davis Jr. both had high impact. We were also particularly taken with their string-laden rolling remix of Matrix’s ‘Get Out’ on Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse which was an absolute smash, and the pair also released more of their signature detailed Deep House on Freerange, Melodymathics and Exotic Refreshment.


Moroccan producer FNX OMAR is a new talent expanding the boundaries of the Afro House sound. His remix of ‘Kaur’ by Emmanuel Jar is a great example of his sophisticated take on the Afro template, with layers of intricate percussion melding with the vocals to great atmospheric effect. With remixes and originals on Merecumbe, Open Bar, Nite Grooves, Melomania and Milk & Sugar, and DJ support for his productions from Louie Vega and Black Coffee, FNX OMAR is set for a successful 2019.

21: Robosonic

A top ten placing for Berlin producer Robosonic who released a number of chart-appearing projects in 2018. Aside from the re-release of his classic ‘Good Old Feel’ featuring a guest appearance from 80s rap icon Masta Ace, Robosonic also got a #1 spot on the site with ‘In Arms’ on Defected. Together with Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic did a brilliant remix of Finn’s ‘Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough’, and put out solo material on Simma Black, Mother Recordings, Neon Records, Outtakes, Milk & Sugar and more.

20: Dr Packer

A second year running as #1 Nu Disco Artist for Greg ‘Dr’ Packer was well deserved. He spent the last 12 months delivering sparkling audio bombs of disco-flavoured dance floor destruction, mostly taken from his successful Glitterbox album ‘Different Strokes’. The album featured 18 soul, boogie, disco & house tracks given the rework treatment by Greg & picked up substantial DJ support. 2018 also saw Greg release on Big Love, Midnight Riot, Soulfuric Deep and Z Records, & he also hit the Nu Disco #1 spot three times.

19: Doug Gomez

This year’s #2 Afro Artist Doug Gomez can be proud of a highly productive year in House music. His Merecumbe Recordings ended up with seven cuts in our Top 200 Afro Tracks of the Year, a great achievement for a label that’s barely a year old. Doug turned in some quality remixes in 2018, with his HyperSOUL-X remix ‘Happiness’ perfectly marrying Afro percussion, yearning vocals and restrained chords. Doug also remixed House Don Kerri Chandler’s ‘Ye Yo Ma’ on Nite Grooves, creating a drum-heavy tension-filled monster of a track in the process.

18: Hotmood

Big year for the #6 Nu Disco Artist of 2018 Hotmood, purveyor of laid back, spacey Disco grooves. Tracks Like ‘Dance To The Music’ (Sundries Music) and ‘Voyage To The Onda’ (De La Groove) clearly demonstrate his 70s influences and he showcased his production versatility with the muzak-flecked ‘The Drum Beat’ on Poetry In Motion.

17: &ME

Bringing the Deep House hard in 2018, &ME dropped three massive anthems this year. DJ Koze’s Pampa was home to the gorgeous ‘In Your Eyes’ and &ME’s ‘The Rapture Part II’ on Keinemusik mined similarly sophisticated depths. And in a year defined by high-quality releases, a mention also has to go to &ME ’s stunning remix of Guy Gerber’s ‘What To Do’ on Rumours.

16: Folamour

The rise of French DJ and producer Folamour continued in 2019 with plenty of his signature, carefully crafted Disco influenced productions. Appearances on Z Records, Defected, Church and Classic Music Company kept him in the spotlight all year, with Disco cut-up ‘I Know It’s Been Done Before’ and his detailed rework of ‘Overture’ from D.C. LaRue doing particularly well. Cracki put out his brilliantly varied four track ‘Club Degli Esploratori’ EP with the sophisticated ‘Skin U’re In’ working up dance floors worldwide.

15: Atjazz

The big news for Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson this year was his ‘Big Bad Crazy’ album with Jullian Gomes, consisting of eight meticulously produced Deep House future classics. Also strong from Martin this year was his ‘Track 9’ and ‘Tech This Out Pt. 1’ releases with Karizma, both on Atjazz Record Company and both perfectly produced, bar-setting music with longevity. Always high quality.


Croatian duo Blacksoul & Mark de Line’s catalogue reads like a list of the finest House labels: Dirtybird, Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Nervous Glasgow Underground, Toolroom, Nitegrooves/King Street, Fogbank: the list goes on. 2018 represented a step up for the pair, their 909-led classic 90s house sounding ‘Pelin’ on Strictly & futuristic vocal cut ‘Toxic Love’ both picking up substantial DJ traction. With Tom’s Blacksoul label also having a strong year in terms of releases, the pair are set up for a successful 2019.

13: Sebb Junior

This year Sebb Junior continued to expand what is becoming an impressive portfolio of work with his stellar-quality original cuts ‘I Can Feel It’ and ‘We Used To Say’, which he put out on his new label Le Vie D’Artiste Music. Blockhead released Sebb’s superb remixes of Deftone’s ‘Mono Skillz’ and Gary Tuohy’s ‘Too Close To Cut It’ and he also released hot tunes on Glasgow Underground, Phoenix, Deep End and Foliage.

12: Moon Rocket

Number 5 in the Top 200 House artists of 2018, Raffa Scoccia – Moon Rocket – released plenty of great music this year for Z Records, Re-Tide, Mood Funk etc. He also manages the successful Moon Rocket Music who had a strong run of releases through the year and released his big DISCO TOWN collab with Angelo Ferrari. DISCO TOWN’s ‘Inner City Blues’ was massive for the label which was also home to Moon Rocket’s underground disco anthem ‘Strategy’ and his Nu Disco #1 ‘Love Is The Message’ with Re-Tide. A great year for an artist who can be counted on to deliver party-friendly tunes every time.

11: DJ Spen

Straight fire all year from Soulful House legend DJ Spen, who reached this year’s #2 position on the Soulful House Artists chart. His Quantize label added to its already impressive catalogue with hit after hit and own Spen’s productions appeared on Soulfuric, Nite Grooves, Nervous, DIRIDIM, King Street and more. Spen’s remix of ‘You Gotta Be’ from UK soul artist S.E.L was a big winner for him this year, and he bought the same high quality of production to his collaboration with Gary Hudgins and vocalist Tasha Larae ‘I Need Your Lovin’, and if you’ve not yet heard his gospel-flavoured rework of Booman’s ‘God’s Got It’ on a decent system, then you really should, you won’t be disappointed. A great year, for an inspirational producer.

10: Purple Disco Machine

Number 6 in the Top House Artists of 2018, there was plenty of serious dance floor action for Tino Piontek this year, with a series of classy releases showcasing his full-on Disco style. Stand out tracks included his ‘Encore’ which dropped on Sweat It Out with some scorching remixes and his fire remix of ‘Broken Blues’ from Mousse T feat. Andreya Triana. PDM also spent time this year touring with Defected and opening for Jamiroquai, getting a pair of Traxsource overall #1s, and of course, he dropped his massive rework of Shakedown’s ‘At Night’ this year, proving once again that he is, in fact, a Dancefloor Producing Machine.

9: David Penn

A very respectable #2 position in the 2018 Top 100 House Artists chart for the ever-reliable David Penn following a stellar year of music. Either on his Urbana imprint or for Defected, Armada Subjekt, Phoenix and Glasgow Underground, David’s productions in 2018 were all over the Traxsource charts. He took Todd Terry’s ‘Babarabatiri’ straight to the overall #1 spot with a blistering remix, a track that ended up #6 in the best selling 200 tracks of 2018. David’s collabs with ATFC ‘Down Wit Da’ and ‘Losing You’ on Urbana both hit the overall #1 position, and it seemed whatever he touched turned to sonic gold. Other big tunes included his epic ‘Disc-Jockey’ with KPD, the Latin-flavoured ‘El Barrio’ with Jabato and David’s Garage-tinged collaboration with Roog ‘House Thing’.

8: Art Of Tones

Ludovic Llorca, better known to us as producer extraordinaire Art Of Tones had a great 2018 and grabbed himself the #2 Deep House Artist of the Year 2018 position in the process. Top production from him this year was his well-rated artist album on Local Talk ‘Unbalanced’, from which the big singles ‘Where The One Is’ and ‘Gimme Some More’ were drawn. Llorca also delivered some impressive remixes this year on Glitterbox, Papa, Foliage, Mood Funk and Robsoul and put the unique Art Of Tones stamp on Sebb Junior’s ‘I Heard You Calling’, turning it into one of the deep anthems of 2018.

7: Joey Negro

Joey Negro seemingly couldn’t put a foot wrong this year, with chart placings and #1s across several genres. #8 in our Nu Disco Artists of 2018 list, and #1 in our first ever Soul / Funk / Disco Artist category. Joey’s big production this year was his long-awaited third instalment in the excellent ‘Remixed With Love’ compilation. Releases from the album, featuring classics from the likes of Patrice Rushen, Change, The Fatback Band and Gwen McCrae picked up DJ support from across the board and filled the charts all year. Z Record’s 2018 Ibiza compilation was a showcase for lots of Joey’s material, including his big re-work of Al McKay’s ‘Heed The Message’. He’s a dependable artist in an industry where producers come and go, and each year Joey seems to somehow increase the quality of his work; we’re looking forward to what he’ll deliver in 2019.

6: Manoo

Top Afro Artist 2018, the prolific Manoo has spent the last 12 months turning out some of the freshest and popular Afro House around, with no less than sixteen cuts in our Top 200 Afro Tracks of the Year. Big tracks for him this year included the vocal killer remix ‘Be Yourself’ from Guri Guri Boys on King Street and his rework of Taola’s ‘Freedom’ picking up some serious DJ compliments, but we could have picked several others from quality productions on Foliage, Quantize, Tribe, Papa, MoBlack and others. A cutting-edge producer, confident and at the top of his game, we’re very happy to see Manoo at the #1 Afro spot.

5: Alaia & Gallo

The fast-moving world of Tech House is a competitive one, but one where Italian production duo Alaia & Gallo are currently excelling. The pair are this year’s #1 Tech House artists, following a year in which they seemed to dominate the Tech House charts and DJ playlists. Their rework of Piem’s ‘Love Commandments’ was really big for them this year, they put out tracks on Simma Black, elrow, Glasgow Underground and four of their productions made it into the Top 200 Tech House tracks of the year. High production values and a genuine understanding of dance floor dynamics characterise the A&G sound, and their high placing in our overall chart of the year is well deserved.

4: Saison

A great year for London duo Matthew Bandy and Leigh Darlow who we’ve voted #1 Deep House Artist 2018. Blending elements of nostalgic old school house with contemporary production and precision programming, they’ve perfected an instantly recognisable sound over the last few years, one that has bought them substantial success. This year they put out some seriously big records, including ‘Moments’ and ‘Everybody’, both on Large, and ‘I Need Ya’ and ‘Senor Blues’ on their No Fuss label. In addition, they released material on Guesthouse, Foliage, Milk & Sugar, Papa and Blacksoul and put out an epic piano-led rework of Art Of Tones’ ‘Gimme Some More’ too.

3: Louie Vega

Legend is an overused term in House Music, but if anyone deserves the title, then it’s Grammy-nominated Louie Vega. His 2018 was packed full of numerous chart placings across Soulful, Afro, Disco, Deep and Techno and he also bagged the Traxsource #1 Soulful House artist position. Nervous gifted us his ‘NYC Disco’ long player this year which bossed the charts across the genres. From the album, the overall Traxsource #1 ‘He Promised Me’ from Bebe Winans feat. Tobbi, Tommit & Kiandra Richardson was massive. Louie also hit hard with the remix action in 2018, and from many high-quality outings, ‘I Wonder’ from Nathan Adams feat. Sean McCabe (Good Vibrations), DJ Spinna feat. Phonte’s ‘Tonight We Ride’ (Foliage) and ‘Light You Up’ from Luke Solomon feat. Queen Rose and Amy Douglas (Classic Music Company) all stood out. Not forgetting his solo recordings of course, including an appearance at #1 on the Top Techno of 2018 with the relentless beats of ‘Shut The Door’, and his sublime ‘Music And Life’ with Anané Vega, just two of many hot tracks from Louie in another outstanding year.

2: Angelo Ferreri

A sterling year of work from Italian producer and DJ Angelo Ferreri, who achieved multiple chart placings in several genres, #3 in 2018’s Top 100 House Artists chart and the #1 spot in the Traxsource Top Jackin House Artists chart for the second year running. A producer who is currently leading the way in the Jackin scene, this year he’s released originals and remixes on the likes of Soulfuric, Glasgow Underground, Nite Grooves, Guesthouse and a host of other quality labels. From a stand-out year full of quality tracks, his disco cut-up ‘I’m Talking To You’ was really successful and we loved the irresistible dance floor drive of ‘Want To Say’ (both on Soulfuric). Not forgetting, of course, Mood Funk and MONOSIDE, Angelo’s self-run labels too, which continued to deliver the heavy-duty house goods all year.

1: Mousse T

What a year for German House artist and producer Mousse T. Sitting at the top of the tree as the #1 Top House Artist of 2018, with 11 overall #1s, 13 genre #1s and 23 hype chart placements – and that’s just this year. 2018 was simply a steady stream of quality from Mousse T, with solid releases on Defected, Glitterbox, Columbia, Sweat It Out and more. Of course, he also put out his full-length album ‘Where Is The Love’ on his own Peppermint Jam label too and aside from his artist album he found the time to squeeze in a House Masters collection on Defected as well. His ‘Rock The Mic’ on Glitterbox packed dance floors worldwide, and he also turned in plenty of supa-dope remixes through the year too, notably his sparkling ‘Encore’ by Purple Disco Machine remix and of course ‘So Hooked On Your Lovin’ from Selace. A year of stellar House music success, and a very deserved overall #1 position for our man Mousse T.

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